What are Extras in Cricket? Top Guide 2022

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Cricket is a sport that has a lot of different rules that are unique to the sport. There are things that happen in cricket test matches and another game that simply don’t happen in other sports. In fact, there are ways for there to be runs scored without the batting team doing anything, but rather they are gifted over by the bowling team.

These are called extras in cricket. But, what are extras in cricket? This is the question that we will answer in the article below, so that you can understand all the different types of extras in cricket, including the bye, the leg bye, the no ball and the wide ball.

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Types of Extras in Cricket

There are a few extras in cricket that will determine how extra runs are scored. In the following paragraphs, we’ll provide a more in-depth explanation of each so that you can understand all that goes into a game.

It’s always best to completely understand the game you’re betting on before you place a wager. Extras in general are runs scored that are not scored by any batsmen. Instead, they are given inadvertently to the batting team by the bowling team.

They are runs awarded to the batting team, but not added to the score of an individual batsman. In other words, they are runs not scored through a batsman hits but by something that the bowler does.


A bye is awarded any time a ball doesn’t come in contact with the batsman’s bat, or if it touches any part of the batman’s body. If the ball bounces after the bowler delivers the ball and it doesn’t hit the batsman’s bat or hits the batter’s body in any way such as his front foot, then the batting team has a choice.


They can either choose to run if there is an opportunity to do so, but the runs will be added to the batting side team’s score. In other words, they are additional runs scored awarded to the batting team without the batsmen involved not hit the ball. He also doesn’t get credited for one run scored.

There is also something called four byes. This happens if the wicket keeper misses the ball, and it then travels to the boundary. In this case, when the ball reaches the boundary, the batting team will score four runs, just like would happen if the batsmen hit the ball to the boundary on his own and scored four runs.

Leg Byes

A leg bye works the same way as a bye, except it’s awarded any time the foot touches the ball, or any other part of the body comes in contact with the ball except for the hands of the batsmen. If a batsman is hit by the ball in his leg, then it will go down as leg byes.

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Just like above, four leg byes will be awarded if the wicket keeper misses the ball and the ball hits the boundary. If the ball passes him and goes to the boundary after hitting the batsman’s body on the leg side, it will be awarded as leg byes with four runs being awarded.

Wide Ball Hits

A wide happens any time there is an illegal delivery that is bowled outside of the reach of the batsman. If the bowler, for example, delivers the ball that’s out of the reach of where the batsman could actually make contact with the ball, then it will be considered illegal deliveries and a wide will be awarded.

The delivery stride must result in the bowler bowls being delivered so the batsman has a chance to hit the balls with his bat. If it isn’t delivered waist high and is either too wide or too high, then extra runs will be given to the bat side for the extras illegal deliveries.

A run is awarded when the bowler bowls a ball too wide. The batter can also attempt to score more runs in one innings if this happens as well. If the ball ends up traveling all the way to the boundary if it’s missed one day cricket, then five penalty runs will be awarded.






No Ball for the Batting Team

No balls are another type of extra I cricket where penalty runs will be awarded. In most cases, when a no ball is called, one run will be awarded, though in some leagues, no balls result in two runs. A no ball will also result in an additional ball being bowled.

That’s why a no bal lis one of the more serious fouls that the fielding team can commit. The batter may receive a free hit in some leagues, though not all formats give a free hit for a no ball.

A no ball is often given for popping crease penalties. A no ball is determined if the back foot of the bowler lands outside the return crease, in which case the penalty runs will be awarded for the no ball.


There are a few different ways that extra runs or six balls will be bowled in cricket, and these are called extras. The explanation of each of the different type of extras are listed above. So, if you’re betting on the sport, make sure you know the definition of all of them before you risk your money.

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Devak Mukherjee

This article explains the different types of extras in cricket. Knowing the types and details listed above is important for bettors before betting on the sport.

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