Today’s Match Prediction Overview

Successful online betting is not only a matter of luck but also using information available online to make informed match predictions. Making match predictions requires a quality analysis and understanding of the sport, as well as the knowledge of rivals, advantages and disadvantages of every team. 

All the match predictions and betting tips found on our site are done by experts with years of experience who know that various factors can affect the outcome of the game. 

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Take Advantage of the Experts

In addition to the entertainment aspect of betting, most bettors want to make some profit. With high-quality betting tips and detailed information, players can maximize their chances of success and collect serious winnings. But not only that.

Legal sports betting fun

Here you can find numerous educational articles about betting strategies, payment methods, and other topics that, together with our match predictions, can help you score big time. On the other hand, a low-quality tipster can cost you money and bring you no good use.

To avoid this, rely on proven sports betting professionals who share not only their match predictions but also knowledge and experience they have gained during many years in the industry. If you are looking for free cricket betting tips, match prediction, or betting tips in general, our team is the one to trust. Choose your favorite betting site and put today’s match prediction in practice!

Australia vs. England – Who Will Take the Ashes?

Five Tests in six weeks start with a clash on December 8 in Brisbane. Traditionally, the Gaba venue will host the first game in this series, which will end in mid-January in Perth. Australians become champions of the T20 World Cup 2021, taking over the title from West Indies, who left the championship in the Super 12 stage after a 20-run loss from Sri Lanka. Interestingly, although they won the T20 World Cup, they lost to England by eight wickets.

One more important information for this cricket match prediction is that the head coach Chris Silverwood topped the lineup for Ashes with Ben Stokes, UK’s golden boy who originally was not supposed to play due to an injury.

After Tim Paine announced that he had stepped down from his captain role, shook by a scandal with a staff member of Cricket Tasmania, the Australian team got a new captain, Pat Cummins.

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Australia is a favorite, which bookmakers supported by upping the odds on England. One of the key reasons for giving the advantage to the Baggy Greens is their bowling lineup and consistency in the batting. Cricket experts also emphasize that the European team relies too much on their top-stars rather than making innings to bring the team together and make them the winner.

In the last four tours of Australia, England won only once in 2010/11 by the score of 3-1 and lost three times (5-0 twice and 4-0 once). The last Ashes, played in 2019, finished with a draw (2-2), resulting in Australia keeping the Ashes.

In total, Australia took 33 Ashes, the country from the Island has had 32 wins, while six encounters ended with a draw. Overall, Australia has a strong motivation to keep the urn on their side of the world. As a T20 World Cup 2021 winner and the current holder of the Ashes, even the change of the captain should not mess with their plans.  






Soccer Match Prediction: FC Chelsea vs. Manchester United

The English Premier League is definitely one of the players’ favorites when it comes to bets on football events. This time, Chelsea is hosting Manchester United at Stamford Bridge while wanting to continue their successful run under the German coach Thomas Tuchel.

The two teams start from very different positions in the table, but both teams come in off victories. Chelsea holds first place with 29 PTS, 12 matches played, and nine victories. The team from Old Trafford is currently in 10th place with 17 PTS, the same number of plays, five victories, five losses, and two draws.

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From April 2019, Chelsea and Manchester United went head to head six times, with goals scored by at least one team every time, except in the last encounter. But, having in mind the current state of both teams and their lineups, there is a great chance that both squads are going to put away the ball in the opponent’s net. 

Tuchel is still trying to figure out which eleven players make a dream team, and United’s defense players showed some weaknesses in recent games, which can lead to goals scored by both teams.

The lead goal-scorer for the Blues is Reece James, with four goals scored in the Premier League so far, same as Christiano Ronaldo, who had some severe strikes in the last few games.

United is going into a game without the head coach after Ole Gunnar Solskjaer was fired due to a shocking loss from Watford 4:1. At the same time, the hosts are on their winning spree and eager to hold onto their front-runner place. But, the Red Devils will be motivated to prove that they do not belong to the bottom half, which may lead to sharing the points at Stamford Bridge.

Horse Racing Prediction: Seven Races for Seven Winners

Races in Sedgefield have been popular since around 1732. With over 20 races hosted annually, Sedgefield Racecourse asks for a fast and accurate jumper. The course is left-handed and undulating with relatively easy fences.

Since the race is going to be held on December 3, it means that the jockeys will have to adapt to winter conditions and will not get away with a horse that is a mediocre jumper, which is sometimes the case during the summer.

In 2021, the best Sedgefield race time had El Borracho, a brown gelding, with a winning time of 4 minutes and 1.21 seconds. This 6-year old will not participate in Friday’s race, but there are many other favorites.

Sunshine Coast
Brave Nick
Double Barrell
Toni Too

If you are looking for a profitable trainer and jockey combinations to bet on, some Sedgefield pairs showed good teamwork, which led them to a double-digit number of victories. Unfortunately, Danny Cook, who was a great match with J. S. Smith and achieved 19 wins at Sedgefield, was forced to retire this year after a facial injury.

Sam England definitely leads top-level trainers with 19 victories when paired with Jonathan England. For this race, he trains his horse Manwell and 6-year old bay gelding owned by the RGM partnership, No Cruise Yet.

With 14 victories on Sedgefield, Donald McCain Junior and Brian Hughes deserve to be mentioned as a successful couple. On Friday, they will try to win several categories; first with Jungle Jack in the opening GBB race, then Latino Fling in the second race. This prominent horse racing couple will also participate in the 14:15 race with Mister Whitaker who’s win rate in the distance is 42.9%.






What Factors Can Affect the Outcome of the Game?

When predicting today match, you have to look at the bigger picture. Several match prediction aspects can affect the outcome. No matter if it is a cricket match prediction, a soccer tournament, or any other match prediction, information is a key to successful bets and online betting.

To help you learn how to win the match, we will discuss different match prediction factors, explain them in more detail and provide you with the tools and information needed to become a profitable bettor.  

Key Players Can Significantly Change the Odds

Injuries and suspensions can highly impact the performance of the team, especially when it comes to the superstar players who often carry the game. To predict the match winner well, always think about how the players have performed in the last few matches, how many yellow cards they have, have they suffered any injuries on or off the pitch, and are there any suspensions.

Analyzing the lineup is crucial for a match prediction. Some key players have missed important games due to disagreements with a coach or selector, crossing them off the list of players performing in a tournament.

All this information can help you predict the course of the game, who will win the match, and, with correct betting tips, maximize your profit.

Outright odds

Motivation, Overall Atmosphere & Other Team News 

Every good tipster follows the news from different teams during the whole year. Knowing the teams inside and out, their strengths and weaknesses, transfers, changes on the bench, relations between the coach, team, and the club’s management are vital when making today match prediction.

soccer stadium

A transfer window can also have an effect on the players, bonding and dictating the overall mood. Furthermore, motivation can be extremely high to score in a match played with big rivalry, or if a particular team challenges the squad they lost against, especially if playing on home field. 

When searching for the websites with the best betting tips and match predictions, make sure that the tipsters are analyzing all the available data and have the latest team news about the changes made in the club and how they can influence the team. Otherwise, their match prediction could be just a hunch.

Form Matters

One of the first components of every match prediction should be the form of both home and guest teams. This is crucial if you like to bet on soccer or cricket matches. You can not win today’s match without considering the performance of both squads.

Keep in mind that their presentation can differ depending on whether they are playing at home or away. This can change the accuracy of a match prediction, especially if you do not separate home and away from the home performance of a certain side.

Generally, we advise to take into account the last five to ten games to get an idea of the club’s form, with emphasis on how many goals they scored, how many times they were the winners, and against whom. The quality of the opponents can tell you a lot about the shape of the team.

Weather Can Make or Break a Match

If you are a cricket fan, you know how much weather can affect the outcome of a game. A clear sky and overall good forecast can assist the batsmen in scoring more runs. Bowlers will be more pleased with humid and overcast conditions on the pitch. But the main thing is that even in the case of light showers, the game can be stopped and end in a draw.

This year alone, England had four home Test series seriously affected by the global climate changes, played against India, New Zealand, West Indies, and Pakistan. Three games ended with a draw. 

The accuracy of cricket match predictions highly depends on taking a moment to research the forecast and weather conditions. Back in 2017, the cricket match between India and Sri Lanka in the Delhi Test was stopped due to pollution, and lack of water switched IPL matches. Thus, every good match prediction should have a weather forecast included.

Head-to-Head Statistics

History often repeats itself. When trying to predict who will win today match, previous encounters between the two teams can be a good source of information. This step in the process of making a soccer or cricket match prediction should not be skipped, so always check their mutual history. You may be surprised because even the big teams can have trouble with the underdogs. 

FC Chelsea
Tottenham Hotspurs

On the other hand, regular draws or losses can motivate the usually stronger team to give their best and stop the no-victory series. For the underdogs, the clash can be a chance to show that they can match a more expensive or stronger side and stop being an outsider.

Understanding the Context of the Game

As we have mentioned earlier, the context of the match can give you an idea of how the team will approach the game. Is it a derby, championship, tournament?  If a team plays at the Big Bash League 2021, with the titles currently held by the Sydney Sixers in the men’s series and Perth Scorchers in women’s, you have to know that there are playoffs and knock-off rounds before betting online. 

This year, Adelaide Strikers knocked out Brisbane Heat women by eight wickets in the Big Bash League 2021 knock-off round. Format of the tournaments has a significant role in match predictions, so knowing the rules and practices for specific matches can give you an advantage in placing winnings bets and making a lucrative match prediction.

Additional Components of Online Betting

Being a cricket fan does not mean that one will be a profitable bettor. Aside from match prediction factors, there are other things to consider when placing bets on the internet. 

Our site has helped a lot of bettors profit, and we welcome anyone who looks for free cricket betting tips and match predictions for lucrative betting. To make it beneficial even more, we will discuss additional segments of online betting in the following paragraphs.






Betting Odds Are Not Just Random Numbers

Betting odds are not arbitrary numbers that some bookmaker made up. Before deciding on which team you are going to bet on, visit different betting sites and check the odds offered. These numbers represent a chance of something actually happening, made by people whose expertise is betting. They can be a pretty good indicator of a match prediction.

Suppose that Blundstone Arena is hosting today match between Melbourne Renegades and Adelaide Strikers. If your favourite team is Melbourne Renegades, but the odds are with Gillespie’s women, it would not be a good idea to put the money on your personal favourite.

Fractional Betting Odds

Fractional betting odds are traditionally found in the United Kingdom and Ireland. They can be written using a slash (/) or a hyphen (-), for example, 12/1 or 12-1. Fractional odds are the oldest type of odds used in sportsbooks and were initially used for horse racing.

The right number represents your stake, while the left number is the amount you are going to earn if you win. If you see a listing of 12/1, it means that you will win ₹12 for every ₹1 wagered. The total payout, in this case, would be ₹13 (+ ₹1 of your stake).

Decimal Betting Odds

This type of betting odds are considered much simpler than fractional, and your initial bet is already included in the calculation. To calculate how much money you can win on a certain bet, simply multiply the bet with the odds.

Suppose you want to bet on a cricket match played in the T20 World Cup between Australia and Pakistan at Dubai International Cricket Stadium. The odds offered on Australia are 1.61, on Pakistan 5.00, and 4.30 on a draw. If you wager ₹150 on Australia, the total payout would be ₹241.50 (1.61 x 150); ₹750 if you bet on Pakistan and they win, and if you bet on a draw and win, you will get ₹645.

American Betting Odds

American betting odds are also known as moneyline odds and are used exclusively in the North American markets. They use plus (+) and minus (-) odds to show how much money a bettor has to wager to earn $100 (currently around ₹7,500).

For example, if the odds are +250, you will win $250 of pure profit on $100 wagered, while the odds of -135 mean that you have to wager $135 to get $100 of profit.

Since these types of odds can be pretty confusing for people who have never used them, there are free odds converters on the internet that can help you with calculations.  But, every top online sportsbook has the feature of changing the odds format on the website itself, so there is no need to use additional tools.

Where to Find the Best Cricket Match Predictions?

When choosing a platform for betting tips and match predictions, users have to be careful since there are a lot of available betting sites claiming to be the best, when, in reality, their tipsters do not have the experience crucial for lucrative cricket match predictions, nor they have the know-how needed.  

Wrong match predictions without good analysis can cost you money and cause a lot of stress. Find out why this is the best match prediction site for you.






In-Depth Researches Maximize the Success

Choosing the Pakistan women or West Indies women as a winner of the T20 World Cup or predicting a draw result between Sydney Sixers and Sydney Thunder women can not be done solely by relying on a gut feeling and watching the cricket matches regularly.

To ensure that our readers have detailed cricket match prediction or a match prediction for any other sport and help you win today match, our team analyses data and performs extensive inquiries, taking into consideration odds made by the most popular bookmakers on the globe.

T20 World Cup 2021 or Big Bash League 2021 cricket matches are extremely popular. The users highly request match predictions for these top-level events. Our cricket experts use a match pitch report, statistical data, different analysis, team news, and their ample knowledge to offer you the best betting tips and match predictions worth your time and money.

Experience Is Key

As well as in any other branch, experience makes a massive difference between a mediocre and high-quality tipster. Thanks to the numerous years in the betting industry, we can write about various markets and tournaments and make a complete analysis that takes into account real-life experiences and events.

Many websites promise you enormous winnings in a short period of time. Still, we know that you can be profitable long-term with a good betting strategy and experienced tipsters who know how to predict who will win the match and make winning bets while mitigating the risks.

Consistent Results That Gain Trust 

Our excellent track record of free match predictions shows that a story does not gain the trust of the readers, but the results certainly do.

All bookmakers have their bookies that do the analysis, follow the matches played, and take care of the odds. However, betting site users are often left on their own to figure out who could be the today match winner and bring them the winning bet.

Fortunately, our readers are not alone. They have been advised and encouraged by our team of experts who live and breathe cricket and soccer. 

We will continue to support our readers from India by providing the best cricket match predictions, recommending the top betting sites, and offering trust worthy cricket betting tips.

How to Find the Best Betting Site?

Betting is popular worldwide, and thanks to technology, you do not have to use only bookmakers in India to place your bets. You can use various online sportsbooks from all around the globe to use the benefits of different odds, bonuses, and promotions.

Mobile Betrophy

Having an account with more than one bookmaker is a good idea since there are many benefits to it, but you should always be careful and register only with licensed and reliable operators. Information from multiple operators can also contribute to making a better match prediction. Picking the right bookmaker is the topic we will discuss in the following paragraphs.

Register Only With a Licensed Bookmaker With Good Reputation

The first thing you need to check when looking for a sportsbook is the license. The three most popular gambling licenses on the market today are the ones issued by the UK Gambling Commission, Malta Gaming Authority, and Curacao for crypto-friendly sites.

License means that the sportsbook has a regulatory body overlooking its activities and making sure that the customers are treated fairly. The regulator also takes care of the players’ complaints related to any problem with the specific sportsbook.

It is also important that the website uses the latest security protocols and keeps up with technology updates to keep your personal and financial data safe and secure.

If you take a look at our list of recommended bookmakers, you will see that we support only top-level sportsbooks who care about their clients and provide the best betting conditions. Your safety comes first, and we never compromise on that.






Search for the Betting Markets & that suit Your Preferences

It is acceptable if a bookmaker does not offer markets on a local South Wales cricket match, but if it did not cover the T20 World Cup 2021 semi final match of group B between Pakistan and New Zealand, that says a lot about the quality of the site.

Likewise, if you prefer betting on horse racing over cricket, you should make an account on a site with a wide variety of betting markets and options in this sport.  Sign up and play on the betting sites that best suit your style and have the features you look for in a sportsbook.  

If you do not want to spend the time exploring the market options of different providers, do not worry, we have already done that for you. Register with any of our recommended bookmakers and use our cricket predictions while claiming the best bonuses and promotions for bettors from India!  

High Betting Odds Mean More Money in Your Pocket

Odds can vary among different betting sites depending on the percentage of margins a bookmaker takes from every bet.

Higher odds mean you will profit more from the winning bet and credit your account with more funds. Sometimes welcome bonuses can boost the odds, but since you can not use the welcome promotion more than once in one sportsbook, it is essential to find a betting site that offers good odds and has low margins.

Generally, the industry margin standard ranges from 4 to 7%, so the total payout for the bettors is somewhere around 93 to 96%.

Our expert team hand-picked all supported sportsbooks after a thorough analysis and months of playing and testing the sites to provide you with the best odds on numerous events, including the cricket matches in India, Pakistan, and Australia.

Choose a Site with User-Friendly Deposit & Withdrawal Methods

There are plenty of payment methods available to sportsbook consumers. No deposit method is perfect, and each has its pros and cons. Bookmakers need to use user-friendly, fast, and reliable deposit and withdrawal methods to protect their players.

From debit and credit cards, bank transfers, and e-wallets to cryptocurrencies, full transparency about fees, minimum deposits, and maximum withdrawals is a must. You can always check our article analyzing different payment methods in sportsbooks and casinos to see which one would be the most suitable for you.

Deposits available in
Duration of withdrawals
payment method logo tablepress table skrill
Within 15 minutes
2-5 days
payment method logo tablepress table neteller
Within 15 minutes
2-5 days
payment method logo tablepress table visa
Max. 24 hours
2-5 days
payment method logo tablepress table mastercard
Max. 24 hours
2-5 days

When reviewing betting sites, we always pay special attention to the payment methods accepted. That is why all our recommended sites we write about use safe and proven methods with low or no fees.

Take into account that available methods can vary depending on the player’s geolocation, so sign in to your account and head to the Deposit section in your profile to find out which methods are at your disposal.

Customer Support Should Be Your Friend

Problems can happen at any time. Because of that, customer service is crucial in solving issues and should be available to you 24/7 through several channels.

Live Chat
Small Logo Fun88
Small Logo Betrophy
Small Logo Betway
Small Logo 22Bet
Small Logo 20Bet

The most popular and the quickest way, in our experience, to contact customer service agents is through live chat. Some operators also have landlines, and all of them are available through email.

Although many providers do not put that much thought into customer support, you can see that all the betting sites we recommend have fast, reliable, and knowledgeable customer service ready to help the players at any moment.

Short Summary

In conclusion, every bettor should have a reliable match prediction site that does the research for them, with high probability rates, that provides an informed conclusion based on analysis for every match prediction, no matter if it is a Central Punjab cricket match, T20 World Cup, South Wales derby, or any other event.

With an experienced team, you can significantly improve your chances of success, avoid making wrong bets and regularly enjoy your winnings.

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Devak Mukherjee has a masters degree in statistics and economics. Over the last couple of years he has specialized in sports betting and passionately teaches punters how to improve their odds with proven betting strategies.

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