Best Online Betting Apps & Mobile Sites

Betting apps are becoming increasingly popular globally. This is primarily attributed to the fact that they present convenience to wagers. Unlike in the bygone years where you had to scout for a brick-and-mortar sports book, these apps allow you the freedom to place a bet online at your convenience. Essentially, you need your mobile device and internet connectivity; most of these betting apps support Android and iOS devices.

The introduction of online sports betting apps has led to a surge in gambling activities in India. They are not only limited to sports betting options but also play casino games. Let’s skip the chitchat and delve into the nitty-gritty.

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Why You should Use an Online Betting App

Betting apps come with huge benefits that you may never enjoy with the traditional sportsbook. Here are some of the many reasons why you should use them.

Legal sports betting fun

Convenience: Betting apps offer an unbeatable wagering experience; you can wager whenever and wherever as it has no time and location limitations.

Bonuses: While your local sports book may only provide a handful of bonuses and promotions, sports betting apps offer a wide variety of excellent bonuses and promotions, including the popular cricket betting on the best cricket betting apps.

Variety: A betting app in India offers a wide selection of sports betting options for you to choose. You can wager on online casino games, cricket matches, horse racing, Indian premier league, live sports betting, among others, all under one roof.

Competitive Odds: The key objective of sports betting is to get the best odds with the highest return on investment; apps offer highly competitive odds.

How does Betting with an Online Betting App Work?

Betting apps run very similar to online betting sites, such that when downloaded from either google play, or apple app store great betting apps will give you direct access to live odds, and live betting options from bookmaker apps. You must also create an account and fill in your personal information, make a deposit and create your bankroll.

Mobile Fun88_1

You can place your wager through the mobile apps directly, as well as check results and withdraw your winnings. The sports betting apps also support live betting, and live streaming of all popular sports like horse racing, all it takes is internet access and compatible mobile devices.

How to Select an Online Betting App?

Most punters often find themselves in a dilemma when it comes to settling for great betting apps. Whether it’s a football app, or a cricket betting app, with a plethora of betting apps in existence today, finding the best apps can be tough.

Our experts have analyzed betting apps in India and have come up with the best online sports betting apps that you can trust. Here are a few guidelines to help you select the best betting app:

  • Always counter-check a site’s quality before downloading mobile apps. Other than verifying the betting app’s legal nature, do in-depth betting markets research to familiarize yourself with the best betting apps.
  • Consider Indian betting apps that offer customer support. It is safer to settle for real money betting apps that offer reliable customer support.

Be sure to check the apps payment options and ensure the apps feature security certificates in their payment systems.






How to Download an Online Betting App?

Despite the possibility of the existence of other operating systems, a vast majority of people globally use iOS and Android. As a result, most betting apps in India and the world over have been developed centered on the two operating systems with betting apps for android taking center stage.

Downloading a betting app in India is a simple process. A bettor needs to select a betting site –preferably one of our recommended sports betting sites. Then proceed to download the best cricket betting apps from the bookmaker website and follow the instructions. The bettor can now enjoy the mobile app on their android device or iOS devices.

Online Betting App Bonuses

One of the main reasons why most punters prefer using top betting apps in India is the likelihood of benefiting from the betting app bonuses. They come in diverse forms often coupled up with requirements that must be met before you can cash out.

Don’t freak out though, we’ll delve into details regarding bonus requirements later in the article. There are different types of bonuses available on android betting apps and iPhone betting apps including welcome bonuses, free bets, and odds boosts.

For you to get an in-depth knowledge of the available bonuses on top betting apps in India, let’s take a look at different types of betting apps bonuses.

Welcome bonus: A welcome bonus is a one-off sign-up offer available to newcomers across many betting apps in India. Welcome bonuses serve as a marketing strategy in the sports betting market often employed by a vast majority of top betting apps, intending to attract new clients. A welcome bonus may take different forms, here are the three most popular types available on online sports betting apps in India

Bonus Betrophy

Free bet: Free bet is one of the most common welcome bonus on bookmaker apps. Usually, when you register for the first time, betting apps directly offer you free betting options. They come with wagering requirements that must be fulfilled for you to benefit. Free bets are also rewarded to loyal customers from time to time on the best online betting apps.

Refunded bet: The principle of refunded bet is simple-in the event that you lose your very first bet after registering with a betting app, your stake will be reimbursed back to you. However, most top apps always cap this amount. A refunded bet is usually intended to motivate you to keep wagering on the betting app even after losing.

Enhanced betting odds: Enhanced betting odds involve you getting better prices on specific wagers or betting markets. Sometimes betting apps in India artificially boost the normal betting odds of a selection to create the best odds. Most betting apps will consider very short odds in their selection. As attractive as they may look, beware of possible pitfalls especially if you don’t read their terms and conditions.






What are Bonus Requirements?

Times are fast-changing, and unlike in the past where bonus requirements were not readily available today betting apps in India come with clearly written terms and conditions regarding every bonus on offer.

The notion that bonus requirements have been put in place by the best sports betting apps and online casinos as a ploy to extort money from players is a fallacy. They exist as a requirement by the law to safeguard sports betting and casino games.

Hurry Up and Don´t Waste Time

All betting bonuses come with an expiration date, such that if the specified time elapses then your bonus is automatically forfeited regardless of having fulfilled all other bonus requirements. The typical time frame is usually 30 days, however, some betting sites could go lower up to 21 days or even 14 days.

Therefore, it is important that you are fully aware of the existing time limits and only go for bonuses that you can comfortably clear in time before you can plunge in.

Check which Sports Contribute

Even with a great betting app, bettors can only use certain sports to fulfill bonus requirements as stipulated in the terms and conditions.

Place High Wagers

Other than time and sports, punters have to place wagers with a well-defined level of odds. In most cases, these odds have to be high enough to fulfill the bonus requirements.






How to use an Alternative Mobile Betting Site?

You don’t have to always use a betting app, you can opt for a mobile browser version instead. Most sports betting sites today have taken a step further to ensure their sites are accessible to mobile users.

Using your mobile browser to access a betting site is much easier than you think. The process starts with you choosing a suitable betting site. Just like the best mobile betting apps, a variety of responsible betting tools, streamlined user interface, reliable customer support, and live betting options are all crucial for a mobile betting site.

Football betting mobile devices
Enjoy the best mobile betting opportunities

Once you get a suitable betting site, you’ll be required to go through a simplified registration process. It includes all the necessary prerequisites, the process involves you filling out a few personal details and uploading a few documents to verify your identity, which is an important part of the KYC process.

Upon completion, you’ll be prompted to select your preferred payment option from the list of methods provided. Thereafter, you can proceed to make your first deposit. Once your deposit has been verified, you can then place your first bet(s) on the betting site. Be on the lookout for available bonuses that you can take advantage of.

Do Online Betting Apps use Encryption?

While most online businesses today are taking precautions to protect their websites against cyber security concerns, betting apps are more dedicated to protecting their customers against cyber fraud. Most online betting sites and online casinos are investing in the latest technological advances against cyber security ensuring utmost protection. Further, the bookmakers we present all make use of the SSL encryption method.

SSL Security

The apps we present are fully encrypted and use state-of-the-art encryption methods such as 256 Bit SSL encryption, 128-Bit encryption, as well as remote back-ups, among others, to secure your data. This means that if betting sites fall victim to cyber-crime, customers’ details shall remain inaccessible.

For you to confirm if a betting app uses encryption-a secure socket layer (SSL) certificate, there should be a padlock symbol on the site’s address bar just before the address. The address should also read ‘https’ instead of just ‘http.’

Customer Support via Online Betting App

The best betting apps in India have exemplary customer support, and are easily accessible round the clock. They have a team in place that is dedicated, and always willing to offer help when needed. A good betting app offers a number of ways through which you can reach them if need be.

Live Chat
Small Logo Fun88
Small Logo Betrophy
Small Logo Betway
Small Logo 22Bet
Small Logo 20Bet

As a punter you’ll have the option of reaching out to customer support via phone number, most of which are toll free, you can also make use of email, or the live chat option all of which offer reasonable response time.

Most sports betting apps also provide a set of FAQs that are well thought of, and are specially designed to ease finding help without necessarily reaching out to the customer care personnel.

Online Betting Apps Design

A key factor in sports betting app design is great usability, for most punters this can be the difference in deciding which sports betting app to choose. Punters want an app with great usability that is not only easy to use but also fast enough as you will learn in the next section.

Usability of a Betting App

Usability of a betting app can be described as the measure of how well punters can use a betting app in India, and the world over to achieve their gambling goals effectively and efficiently both on android betting apps and iPhone betting apps. All our sports betting apps present great usability, which entails the following:

Ease of Use

Nothing sucks like an app you cannot readily figure out how it works. The ease of use is what differentiates the best betting app from the rest. You should readily identify the kind of bets you can place, access live betting and information regarding odds, exactly how to place bets, and how to back out. If you can’t figure it out let go of it.






Speed of the Application

Best sports betting apps should have a minimum load speed of at least 2 seconds, any application slower than that is unacceptable. As a punter your main goal is to place your wager soonest possible and begin driving profits, and a slower application can be frustrating.

Perceived Usefulness of Information

a messy design that lacks the basic guidelines on how the application works is a definite turn off. The best betting apps readily provide all the useful information, and do not overwhelm users with irrelevant information.

Financial Transaction on a Betting App

The ability to make financial transactions is very crucial to in app wagering. It is very easy to make transactions via mobile betting apps, in this section we will cover deposits and withdrawals in mobile betting.

How to Make a Deposit on a Betting App

Depositing money to mobile betting apps is easy as you are about to discover.

  1. The process begins by you navigating to the cashier or banking section in the app where you will have access to a comprehensive list with all the available payment options.
  2. Browse through to select your preferred deposit option. Credit and debit cards are the most commonly used, but there are also third party companies like skrill, paypal and neteller who operate as online E-wallets.
  3. Decide how much you wish to deposit to fund your bankroll. Make this decision with a very clear mind.
  4. Finally, make your deposit and fill out any necessary prerequisites then wait for your deposit to be approved.

How to Make a Withdrawal on a Betting App Online

Just like making a deposit, making a withdrawal from top sports betting apps is quite easy.

  1. To initiate the withdrawal process, make sure you are logged in to your user account on the app then select the ‘withdraw’ option.
  2. Browse through the available list of withdrawal options to select your preferred method of withdrawal.
  3. You might be asked to fill in a few details, especially if you are using this method for the first time. Once you are through, you can submit your withdrawal request.
  4. The withdrawal process will then be initiated, a confirmation message will be sent to you via your mobile app.





Pros and Cons of an Online Betting App

The betting market in India has massively embraced betting apps as their preferred betting place of choice. The next two paragraphs will highlight the pros and cons of online betting apps.

Pros of a Betting App Online

  • Fast loading of pages. Apps load much more faster compared to sites, making it easier for you to bet on the go provided you have access to internet.
  • Convenience. This is one of the key attributes of these apps, with an app you can bet from anywhere, anytime.
  • Live updates on current trends, bonuses and promotions. With a sports betting app on your android and iOS device you are set to be on the know how with their live updates feature.
  • Live betting and the ability watch live matches from anywhere.
  • Economical with the ability to save on data since it uses less bandwidth compared to sports betting sites.

Cons of an Online Betting App

  • Limited functionality. You may need a separate app for different sports, depending on the betting app.
  • Limitations on system requirements. Cheaper and older phones can lead to system lags and crash which could ruin your live betting experience.

Online Betting App Licenses

The betting markets are strictly regulated throughout the world. As a result, licenses for betting apps online are a strict requirement. The need to provide a safe, secure, and trusted betting environment are among the many reasons why this sector is highly governed.

However, there has been a steady increase in the number of betting apps globally in the recent years, which has given rise to both licensed and unlicensed betting apps. Read on as we unfold important information related to both licensed and unlicensed betting apps one by one in the paragraphs that follow.

Licensed Online Betting Apps

In order to operate legally, betting apps secure different licenses before they are permitted to operate depending on its location. Our site presents only licensed apps, which are safe and fun to use. The sites we present accet players from India and have licenses one or more of the following regulation organizations.

Betting Regulation Organizations

There is usually a main license that is crucial to gambling operators that must first be acquired. There are currently only a few in existence, however, they are likely to increase soon with more countries joining in to create their licences as well. Some of the renowned licensing authorities include Malta, Curacao, Denmark and UK.

Licenses have been put in place to protect you against fraudulent operators, and also as a precautionary measure against money laundering. Do your research well to safeguard your investment by making use of only licensed betting apps.

Risks of Using Unlicensed Online Betting Apps

We highly advise against the use of unlicensed betting apps. Wagering at an unlicensed betting app highly exposes you to being taken advantage of, fraud and bad technical development and there is very little you can do about it. There are several other risks involved as you will learn in the next few paragraphs.

There is a higher risk of losing money to the betting app. Given that a betting app without a license can operate the way it pleases, you could sign up then proceed to make your deposit only to find out that your money has gone missing and there’ll be nothing you can do to salvage your money.

You also risk giving away your key personal details and banking information to fraudulent operators, as well as hackers as most of these unlicensed sites have not incorporated encryption technology, or could be after collecting personal details.

Online Betting Apps FAQ

To better your understanding of betting apps, we have researched and discussed a number of frequently asked questions with regard to betting apps in India in our betting apps FAQ section. We will present the relevant answers to the most frequently asked questions,our hope is that you find them resourceful enough for the betterment of your betting experience.

By the time you’re done with this section, you should be able to comfortably settle on the best betting apps in India. You will also find out the betting apps legal status in the country, and the kind of costs you will incur while using sports betting apps.

What is the Best Online Betting App in India?

Your choice of the best betting app narrows down to an individual’s preferences. However, our site presents a great variety of various apps for each bettor type hence presenting a bettor with several betting options. There are cricket betting apps available for cricket betting among other sports betting apps available in the sports betting markets.

Website Betway

Choosing the best betting app can be very tough. When making your selection, always consider apps that are very competitive in nature as they’ll most likely offer great customer service and you are likely to get value for your money.

Be sure to confirm with the app that your wagers will be valued as per their advertisements ensuring you get the best rewards. Also, confirm the apps quality for personal safety reasons. You can check reviews online for your preferred apps to find out what others think of them.

Do not ignore the betting apps payment options. Always check to ensure the site has security certificates in place safeguarding your deposits and withdrawals.

You can choose the best cricket betting app among other real money betting apps suitable for android devices, or betting apps for iOS for your online sports betting depending on your devices OS.






Do Online Betting Apps cost Money to Use?

The best betting apps offer you convenience, personalization, and a better user experience for free. What will actually cost you money is the betting itself. In order to place your wager, you’ll have to make a deposit to fund your bankroll.

If you are a novice punter, it is important that you start slowly. Invest only what you are willing to lose-betting is a game of chances, and as such you can’t afford to go all in. The outcome may be costly; therefore, it is advisable to take baby steps.

It is also important that you have a bankroll management plan as this will help you extend your already existing bankroll longest possible until it hopefully pays off, as opposed to you risking everything and losing it all in a single swoop.

There are no known federal laws put in place that prohibit betting apps from operating in India, therefore, we can confidently say that betting apps are legal in India. However, there are a few states that are not very welcoming to the idea of betting apps and highly discourage its people against using betting apps.

There are also states that openly embrace betting, the North Eastern state of Sikkim is one of those states. It plays home to a number of physical casinos, with residents having unlimited access to the best betting apps.

Gambling in India varies from state to state as states in India are authorized to formulate their own laws regarding gambling activities. Therefore, research to find out the position of your state betting apps online.

What Sports can I Bet on Using a Betting App Online?

One of the outstanding characteristics of the best betting apps is the incredible sports variety that sports betting market has on offer.

Betting apps offer a highly diverse selection of sports that you can choose from. Cricket betting apps in India are steadily increasing with the growth of cricket betting markets, IPL betting can be done on most apps, although there is an IPL betting app. Cricket betting, horse racing, basketball, soccer, football, casino games and E-sports are just but a few examples as the list is endless.

Sports preferences vary among punters, there are those who love depending on your betting app of choice there are sports that offer consistently competitive odds, and bet credits on major sporting events. Be sure to double check, for a higher return on investment.

Ultimately, the more informed you are about a particular sport is what should influence your choice as it will give you a better chance of winning.






Is it possible to Live Stream Sports from an Online Betting App?

Gone are the days when you had to physically make a trip down to that betting shop, or flood your local pub to catch up on an ongoing sporting event, today you can be up to speed with ongoing sporting events right from your mobile device. How convenient is this?

Most betting apps are today live streaming top rated sporting events that you can watch from anywhere you like. All you will need is just a fast and steady internet connection.

The urge by most punters to access live streaming right from the betting apps is unbeaten. Punters want to see their bets as they unfold in real time. On the other hand, betting apps have taken a step further to ensure that their customers are able to watch the action as it unfolds.

Competition is at its highest as betting apps compete to provide outstanding live streaming services with an aim of attracting and retaining new punters in their businesses.

Can I Play Casino Games on an Online Betting App?

It is possible to play casino games online on betting apps from bookies that this site presents. Most of the betting apps online offer some of the most popular casino games around; if you are into card games you can have a good time playing poker conveniently from your home. What’s more is that they offer a wide selection of online casino games for you to choose from.

Some of the most popular games played on online casino include, roulette, slots, and blackjack among others. The best betting apps come with amazing user interface that will make you feel like you are out there gambling at your favorite casino.

If you are looking into playing for real money, be sure to confirm with your betting app first. There are those that only offer casino games for recreational play as well as those that allow for real money gambling.

Bottom line

Well, having gone through this article as a newbie to betting apps online, we believe you are now well equipped with all the basics that you needed to jump-start your betting career, or explore your newly found hobby.

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