Best Football Betting Sites

When it comes to choosing a trustworthy football betting site there are a few characteristics to look out for. Almost all betting sites have football betting offers, however, in most cases, they differ from one another.

The football betting industry is growing rapidly, and it is no surprise that there are a variety of betting site options for bettors worldwide. Choosing a reliable betting site is not an easy task, and that is why our team of experts dedicated their time to research the market and showcase the best football betting sites available to players in India.

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Best Football Betting Sites Available in India

To assist you in your football betting journey, our team of veteran gamblers accumulated all the valuable pieces of information about the best football betting sites available to players in India. We will cover everything from best betting odds to welcome bonus offers betting sites provide their players with.

A Great Way to Earn Extra Profit

Football Betting term refers to placing a bet on which team will win. There is also an option to bet on a draw. In other words, sports betting means placing the money on the outcome of your choice. Depending on how the football match ends, you will earn a profit, or lose money. The amount of both depends on the betting odds. 

Football betting fun

How to Select the Best Football Betting Site?

Most players get overwhelmed when choosing a football betting site for the first time. The choice of websites is vast, and that is why we have decided to guide you to make that decision. On our platform, you will be able to find the best football betting sites available to Indian players. The betting sites on our list are reliable and easy to use.

Mobile Fun88_1

After you selected the best football betting site for you, we highly encourage you to claim the welcome bonus reserved for new users only.

The welcome bonus offer is especially lucrative considering you minimize the risk of losing the money. After doing that, you will be able to formally place your first sports bet and start betting online on your favorite teams. Another good indication of a premium betting site is their free bets and no deposit bonus offer.






Different Types of Bonuses & How to Use Them

There are several types of bonuses available for football betting sites, and we will carefully go through each and every one of them in the following paragraphs. Our website offers only the best welcome bonus offers, as well as deposit bonus, bet credits stake, and qualifying deposit features.

Experienced players know the importance of these, as they are a great way to minimize the risk of losing your own money, and it is a great indication of the best betting site services. With our advice, you will be able to easily determine which football betting site would be the best for your needs.

What is a Welcome Bonus & How to Utilize it?

The first type of bonus players encounter on football betting sites is the welcome bonus. It usually provides you with the chance to place the first bet on the game of your choice, and it is a great way to test out the betting site you have chosen.

Bonus Betrophy

A welcome bonus is given out when you register your account on the football betting sites. There are different types of welcome bonuses to choose from, such as free bets, and no deposit free bets to name a few. Choices vary depending on the betting site offers. On our website, you will be able to find only the best welcome bonus offers.

What is a Cashback Bonus?

In case you lose the bet, you could potentially get back the portion of the money you have invested on the bet with the cashback bonus option. With it, you have some form of a refund after the failed bet.

With a cashback bonus, not all is lost, as the best football betting sites will cover for the portion of your loss. Since this form of betting bonus is always welcoming in the betting sphere, our experts have conducted thorough research to present you with the best cashback bonus offers.

What is an Odds Boost & How can You Recognize it?

Even though Odds Boost promotions are a limited-time offer, it doesn’t mean they’re impossible to catch. To put it into simple words, odds boost offers mean that the bookmakers provide you with the better football betting odds for your sports bet.

There are a variety of football betting site variants that provide you with the best boosted odds deals, and on our website, you will be able to find the best offers. Keep in mind that the bigger the odds you use the promotion for, the higher the boost will be.






Bonus Requirements – What Do you need to Use it?

Football betting sites are generous when it comes to bonuses, however, they do have some requirements that need to be filled for players to use the best football betting bonus options.

In the next paragraphs, we will carefully outline those requirements needed to enjoy betting on the best football betting site of your choice.

1. Most of Offers are Available for a Short Period of Time Only

According to the sportsbook bonus available to the players, the time limit required to use the bonus varies. Some football betting sites offer 14 days, and others offer 21. We highly suggest checking those out before placing your first qualifying bet.

2. Sports – Always Check which Sports are Included

Not all sports betting site platforms have the same bonuses, and their offer will vary too. That includes deposit bonus offers, free bets, free bet stakes, maximum free bet offers, etc.

A certain promotion may only be available for a particular sport. Meaning, that you could use a deposit bonus for basketball, but not for football. Of course, that doesn’t happen always. However, it is advisable the check out the football betting site of your choice, to find the best football betting bonus that will benefit you.

3. Complete the Requirement Before Withdraw Your Winnings

A wagering requirement is a multiplier that stands for the number of times you have to play through a welcome bonus before you have the option to withdraw your winnings. The wagering requirement correlated to a welcome bonus can vary depending on the betting site you use.

How to Live Stream International Football Matches?

To bet on football games, one has to know the rules of the game and even better follow the live streaming of the various football teams. On our website, you will be able to find a vast array of live streaming options, where you will be allowed to acquire the knowledge that will help you maximize your potential sports betting profits.

Another great point about live stream football is the option to follow the game and bet live at the same time. Live betting has gained a lot of popularity in the football betting world, and for a good reason. The best news about this offer is that some of the platforms you can find on our website, provide their users with free live streaming services.

How to use Football Betting Mobile Apps?

Thanks to the advancement of modern technology, football betting sites are now available for usage at any place and at any time, because of the mobile apps.

Their accessibility allows players to use the football betting services on the go, meaning that they don’t have to waste time commuting to the closest bookies, instead, they can just turn on their phones and enjoy betting on football games.

Football betting mobile devices
Enjoy great football betting opportunities

Some football punters like to combine live football betting with live stream football, and in that way, they can get the best picture of what is happening on and off the field. On our platform, you will be able to find the best football betting site that is available for Android and iOS smartphones or tablets.

Football Betting Odds & How to Recognize the Best Deals

As most experienced better know, best football betting odds are of the crucial matter when deciding on which football betting sites to place your bet on. Not all betting sports betting sites provide their users with the same odds.

We carefully pinpointed only those top football betting sites that offer the highest competitive odds for your ultimate betting experience, so you can thoroughly enjoy to bet on football.

Finding the most competitive odds is not an easy task, considering there are countless football betting sites out there. But, thanks to our team of experts, you don’t have to waste your time or money in the search for it, as we will present you with the best football betting odds.






The game of football is the most popular sport in the world, and it is no surprise that many football leagues have been formed for everyone to enjoy it. Some of them play higher-quality football than others.

Fans of the game are familiar with most of them, however, in the next sections, we will explain the benefits of the most popular leagues from the point of online sports betting.

English Premier League – Most followed Football League

Flag English

Considered by many to be the home of football, English Premier League continues to stand as a symbol of football around the world. Football teams from this league are continuously competing on the highest level. The goal of many football players is to play for some of the highest ranked teams.

The Premier League offers a variety of betting options, considering there are senior level teams, as well as youth teams. The best football betting sites always include this League into their offer, considering that it is most known around the world.

The great thing about it is that the teams play games every week, therefore allowed to bet on the selection of football matches every week. Most football betting sites offer various football wagers offers and on our website, you can look through all of them.

Italian Serie A- 20 Clubs Compete for the Title

Flag Italian

According to the true fans of football, Serie A teams play the most beautiful soccer. The Italian football league is synonymous with the highest level of football, and as such, it continues to attract fans and online betters worldwide.

Football betting platforms always include it in their offers, and as with most of the leagues, the matches are played every week.

Italian Serie A teams have won 12 UEFA Cups, which only contributes to the level of the football quality. Teams like Inter, Milan, and Juventus are household names in the football sphere, and football betting sites always come up with special offers just for these teams, so their most loyal fans could profit.

Outright odds to win the league
Inter Mailand
SSC Neapel
AC Mailand
Juventus Turin

It is worth saying that experienced online sports betting players consider Serie A teams as the most tactical ones, meaning that the outcome of their matches is easier to predict than other leagues teams.

Spanish La Liga – Strongest Football League in Spain

Flag Spanish

The Premier Spanish Football League, or La Liga, as English-speaking fans of football like to call it is one of the Europe top football leagues. It consists of over 20 teams, including Real Madrid, Barcelona, and Atletico de Madrid.

The level of the football quality is high and consistent. True fans of the game would argue that it is the best league in Europe.

When it comes to European Clubs Championships, like Champions League and Europe League, La Liga teams make their presence felt.

Outright odds to win La Liga
Real Madrid
FC Sevilla
Atletico Madrid
FC Barcelona

Teams like Real Madrid and Barcelona are always present on the best football betting sites, and the odds for them are always lucrative to betters worldwide.

They play matches on a weekly basis and football betting websites always include La Liga teams in their offers. On our platform, you will be able to find the best betting options for these teams, so you can enjoy betting on football online.

German Bundesliga – Who is Better than Bayern?

Flag German

The most popular football league in Germany is their Bundesliga, with 18 teams participating in the attempt to win the championship title. As with most of the successful leagues in Europe, the first three clubs automatically qualify for the UEFA Championship league, while the two bottom clubs get relegated to the Second Bundesliga.

Football betting sites offer various betting options for this league, as it is one of the most popular around the world. The matches are played every week, providing many opportunities to make a qualifying bet on the outcome of your choice.

Top football betting sites offer competitive odds for Bundesliga, and the choices are vast. Some of the most popular football teams competing in this league are Bayern Munich, Borussia Dortmund, Bayer Leverkusen, to name a few.

French League 1- One of the Most Famous Football Leagues

Flag French

When it comes to UEFA rankings, French League 1 holds fifth place in Europe. That is reflected in the fact that only the two best teams of the league advance to the UEFA Championship League. The team that finishes third has to fight for their right to play through a play-off.

Paris Saint Germain has been dominant for the last few years, and other teams can’t seem to reach their level. Football experts argue that the fact that team owners are investing a lot of money to bring new players, contributes to their dominance.

Most football betting sites offer a great variety of competitive odds for French League 1. From betting on which teams will get relegated to the Championship League, to goal count on individual matches, online betting sites cover everything.

On our platform, we pinpoint the best football betting sites that provide the best betting options for French League, so you can enjoy betting on football online.






Since we covered the most popular football leagues in Europe, it is important to note that there are competitions in which the clubs are given the opportunity to play against the teams that compete outside their league.

These competitions are especially popular among football fans and those that enjoy online betting. In the next section, we will cover the two most popular competitions with fans worldwide.

Considered by many to be the most prestigious football competition in the world, this tournament gathers the best teams in Europe, as they compete to be the official Champions of Europe. Depending on the league the teams come from, there are two ways clubs can participate.

The biggest leagues in Europe have multiple participants, according to their standings, while clubs from smaller or less significant leagues have to go through qualifications that count up to 32 teams.

Outright odds
Manchester City
FC Bayern München
FC Chelsea
Paris Saint Germain

Champions League betting starts even before the competition. Football betting sites offer Champions League winner odds as soon as the most successful clubs, for example, Real Madrid, book their place in the tournament. However, those offers should be taken with precaution since this tournament is unpredictable and equally difficult to win.

Since this is initially a group competition, there is a possibility to bet on the winner of the individual group. Next to that, betting sites offer the opportunity to bet on the league’s top scorer.

Best football betting site provides their users with multiple choices to make your qualifying bet on, and on our platform, you will be able to see which ones you should pay attention to.

Europa League – 48 European Clubs Compete for the Fame

The second top-tier international football competition, second only to the Champions League, is the Europa League. In this tournament, lesser-known football clubs across Europe have the opportunity to win the trophy and attain some of the European football glory.

Historically, Spanish clubs have had the most success in this League. Out of those clubs, Sevilla FC has the most trophies in comparison to their La Liga competitors. This fact highly enhances the Spanish clubs’ odds of winning the trophy.

Outright odds
Borussia Dortmund
FC Sevilla
FC Barcelona
Atalanta BC
West Ham United

Football betting sites are usually very careful when releasing the offers for Europa League, as it is highly unpredictable, and it has a lot of twists and turns.

The most successful football betting users compare the variety of betting sites to find great odds and take the opportunity to profit from matches.

Similar to European international club tournaments, there are competitions where national teams compete against each other. When compared to club tournaments that take place every year, these country competitions happen every few years.

As football is the most popular sport on the planet it is no surprise that these types of tournaments attract attention from people worldwide. The biggest football betting sites start their offers as soon as the competitors qualify for the tournaments, and people who enjoy sports betting pay special attention to it.

FIFA World Cup – Most Watched Football Event in the World

The most famous football event, FIFA World Cup, is the most viewed live streaming competition around the world. The 2018 Final football match was viewed by 1.1 billion people, while the 3.573 billion viewers watched the whole competition at some point.

The tournament has 32 teams, divided into groups of four, similar to the Champions League. However, each team plays against the other only once, compared to the Champions League, where two teams play matches against each other twice.

Outright odds

Football betting site offers usually favor the same countries regularly. For example, teams like Brazil, Argentina, France, and Germany have a solid reputation, making them betting markets favorites, as they always advance to the play-off stage of the competition.

As it is the biggest sports event in the world, football betting options are various and lucrative. The greatest football betting sites provide their users with an option to bet live on football matches, as well as betting on the top scorer, winner of the tournament, and so on.

UEFA European Championship – The Best of The Best

Much like FIFA World Cup, UEFA European Championship has massive following numbers, as the European national football teams compete for the title. This competition has a regular group format, where only the top two teams from the group proceed to the playoff part of the competition.

The biggest betting sites have their regular favorites, and the odds can be quite profitable if chosen wisely. As soon as the country qualifies for the tournament, there is an option to bet on their victory.

soccer stadium

Football betting sites offer a variety of plays to bet on, as you can place the wager on who will be the winner, which countries will play in the finals, or in contrast, when do they get eliminated from the competition.

Some countries like France, Portugal, and Germany are always more favorable to win and are prominent teams in the euro predictions, according to the football betting markets. This fact can be tricky, considering that they sometimes fail to advance to the play-offs, and betters should be careful when placing those bets.

On our platform, football betting site options offer the possibility to maximize earnings through the best odds.

Copa America – The Best South American Team

Unlike FIFA and UEFA Championship, Copa America participants don’t have to go through the qualification process. The competition consists of 12 South American national teams and two from the other confederations. Because of this fact, Copa America is unusual compared to other confederation tournaments.

This tournament is held in irregular intervals, sometimes it’s played every year, other times every four, like FIFA or UEFA Championship. When it comes to football betting offers, the most popular way to bet on Copa America is by placing bets on individual football matches, rather than overall winners.

The top scorer wager is always a popular offer, considering that some of the top players of the world play for their national teams in this tournament. Live football betting is also popular when Copa America takes place, and you can find the best football betting sites with this offer on our website.

Africa Cup of Nations – Great Players & Awesome Atmosphere

The Africa Cup of Nations is a unique spectacle that gathers the best national teams in Africa in an attempt to win the trophy. Fans and players across the continent approach this tournament with a high level of excitement, and equally high ambitions, which makes it a truly remarkable spectacle. This competition, usually recognized by the acronym AFCON is held every two years and is played between 24 national teams.

Outright odds
Ivory Coast

Some of the world’s top players compete for the top scorer award, and the best football betting sites provide their users with enhanced odds for this offer. The live betting options for AFCON are always popular for bettors worldwide, and the best betting sites rarely miss out on the chance to present it in their offer.

Football betting sites always try to indulge their users and come up with various offers that lure the players to test their luck and place their bets.

There are a few betting markets that stand out from the bunch and remain to gain popularity on daily basis. In the next section, we will go through the most popular ones, for you to keep an eye on when browsing the football betting site of your choice.






Betting on Final Result – Most Common Market

The chances are that even if you are a total beginner when it comes to football betting, that you have heard about this betting option, which is one of the most popular football betting markets. It is fairly simple to understand, but not as easy to get right, as the game of football is unpredictable.

There are three outcomes to choose to bet on. Team 1 wins. Team 2 wins. Or it’s a draw. The rules are simple as that. However, if the outcome of the football matches were that easy to predict, the fun aspect of football betting would be lost.

The best football betting site is the one that provides its users with the most favorable odds in order to profit from this play.

Double Chance – Maximizing the Chance of Winning

Similar to betting on the final result, a double chance bet covers not only one, but two outcomes of the game. This way, you can minimize the bet loses.

The way double chance works are that you can place the bet on two outcomes of the game, leaving one outcome uncovered. However, the bad side of this football betting market is that the odds are usually much lower than with the “final result” play. This offer is very popular among football betting experts and it could be highly profitable if used correctly.

Correct Score – Prediction of the Precise Final Score

Another popular version of football betting markets is the Correct Score bet, in which you have to correctly guess the final score of the football match. Compared to the previous two, it is more difficult to get right, as the outcomes vary and could be highly unpredictable.

FC Chelsea vs. Tottenham Hotspurs

The downside of this offer is obvious, considering that even the most successful football betting experts rarely get it right. However, the good point of the “correct score” is that the odds the best football betting sites provide for this offer are often high, and could bring a high profit if guessed accurately.

Half Time/Full Time Scores

This form of betting market is potentially highly profitable, for the high odds best football betting sites provide for this offer. The baseline rule is to guess the outcome of the half-time score, and the full-time score, respectively.

There is an option to bet on the overall result of the first and second half and to place the football bets on the number of goals that will be scored. On our football betting platform, you will be able to find the great football betting sites that will provide you with the most optimum betting experience.

First Goalscorer – Who Will Score the First Goal?

This betting market means that you are placing a bet on which player will score the goal first in the game. According to the betting markets research, this is one of the most popular offers online betting players bet on.

The attacking players usually get the lowest odds, as they are most likely to score the goal, considering they are the ones who are attacking the opposing goal in the first place.

FC Chelsea
Tottenham Hotspurs

One of the best ways to try to predict the first goalscorer is to research the previous games played by the team and pinpoint the players that have scored the most goals. Best football site offers are those where you will be able to find the most lucrative odds for the first goalscorer wager, and on our betting platform, you can do just that.

Win to Nil – What You have to Know

This football bet consists of two wagers: one being that team of your choice has to win, and the other being that the opponent doesn’t score on the match. This type of offer is one of the most popular ones, especially for bettors who prefer risking while participating in football betting.

This market is usually played when the stronger team plays against a much weaker opponent, and therefore you can use the football betting odds in your favor by playing Win to Nil. The most experienced bettors place bets on this offer, as it can turn out to be quite profitable.

Over/Under Goal Markets

Over/Under goals wager is one of the most popular markets in the sportbetting industry. The way this market is used is quite simple. For example, an online betting site will provide a goal margin, which is usually 2.5, and you simply have to bet whether the goals scored in the game will be lower, or higher than that.

The over/under wagers are always presented as decimal values, therefore football sites will showcase them with .5 intervals. They do this to assure that the bet will produce a result. Best betting sites always include it as part of their football betting offer.

Value Betting – Profitable Football Betting Opportunity

Value betting is arguably the most profitable, and the most complex football betting wager. In simple words, value betting means manipulating the betting odds in your favor.

Football betting odds are simply individual calculations made by the particular bookmaker. If we can calculate the exact probabilities of markets better than the football betting site, we can detect miscalculations and incompetence in their odds and earnings.

Betting sites are usually exceptionally good at these calculations, otherwise, they would lose all the profits. However, with consistency, and practice, an average bettor could easily learn how to manipulate those calculations.






The Most Useful Football Betting Strategies

To enjoy the most optimum betting experience, bettors usually have a few strategies that work in their favor. It is a good idea to do some research before placing the first bet on a good betting site of your choice. To help you understand more about betting strategies, we will showcase some of them in the next paragraphs.

Try out Various Bookmakers

Researching the betting industry and all the betting sites available in India could be a dwelling task. For all the things we stated previously, not all football betting sites are the same. Some are better than others.

On our betting platform, you will be able to find the best football betting site that will provide you with the optimum betting experience, and will maximize your chance of profiting from football betting.

Check New Football Markets

Best football betting sites are often innovative and think outside the box when it comes to football market offers. Betting on football doesn’t have to be dull, and the football betting options reflect that philosophy.

It is highly recommendable to try out new football markets, as they not only provide innovative betting options but could have favorable football betting odds. The sports betting sites we offer are of the highest standards and their offer is diverse.

Watch the Sport & Follow the Teams You Bet on

Undeniably, the most important football betting strategy is to follow the sport itself, as it is the best way to acquire the knowledge and according to that place your bets.

There are many options to watch football matches, one of which is live streaming, highly popular around the world. Watching live stream football is a great way not only to follow the games but to participate in live betting. Live football betting is highly profitable, and on our betting platform, you will be able to find the best football sites that include it in their offer.






Frequently Asked Questions & Answers

In the next section, we will go through some of the most frequently asked questions in an attempt to bring you closer to the information you’re seeking.

What is the Best Football Betting Site?

The answer to this question is highly individual, considering that not one bettor is the same as the other. Some players focus on the search for free bets and bet credits, and others prefer live betting options or lucrative deposit bonus offers.

As you could tell, the preferences are strictly individual, but we are sure that on our betting platform you would be able to find the best football betting site according to what you’re searching for.

Is it Possible to place Bets on ISL (Indian Super League)?

Yes. You can find various football betting options for Indian Super League. Since we focused on providing Indian bettors with the best betting experience, it was our obligation to place the ISL football promotions.

The variety of plays is vast, and you will be able to find everything from free bets and welcome bonus offers, to deposit bonus plays and bet credits for new users.

Is Betting on Football Profitable?

Yes. The possibility of making a profit from football betting is high, especially if all the tips and tricks we pinpointed are applied.

Our website is a great starting point for your betting experience, especially if you are a beginner, and you are not sure which football betting site you could trust.

We advise all football punters to focus on free bets and deposit bonus offers, as they minimize the risk of losing your own money, and allow you to profit by betting on great football betting sites.

Yes. All the football betting sites showcased on our website are 100 % legal in India (Cs apply). We have researched the sports betting laws, and we do not take this highly seriously. Your assets and data are safe with us.

What are some of the Most Common Football Bets?

According to the football betting site research, some of the most popular football betting options are 1×2, Double Chance, and as always-Correct Score.

We have already gone through the bets of these in the previous paragraphs, and these football betting options are undoubtedly the most commonly used by football bettors worldwide. Great odds are also a good indication of how common these plays are.

A top football betting site must have these in their overall offer, and you can find those on our betting platform, where we will provide you with everything you need to know about the best football betting odds for these bets.

Is the Website Charging me any Commission fees?

In comparison to other football betting sites, our website takes only a small commission for our services (TCs apply).

Is Customer Service Available?

Yes. All of the football betting site variants we present all have customer support to some extent. You can choose in what way you could reach the customer support service depending on the way of communication you prefer. The choices vary from e-mail, to live chats and even phone calls.

Live Chat
Small Logo Fun88
Small Logo Betrophy
Small Logo Betway
Small Logo 22Bet
Small Logo 20Bet

Most of the customer support of football betting sites in our offer are highly responsive to the customer’s inquires, and we are sure they will be able to answer all of the questions you may have.

Do Betting Sites Accept Indian Rupees?

Since our football betting platform is devoted to helping Indian bettors to connect to the best football betting site of their choice, we felt obliged to offer Indian Rupees as a payment option. The payment methods are vast, and we are sure that you will be able to find the best one for you, so you could enjoy the experience of football betting.

Short Summary

Finding a reliable football betting site is not an easy task, especially if you decide to do it on your own. That is the reason why we created this platform, so you could benefit from sports betting, and get the possibility to maximize your earnings by obtaining valuable knowledge.

Our team of experts has conducted thorough research on the football betting site market, to separate the reliable sports betting sites from those that aren’t worthy of your time or money.

If all the tips and tricks we provided you with are applied correctly, your online betting experience will be highly profitable, and more importantly, you will fully enjoy the ability to bet on football matches. Online betting has never been easier!

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