Proven Betting Strategies Overview

Many bettors rely solely on luck and a bit of knowledge when placing sports bets. But, if you want to get the most out of sports betting and make it profitable in the long run, you need a well-thought concept to help you on your way. This method is called a betting strategy or a betting system.

There are plenty of betting systems out there, and we are bringing you a complete guide on the most popular betting strategies and their successful application in real-life games.

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Sports Betting Strategies – All You Have to Know

Selecting a betting strategy highly depends on the player’s experience. Gamblers are not mitigating risks and setting themselves for failure without a clear vision and with randomly picked markets. Having a popular betting strategy enables you to focus, calculate risks, and have control over your wagers. And that is the ultimate goal – win and make a profit with as few losses as possible.

Legal sports betting fun

On our website, you will find numerous online sports betting sites welcoming players from India and perfect for testing all the betting systems presented in this article. Our experts with many years of experience in the industry have prepared an overview of different betting systems that can be practiced in various sports, from football to tennis and cricket.

Bet It All Strategy – What does it mean?

This betting system is kind of a no-brainer. As you may have suspected from its name, this approach means you bet your whole balance every time. The good news is that if you win, the profit is big. The bad news is that if you lose, you lose big. Either way, it is a risky strategy that can make you end up with an empty balance really quickly.

On the other hand, it was a lucky charm for many gamblers who walked away with huge winnings after going all in. Billy Walters used this strategy on the Super Bowl XLIV by placing a single bet worth 3.5 million USD on New Orleans. They won the Super Bowl against the Colts even though they were the underdogs and brought Walters a massive pay day.

If you are thinking about using this strategy, take into account the loss probability and the advantage on the side of the house. While this does not mean that your bet can not win, keeping cool and thinking rationally can save you from unwanted consequences. Other systems probably will not be so profitable, so this could be your golden goose if you decide on this strategy.






Martingale System – The Details

Together with the Fibonacci Sequence, Martingale is one of the most popular betting strategies used both in sports betting online and in a casino. It originates from the 1700s, and the bettors love it for its simplicity. A player who follows the Martingale strategy doubles his bet every time he loses, leaving him with at least returned wagers once he wins, if not a profit. 

For example, if you make a ₹400 bet and lose, the second bet should be ₹800, then ₹1600, and so on until you win. Once you make a winning bet, you start from the beginning.

Of course, betting is a bit more complicated than casino games because the odds change. But the strategy can still work as long as you keep the priorities straight.

Remember that anyone can enter a losing streak, and even a professional gambler can not win every time. This can lead to an empty bankroll, or a sportsbook can limit the bet amount, which may affect your strategy. But, if you play smart, do the research and pick a bet that makes sense, you can return your previous losses and top it up with some extra money.   

Fixed Amount Betting Strategy

For those who consider Martingale strategy overly complicated and do not see its advantage, the fixed amount betting system can be a safer bet. This strategy is more suitable for the players who do not like losing a lot of money in short period of time.

Placing fixed amount bets means that a player makes a bet with the same bet amount every time. First bet or a third bet, it does not matter; bets are always the same. It is not essential if a player wins or loses; consistent betting with the same amount of money gives him a chance to make a nice profit during the winning streak.

Bonus Betrophy
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The first and the most important step when using this betting system is determining a good wager amount. The industry recommendation is between 1 and 5% of your total bankroll. Players should not increase their stakes until they substantially increase the available playing money on their account. Once you achieve a significant milestone, you can think about upping your stakes.

If you are just starting as a sports bettor, this could be a great starting point for you to explore different betting types and ease your way into it. Fixed amount betting can also get you a positive outcome from multiple bets.

Proportional Betting Strategy – How it Works

Unlike playing with the fixed amount wagers, proportional betting requires some experience and knowledge. The basic premise is that a player modifies the wagered amount depending on his balance and the winning odds. If a bankroll increases, so does the wager. If the odds increase, so does the bet amount. The percentage of the increase should be the same after each win.

If you have ₹20,000 and wager 10%, your first bet will be ₹2,000 with the odds of 2.0. In case you win, you will earn ₹4,000, which means that your new total would be ₹24,000. Subsequently, your second bet should be 10% out of your new total – ₹2,400.

If you miss the game and lose, your new balance would be ₹18,000, and the next bet will be ₹1,800. The amount of the third bet depends on your new total.

With this strategy, you need to be patient. Your bankroll may not grow as fast as you would like to, but it will provide great control over your funds and bring you success over time. After all, experience showed us many times that slow and steady wins the race.






Fibonacci Sequence – Simple & Useful

To use this betting strategy, players have to change their bets in the Fibonacci sequence. Fibonacci sequence belongs to the negative progression betting system, which means that winning asks for decreasing the bet, while the losing streak requires increasing the wagers. 

The rule of the Fibonacci sequence says that each following number is the sum of the previous two. As a starting point, one can use 0 and 1 or 1 and 1.

Following this method, the Fibonacci sequence is: 0, 1, 1, 2, 3, 5, 8, 13, 21, 34, and so on.

If your first bet is ₹1,000 and you lose, your second bet will also be ₹1,000. Another loss means that the next bet increases to ₹2,000. If you win, you go back to ₹1,000 bet amount, but if you lose, you go to ₹3,000.

This betting strategy can be compared to the Martingale in the sense that you will get back previous losses once you win, and it is pretty easy to follow. But, as the vast majority of players do not have unlimited betting budgets, a losing streak could lead to losing it all.

Labouchère Betting System in a Nutshell

The initial use of the Labouchère betting system, also known as split Martingale, was in roulette. It is also a negative progression betting strategy, but with a twist.

With this strategy, a player needs to decide how much money he wants to win before playing and continues to place bets until he reaches the set goal. Labouchère also does not force one major and high-risk bet but wins back losses with numerous bets.

Mobile Betway
Betway provides the opportunity to use the Labouchère betting system

The Labouchère betting system is personalized in a way that a player needs to determine how much money he wants to win, how many bets he will place, how much he wants to wager, and what sequence he will follow.

Once a player defines his goal, he needs to split it into smaller amounts (most players divide it into 7-10 smaller sums). Then it is showtime. Your every bet should be a sum result of the first and last number in your sequence.

If you have nine numbers in your sequence, the first bet should be a sum of the first and ninth number. Second bet a sum of the second and the eighth, and so on until you come to the end of the sequence.






The Kelly Formula for Better Wagers

This popular betting strategy is actually a way to determine the ‘ideal’ bet wager. Since the luck factor always plays some role in online sports betting events and you can not predict 100% a certain outcome of games, there is no guarantee that you will end up like a winner. But the Kelly formula can certainly guide you when deciding on a bet stake.

The Kelly formula is as follows:

  • F=(BP – Q) / B
  • F is the solution, the amount of money a player should wager.
  • B stands for the stake multiple, which a player can return from the bet, and it is the result of subtracting one from the (decimal) odds.
  • P is the probability of winning, the percentage expressed as a decimal number (for example, 30% chances to win – P = 0.30).
  • Q represents the chances of losing bet (Q = 1 – P)

If you find this overly complicated, there are online calculators that can help you with this formula.






Football is definitely the most popular sport in the world, so it is not surprising that gamblers came up with many betting systems over time. Some players prefer a specific bet type, and a strategy can support that preference, giving you a higher winning chance.

soccer stadium

From betting on a game live to carefully calculating probability and taking advantage of the available information, football gives you many different ways for winnings.

In the following paragraphs, we are going to introduce you to football betting strategies that can make your bets more profitable and contribute to your success when betting online. 

1X on Home Outsiders – Multiply Your Chances

1X is an interesting double chance betting strategy in a game where an outsider takes on a favored group at home. Here you bet on a home win or tied score. The away team does not have to be a huge underdog in this case. The odds ranging from 1.60 to 2.50 can also bring you some nice profit.

Football betting mobile devices
Enjoy best mobile betting opportunities

As for all events, you should not be looking only for the best odds but use all the available information such as the teams’ health, possible injuries, and cards to make an informative decision. Furthermore, showing off in front of the home audience can be a fantastic motivator for the home team, so we also suggest you check the team’s history of home games and what the outcome was.

Betting on a Draw – Benefit From High Odds

Although most of us love betting on a win and celebrating the success of our favorite, many games actually finish with a draw or a tie. Every game starts with a draw, and football matches have a higher chance of ending with one than hockey, basketball, handball, or some other sport. That is why it would be wise to consider games with teams with similar power ratios.

Data from the bookmakers showed that some leagues such as Bundesliga 2, Greece Super League, Serie B, League 1, and Champions League have around 30% chances to end with a draw (2019-2020), while the Uruguay Primera had an astonishing 54.17% of draw results.

Another great thing about betting on a draw is that bettors tend to place bets on wins and loses, so the money is lower on draws. Thus, bookmakers increase the odds on tied results which often enables best odds on draws. 

To help yourself choose the possible games, try looking for the Asian handicap odds, that is, handicap set to a draw (or zero). This is an indicator that a bookie is not giving an advantage to one of the teams.

Betting on Late Goals – Keep the Thrill Alive

If you prefer placing live bets, this betting strategy will keep you on the edge of your seat until the very last minute. Live games are dynamic and exciting, and this strategy assumes betting on goals scored in the very last minutes of a match. Bookmakers mainly name this betting type ‘Last goal will be in minutes 76-90’. The market may differ depending on the site, but anything along these lines means the same.


This betting strategy, similar to betting on a draw, is often overlooked. If we look at the available information about the goals scored in the English Premier League, we will see that 20% of all goals are scored in the last 15 minutes of the game.

When choosing a live game to bet on late goals, be aware of the weather conditions where the match is played, the friendliness of the teams, and teams who are evenly matched. Also, if a tied score works for both teams, that game is not a good pick for this betting strategy. All this information has an impact on the strategy. It can be a deciding factor in making a bet profitable or not.

Betting on Cup Games – This is How You Do it

To make this betting system successful, a bettor should first fully understand how the cup works, its rules, and its format. Double elimination rounds, knockout format, replayed matches… There are a lot of components that make a cup and can highly affect the outcome.

Secondly, to predict a winner, a player should assess the mental health and condition of the team. Some clubs do not engage fully in cup games and think of them more like a hassle than a competition.

Data about previous encounters and press conferences prior to a game can give you valuable insights into how the team thinks and how prepared they are for the upcoming meet.

Lineups can also reveal the team’s aspirations. Watch out if the main names are in the game or the coach decided to use another strategy and save the best players for the upcoming championship or some other game they find more important and let´s not forget the outright odds.

Manchester City
FC Liverpool
Manchester United

Sportsbooks have different approaches to cup games, and it may happen that your go-to bookmaker has relatively high margins in this case. At the same time, many of them have special bonuses and promotions that can be used when placing cup bets, which we wrote about in our previous article.

Betting on Live Games for an Extra Thrill

Live sports betting is not for the faint-hearted. But it can be a highly profitable betting system for well-prepared players with good reflexes. All the top online sportsbooks offer a live streaming service on very stable platforms so you can place the bet while watching what is happening on the field in real time.

To get the most out of live games, you need to prepare. Calculate the odds value, risk, and possible range profits. Have a deposit ready on your betting account and concentrate on the game. Players usually do not have much time to react once the game is live, so it makes sense to prepare your winning strategy ahead of time.

It would be best if you also looked for a user-friendly interface that works the best for you and updates without constantly refreshing the page. Some betting sites have additional features enabling you to personalize the screen layout partly, and we highly recommend using it if available. All of this can be done pre-game. The only thing left to do after the preparation is to place your bet and win.

Cricket Betting Strategy – Take Advantages

Betting systems require discipline and patience. The same goes for any betting system you choose for this bat-and-ball game. Test, ODI, or T20 cricket, you should always think about the game format and what changes it can bring to your bet.

If you know the players well, we suggest you try with bets on top players (batsman, top player, and/or top bowler. Before placing a bet, be sure to check their form and take it into account. You can always use tips and tricks made by popular betting tipsters to get an advantage and make your prediction the winning one.

Adelaide Strikers
Hobart Hurricanes

Newbies in cricket betting strategy could try their first bet on the runs using over/under. To determine probability and risks associated with specific markets, use statistics and manage your bankroll to avoid going over your means. As in any sport, keep calm and do not let your emotions get the best of you. Have your eye on the game and adjust your strategy if needed.

No system is perfect, and betting always comes with a risk. But if you do your homework and play your bets right, this sport can make you one profitable gambler.

Best Horse Racing Betting Strategies

When describing previous betting systems, we have already mentioned that a player is expected to do the homework, research, and gather some information and not bet solely on his gut feeling. Apart from finding out as much as you can about the race itself, decide on how much % of your total bankroll you will bet on a given race.

Once you have that covered, try staking strategies and wagering on several runners. This can help you minimize the losses and make higher profits, even if that means sacrificing potential winnings from your hard runner. All this will help you sustain a healthy bankroll.

Melbourne Cup
Outright odds
Verry Elleegant
Spanish Mission

Racing has some exciting markets, but the most played ones are win, place, and show, which are also the simplest ones. Win bet means that your horse needs to win the race. If you bet on place, your pick needs to finish first or second, while a show bet brings you to profit if your horse finishes first, second or third.

If you want to try something exotic, find a sportsbook that offers quinella bets, trifecta, superfecta, or daily double. These are mainly used if you have multiple favorites and believe all of them can achieve great placement in the race. More horse racing strategies are covered on our site.

Tennis Betting Strategy – Specialize & Value

Tennis is an individual sport which makes it a great choice if you are looking for a sport to specialize in. The three most popular tennis betting systems in tennis are matched betting, arbitrage betting, and value betting.

Matched betting is not made for enormous winnings but can bring you a relatively steady profit. The idea is to use the bonuses and promotions, which we talked about in our previous article, and place bets without a probability of losing your own money.

Australian Open
Outright odds
Daniil Medvedev
Rafael Nadal
Jannik Sinner
Stefanos Tsitsipas

Arbitrage betting requires a bit more finessing and experience. The goal is to find incorrect and overpriced markets, place a bet, and then bet on the opposite result with another sportsbook. If you are just starting with arbitrage betting, we suggest you do it with pre-game betting because doing it in-play can be stressful.

Value betting can be compared to arbitrage betting since your goal is to find wrong odds, but there is no need to cover the other outcome. If you think that you do not have enough knowledge to do this, you can take advantage of value betting scanners. Overall, tennis is a sport that you can master fairly quickly and start placing bets early in your betting adventure.

Sure Bets & How You Benefit

We briefly mentioned a sure bet as arbitrage betting. It owes its success to different betting odds on other gambling sites. To engage in this type of betting strategy, a gambler has to have a profile in several online sportsbooks. Then he must find wrong odds and place a bet with one site and bet on a different result on another website.

It is vital to correctly calculate odds and wagers and ensure that a win on any outcome exceeds your overall investment. We will use a football example with three possible outcomes and ₹10,000 to wager to make it more transparent.

  • Sportsbook 1: Odds for team A to win 1.30
  • Sportsbook 2: Odds for tied 8.00
  • Sportsbook 3: Odds for team B to win 14.00
  • If we bet ₹7,966 on the Team A victory, we win ₹10,355.80.
  • If we bet ₹1,294 on a tie, we win ₹10,352.
  • If we bet ₹740 and win at betting site 3, the winnings are ₹10,360.

As you can see, the winnings in this strategy are not high, and it will probably take time to get it right and significantly increase your balance.






Pros & Cons

Luck is important in sports betting, but betting systems can get you more winnings while having a good time. On the other hand, it can be hard to follow a strategy and wait for it to pay off finally. 

Hopefully, you have learned a lot about betting systems during this article. To top it off, we will present you the pros and cons of using a betting strategy.

Most Important Pros

  • Choosing the right betting strategy can make you profit long term. It makes sense to educate yourself on this topic and gain an advantage that way.
  • The more you bet, the better you will become. That includes adapting your betting strategy, venturing and using more complex betting systems such as the Fibonacci sequence, and making more significant profits.
  • Fibonacci sequence and other systems can be used in both sports betting and casino. If you want to explore more, there are plenty of betting systems that can be readjusted to fit your betting needs.
  • Betting systems can make your bankroll management better and help you control your expenses so you will know what to expect.
  • Players do not depend solely on how lucky they are but calculate and adopt a strategy that will help them win. Furthermore, using a betting strategy and incorporating some math can also be fun and act as a group type of fun.

Most Important Cons

  • Some betting systems require a hefty bankroll which is not available to an average player.
  • Unless you are going all in, it takes time to get a hold on a betting strategy, learn to calculate odds, probability, and make your bets profitable.
  • Many betting strategies can make you first lose money before making it. It does not necessarily mean that the system does not work, but it can be hard to experience extreme losses.
  • Finding a good sports expert with usable tips takes time and experience.
  • Bet increases can seem like a great idea at times, but it will often negatively affect your balance and make you lose track.

Short Summary 

Making a new account and registering with a sportsbook does not make one a sports bettor. If you are not using sports betting just as a type of entertainment but want to make it profitable, having a betting strategy is a must. Fibonacci sequence, fixed bets, Martingale, arbitrage betting, the choice is yours.

Depending on your preferred sport, there are plenty of betting systems that can help you achieve higher odds, increase the probability of winning, and successfully predict as many games as possible. Although there is no such thing as a risk-free bet, a betting strategy is a step towards winning.

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