Best Football Betting Strategies in 2022

Football has been the number one sport in the world for years. Many bettors have managed to get serious incomes by betting on sports, and most of them opt for football since it usually has the largest selection of markets and most competitive odds.

Although it is impossible always to win, every bettor can have regular winnings in a sportsbook, but he has put some thought and work into it. That is why we are bringing you this text discussing top football betting strategies that can help you win money. No strategy can bring you guaranteed profit, but you are much closer to a win with a structured approach.

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Pick the Right Football Betting Strategies 

Not every strategy will work with every bet. Many factors impact which method you should use in a specific situation. But to test them out, you need a reliable operator with a stable sportsbook platform or a betting exchange and features that allow you to explore different options. That is when our team comes into the game.

Bookmakers presented on our site offer plenty of betting options. Whether you are a rookie or have experience in sports betting, there are possibilities for everyone. Check our list of recommended bookies and pick the one for yourself!

Football betting fun

You can find a number of betting opportunities here, together with higher odds, value bets, handicap market, accumulator bets, and others, allowing you to try out the most popular betting strategies we will talk about later in the text.

An added bonus on these websites is a wide selection of bonuses and promotions for Indian players, which can help you place bets without spending your own money or giving you some extra cash to play with. With these betting bonuses such as a free bet, you can try out matched betting or increase your profits with a price boost.

What Is a Betting System & How Can It Help You?

Having a sports betting strategy means having an analytical concept for placing bets. It does not have to be a complex one but has to serve its purpose and help you make a decision based on facts, data, and some experience if you have it.

Even if you are just getting familiar with placing bets and the whole industry, our online betting tips can help you master the basics. That way, you will be able to get familiar with the soccer betting strategies and learn when to use which strategy to get the optimal results.

Mobile Betway

A football betting strategy will keep you accountable for the choices you make when betting, especially if you choose in-play events. Sometimes emotions can get the best of you, and the adrenaline can blur your vision. Do not get us wrong, we love the excitement that live betting brings, but you are risking losing money even in those situations.

Using a betting system is usually what differentiates professional punters from amateurs. Experienced bettors, especially those who aim at a long-term profit, are well aware of how beneficial an excellent betting strategy can be. Adapting your approach and doing research prior to betting can maximise your probability of winning. 






Double Chance Bet: Simple, Yet Effective

This football betting strategy means betting on two different outcomes of the same game, somewhat of a opposite bet. Every football match can end in one of three ways for your favourite team: win, lose, or draw (1 X 2). By betting on different outcomes, you are reducing your risk of losing. However, double chance comes with reduced payouts, which is a drawback of this strategy.

On the other hand, your chances of success are higher. Double chance bets can bring you excellent profits if the two squads are of equal quality, and you can put your finger on who is the significantly stronger team. This bet is beginner-friendly and could be a great starting point for trying various betting strategies.

Betting on one outcome gives you 33.33% chances to win, but with covering two outcomes, your chances double, rocketing to 66.66%. Here you can also combine it with matched betting, which actually means making real money with the free bets you can get from a bookmaker. Football is almost always available for getting free bets, and bookmakers regularly give free bets bonuses for major championships.

Draw No Bet is becoming more and more popular among the players who realise how profitable this strategy can be. In this market, punters can bet on the home victory or away victory, and if a match ends up with a tied score, the players get a wager refund.

One thing you should be careful about when thinking about betting on the Draw No Bet is the quality of odds. To calculate the stake needed to minimise possible losses, take a look at 1 X 2 odds, Draw No Bet Odds, and Asian or Alternative Asian Handicap odds.

Bonus Fun88
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Many bookmakers offer different odds for the same bet types to adjust their winnings. Generally speaking, the most profitable odds are right before the game starts. If you are a type of bettor who does not like risking much with the 1 X 2 bets, this could be a great alternative, especially during events such as Premier League.

Correct Score: A Single Bet With Attractive Odds

Every player who looks for the double-digits odds has definitely noticed the Correct Score betting type. When placing the exact score line bet, you have to guess the number of goals each team will score in a single game.

Most football betting strategies based on the correct score revolve around low scoring matches because there are fewer score possibilities, which makes laying correct scores easier. Score options are more diverse in high scoring games, which may cause you to lose money.

FC Chelsea vs. Tottenham Hotspurs

There is also an option of half-time score betting, so you do not have the pressure to guess the score after the whole 90+ minutes but can split that time in half.

A lot of professional bettors suggest betting on the correct score in lower-tier leagues since different bookmakers often offer better odds in some minor cup matches, as opposed to more significant championships such as UEFA Champions League.

We witnessed a lot of unexpected results in top leagues, and there are many fantastic players who can show off their performance in big competitions, which might put your bet down the drain.






Arbitrage Betting: The Sports Version of “Buy Low, Sell High” 

Arbitrage betting (arbing) belongs to the hardest bets and more complex football betting experience that requires some finessing. The main premise of this financial concept is that the difference in buying and selling price makes a guaranteed profit territory. That is why it is also known as sure bets. But how can we apply it to a football bet?

With arbitrage betting, you are covering all outcomes of a match with the sole purpose of making a profit, no matter how the game ends. Punters can do it thanks to the difference in opinions of various bookmakers.

soccer stadium
Enjoy arbitrage betting

Not all bookies will give the same chance of success to the same teams. Since the odds represent a possibility of something happening, the bookies’ opinions will be reflected in their odds, which is also what enables value betting.

Arbitrage bets are a great way to make a slow and steady income, but it is definitely not the way to get rich fast. It is rare to find arbitrage betting opportunities that will get you more than 5% profit.

Punters have to have accounts open in various sportsbooks and betting exchanges to maximise the winning bet to make arbitrage bets. Some people mistake it for value betting, which is also based on finding value in odds, but it is not the same football betting strategy.

Half-Time Football Betting Strategies

Half-time betting usually means second half-time betting when you have already seen the first half of the game and have a good preview of what is happening and which team is stronger at the moment. The good thing is that events from the first half of the game do not matter, although they might affect the odds offered in the second half-time.

Since the bookmakers have to adjust the odds for the second half quite quickly, some may even lock them. If you make up your mind before locking, you might get an advantage over the next person betting on the same line.






Football has a lot of options to bet on when it comes to half-time: which team will score the next goal; if both teams will score in the second half; which team will be better; will a particular team win in regular time, overtime, or with penalties; handicaps; over/under markets; and some additional bets.

Of course, half-time betting is possible for the first half as well, but most punters prefer to wager on the second half since the situation is much clearer. Keep in mind that the odds start higher for the first half while waiting could lead to a lower profit margin.

European & Asian Handicaps as the Stars of the Show


Handicap represents an advantage a bookmaker gives to a certain team before the game starts. If one team is a favourite, the bookie gives that team plus points that the team has to cover in order for a bet to win. The two most popular football handicaps are European and Asian handicaps.

Asian handicap is undoubtedly the number one among punters. The difference between the European and Asian handicap is that bettors who opt for European handicap can lay bet only on a round number such as +1, -1, +2, -2, while Asian handicap enables you to lay bet on half of the handicap or even a quarter (+0,25, -0,75, +0,5…).

This market offers a lot of advantages and can be found in several lines, from the Draw No Bet to Asian Goal Line, Over/Under, Corners, or Cards.

If you are just starting with placing football bets or sports betting in general, it might take some time to understand the concept behind the handicaps fully, but it really is not that complicated. If you get the basics right and gain some experience, handicaps will become a part of your football betting strategies for sure.

The D’Alembert Strategy: A Way to Win Back Losses

You may have heard of the D’Alembert strategy in casino games, but can it work in sports betting? This strategy is more concerning your bankroll management, so it can be used to lay football trading strategies. Still, you should be careful in which markets you use it. Remember that this is a negative progression betting system, meaning that you should increase the amount on your football bets after each loss.

To get started with this strategy, punters have to create a unit size first, and that will define how much you increase or lower the stake. If you have just started betting, it may be a good idea to set the bookmaker’s minimum wager as your unit (₹100, for example).

The first qualifying bet is the amount of the set unit, and you should stick with it. The bet keeping continues until you lose. You keep increasing your stakes for the unit amount (in this case, ₹100) until you win again. Once you win again, you deduct one unit from the stake.

Here is a simple preview of a qualifying bet and following bets using the D’Alembert strategy with  ₹100 unit:

  • Bet ₹100 and lose (- ₹100)
  • Bet  ₹200 and lose (- ₹300)
  • Bet  ₹300 and win ₹300 (- ₹300)
  • Bet  ₹200 and win ₹500 (₹200)

Kelly Strategy: Determining the Perfect Stake Amount

The main goal of the Kelly strategy or Kelly Formula is to find the amount of the perfect wager. 

The wager is calculated by the formula:

F=(BP – Q) / B

F is the solution, the amount of money a player should wager. B stands for the stake multiple, which a player can return from the bet, and it is the result of subtracting one from the (decimal) odds.

P is the possible winning percentage expressed as a decimal number (for example, 30% chances to win – P = 0.30). Q represents the chances of losing a bet (Q = 1 – P).

The Kelly strategy in football betting can help you decide on how much money you should put at risk when you are not sure of the outcome. One more pro of the Kelly Formula is that it works no matter your budget so that you can personalise it according to your means.






The Fibonacci Method

Similar to the D’Alembert strategy, the Fibonacci method uses negative progression to get back the lost money. The system was invented by the Italian mathematician Leonardo Fibonacci and is used primarily in casino gambling but can apply in football bets as well.

The base idea is that each new number is the sum of the previous two, for example, 0, 1, 1, 2, 3, 5, 8, 13, 21, 34.

A starting point for placing football bets using the Fibonacci sequence can be ₹100. If we look at the sequence above and know that we need to increase the stake when losing and decrease when winning, it is easy to determine the stake amount for each bet.

Let’s say we start with ₹100 and lose. According to the sequence, the next bet will also be worth ₹100. One more loss requires increasing the bet to ₹200. If we lose, we go to ₹300, but if we win, we go down to ₹100.

The system is not hard to comprehend, but it may be best suitable for players with big budgets since one losing streak could cost you a lot.

Short Summary 

Today’s market provides players with an abundance of betting opportunities that can be successfully used with the help of football betting strategies. As mentioned earlier, having a good betting strategy helps you with managing your bankroll, have a clear vision, and profit more in the end, which is the main goal after all.

Football betting gives you a chance to experience matched betting, value betting, price boost, take advantage of a free bet, and try out many football betting strategies that can help you to lay bet and win regularly.

Although you can not always win, you are one step closer to it with the right approach. Read our betting tips and tricks, and make sure that your next bet is a winning one.

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