Best La Liga Predictions 2022/2023

If you’re a fan of the Spanish La Liga and are looking for betting tips, you might be searching for the best La Liga predictions available. The Spanish football league is home to some of the top La Liga teams, including Athletic Bilbao and Barcelona.

It also used to be the Spanish top flight league where superstar Lionel Messi played. Throughout the season, you can have a lot of gambling fun if you follow the right football tips and take advantage of the best odds to make the best bets.

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We Provide the Best La Liga Tips

Our site provides the best La Liga betting tips. Whether your prefer to watch a game in Spain between Athletic Madrid, Real Madrid, Athletic Bilbao, Barcelona, other Spanish teams or even other competitions such as the Champions League, we have everything you need to know to get the best value on odds that are posted for games in various leagues.

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When you’re betting with bookmakers around the world, you’ll be able to use our La Liga predictions to gain a win in a match or two. We provide various insights for when you’re betting on individual matches, the total score of a game, a half time line or which teams will be relegated after the title round has been decided. This will allow new customers to take advantage of customer offers such as free bets at the best bookmakers in the world.

La Liga Prediction: Atletico Madrid vs. Valencia

One of the biggest matches coming up in La Liga is Atlético Madrid vs. Valencia. These two teams are vying to finish in the top four teams at the end of the La Liga league season.

Through 19 matches, Atletico Madrid has 32 points, fueled by 31 goals scored and 22 goals allowed. That finds them in fourth place right now in their search for the La Liga title. Valencia, meanwhile, finds itself in ninth place. Through 19 games, they have 28 points, fueled by 31 goals for and 28 goals allowed.

These teams may be a little behind other teams in the season standings in the fight for the Spanish La Liga title, but they are also unlikely to be relegated, either.

These teams will play each other next on January 22, when Atletico Madrid visits Valencia. They will kick off at 3 p.m. Eastern Time that day for the match. The last two times these football teams played on November 7 of last year, it ended in a draw, with the final score being 3-3.

This match is sure to be tightly contested, as the two clubs have won a number of games so far in the season and always seem to step up their play when they face off against each other. They both are looking to gain another win so they can move closer to qualification for the Champions League, which is played throughout Europe.

They can do so if they finish as a team in the top four of the final standings. If you’re looking for in-depth predictions about either team or the game itself, check our site closer to the game kicking off. We always cover the competitions throughout the football world so new customers can use these tips at their betting sites.






How We Predict Matches

We put a lot of hard work into al of our La Liga betting tips. We don’t just make fleeting predictions on a La Liga game. Instead, all of our football tips use a number of different angles so that we can make the best in-depth predictions for you so after games happen, you can celebrate bets that you have won.

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Here are some of the main factors that go into all of our betting tips, so that you can use your free bets to take advantage of the best odds to make your best bets.

The Form of the Teams

How a team is performing recently in a football league can go a long way in deciding how that team might perform in an upcoming match. Big competitions such as the Madrid Derby (between Atletico Madrid and Real Madrid) and El Clasico (between Real Madrid and Barcelona) are often each a huge match in the La Liga season.

However, if Atletico Madrid isn’t playing as well as Real Madrid recently, or vice versa, that could mean you could take advantage of odds that are off when you place a bet. Similarly, the recent form that Barcelona or Real Madrid are exhibiting will help determine which bets are the ones we’ll give football tips on.

Head to Head Records

There are times when certain teams really want to win when they face another team. For example, many teams in La Liga that are close to the relegation zone, such as Mallorca, step up their game when they have a match against Barcelona or Real Madrid. Mallorca might not have bright outlooks in August, but they could step is up when playing football in Spain against big teams such as Barcelona and Real Madrid.

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This is why our La Liga betting tips take into consideration all head to head records. This will help you take advantage of the best odds to use your free bets and get many wins throughout the La Liga season and in other leagues.

The Importance of Team News

To provide you the best advice to take advantage of the best odds that are posted during the La Liga season, our tips and predictions will always analyze recent news throughout the league. Some of this news is readily available for some of the major football leagues across the globe. However, some news isn’t as readily available.

This is where we step in, providing predictions on a match based on the news that’s happening around leagues. If Barcelona has a few players who are injured or not feeling well, for example, we might provide different betting advice than normal. This could help you get a win with the best odds available to you.







Even after reading all this information about La Liga and the betting tips we provide, you may still have questions about how we predict a particular match or how you can win on your bet with the best odds.

That’s why we’ve provided the answers to the most frequently asked questions about placing a bet on La Liga with our betting tips below. This will help you bet responsibly on La Liga. And if you find you have a gambling problem, please call the National Gambling Helpline.

Are We Experts?

Our team has years of experience with odds, predictions and getting a betting win in La Liga. Our long-tenured experience making these La Liga predictions on teams such as Barcelona goes a long way in making us experts in the field.

If you’re looking for the best advice on what games to place a bet on in La Liga with the best odds, then you should check out our site on a regular basis.

When do We Post Our La Liga Predictions?

From the beginning of La Liga in August through the end of the season, we post all of our bet tips and advice a few days before each match. This will allow you to analyze the odds before you place a bet, based on the bet tips and bet advice we give.

If a game is happening on a weekend, for example, we’ll post our bet advice a few days before it happens. This will allow you to browse the La Liga odds on the game, since the odds tend to change so quickly.

Where to Bet on La Liga?

If you’re looking for not just bet tips on La Liga but what site is best to bet on the league, then you’ve come to the right place. Our experts not only provide great bet tips, but we breakdown all of the sites that provide La Liga bets.

Outright odds to win La Liga
Real Madrid
FC Sevilla
Atletico Madrid
FC Barcelona

We detail every aspect of these bet sites so that you don’t have to do the research on your own. By coming to our site, then, you’ll be able to read bet tips and also get great information on which bet sites might be the best fit for you when you bet on La Liga.

Who will Win La Liga?

There are four teams that have consistently ranked near the top of the bracket in La Liga in recent seasons. This includes Atletico Madrid, the defending champions, as well as Real Madrid, Barcelona and Sevilla.

Thus far this year, Real Madrid leads the way with 46 points through 20 matches played. Sevilla finds itself five points back, though they have played one fewer game. The next three spots are occupied by Real Betis (33 points), Atletico Madrid (32 points) and Barcelona (31 points). A good bet for this La Liga season is that Real Madrid will finish atop the league and win the title.







La Liga is always one of the best football leagues around, and this season is no different. The betting action is always so popular, too. If you’re looking for the best football betting advice around, our team of experts has years of experience making predictions on La Liga. So, when you’re looking to make a wining bet on this top football league, come to our site for everything you need to know.

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