Proven Tennis Betting Strategies 2023

The bookmakers have one sport that gives a lot of events with different types of outcomes, which is tennis. The matches are held every day, 11 months a year, and almost without a break (compared to other mainstream sports). This is because athletes need to keep their ratings.

It is an individual sport, and it is much easier to analyze than a team sport. However, it is not that easy. A clear action plan is needed for a bookmaker. This article will list some of the most popular betting strategies on tennis and teach you how to bet on tennis.

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We Show You the Best Betting Tennis Sites

As is the case with all the people that bet on regular, tennis betting it is also important to choose a reliable website that will provide you with the best tennis betting experience. Luckily, our experts have conducted a list of only the best bookmaker websites available to tennis bettors in India.

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Best Tennis Betting Strategies

In tennis betting, like in other sports betting, professional bettors have come up with strategies to win money. However, in tennis, there are a few worthies of mentioning that will make you a substantial amount of money in no time. In the next few paragraphs, we will go through some of the most famous tennis betting strategies and will explain those in detail.

Backing Surface Experts – All You Have to Know

It is very important to know that tennis is played on four different surfaces: on concrete (hard court), on the clay, on grass, and on artificial surfaces, where each surface has certain characteristics and certain tennis players have an advantage over others based on the surface on which they play. So, the surface of the tournament play is the main factor in tennis matches outcome.

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To put things into perspective ,-Rafael Nadal is considered the ”king of the clay”, meaning that he rarely loses matches played on this surface. Hence, in many instances, he is considered the favorite in matches that he plays on the clay, and it is a good idea to bet on him.

This is the best tennis betting strategy for those that follow tennis and understand tennis-based statistics. However, it is worth noting that playing styles change according to the surface, and the player that adjusts the best according to the surface is usually the tournament winner.

Underdog Sports Betting is Often Accompanied by High Odds

Underdog status is always accompanied by high odds and understanding how to take advantage of this offer is the key to profit from this market. In general, the odds for sporting event entrants are constant. The live betting (in play tennis betting) markets that bookmakers offer, on the other hand, are something else.

This is because players’ form and dominance change during sporting events, and live betting markets (in play tennis betting) are particularly responsive to these changes. As a bettor, taking advantage of the volatility of tennis odds in live betting markets to hedge your bets before the match starts is advisable.

This method involves betting on the underdog (usually a weaker player) before a match and then backing the underdog’s opponent during the game to ensure a profit (or at least minimize risk by offsetting the loss you could sustain). In a word, the primary concept behind this approach is that you bet on the weaker player winning.






Men’s Grand Slams Parlays – You Can Bet on them Four Times a Year

In the early stages of men’s Grand Slams, favorites frequently win with ease, but the odds are low. However, combining a handful of the best players in an accumulator or parlay can boost profits while lowering risk.

Grand Slams are held four times during the year (compared to smaller tournaments that are played more frequently). It is good to keep an eye on the grand slam tournaments, as they are a great opportunity to utilize a profitable strategy to maximize your winning.

Youngster Betting – The Future Stars of Tennis

The field of participants is rapidly evolving. With young players like Thiem, Medvedev, Tsitsipas, and others, the so-called “changing of the guard” are already underway. Unfortunately, these players tend to “ruin the plans” the most consistent players like Djokovic, Andy Murray and Nadal.

However, betting on their win is more unreliable for these reasons when playing against these clear favorite players, especially in big tennis tournaments in the tennis season. It is worth saying that even though they are in the shadows, they play well overall, and even win big tournaments. Data analysis of statistical data can help you and most bookmakers present this data.

Early Outright Strategy – A Simple Tennis Betting Strategy

Betting on the outright winner is a simple tennis betting strategy for rookies. This is especially true in matches with players of similar value, but the value bets on a clear favorite are frequently doubled. Tennis players with a strong serve are the exception to the norm, as they may force the game into a tiebreak even against stronger opponents.

Australian Open
Outright odds
Daniil Medvedev
Rafael Nadal
Jannik Sinner
Stefanos Tsitsipas

Tips for Betting on Tennis

With so much tennis data and statistics at your fingertips, you may earn some money on the hard courts with the appropriate handicap betting method and following tennis betting advice.

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In the next few paragraphs, we will go through some of the best tennis betting tips from the betting world you can use to make some decent profits.

Why are Statistics Important in Tennis Betting?

Any sports bettor who uses a tennis betting strategy will never underestimate the value of statistics in their day-to-day operations. Each tennis betting strategy is also heavily influenced by statistics.

While betting systems in football (or other team sports) may take into account team data such as wins, losses, score lines, home and away results, the total number of goals, and so on, tennis betting relies heavily on historical performance and tennis player attributes.

Although attractive online betting incentives such as Free Bet no deposit offers and others can considerably enhance your betting returns, you must still consider all such facts to improve your winning possibilities, while applying a tennis betting strategy.

How Do Tennis Players Play Under Pressure?

These players have mastered the art of playing under duress. Inexperienced tennis players do exceptionally well when they aren’t under any pressure—that is, when they aren’t nervous, terrified, or in the zone. Everything runs smoothly, and they accept the occasional errors as part of the game. They have a strategy in place and stick to it.

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Their game breaks apart when they approach a vital juncture in the tennis match, such as serving for the set, facing a breakpoint, or playing a tiebreak. The most typical explanation, and the major difference between these inexperienced players and the true game experts, is that they do not adapt their game to the pressure situation.

Different bookies have a range of tennis betting markets, and it’s easy to get distracted by those that might genuinely work for you rather than others that look cool but make no sense in terms of trying to make money from them.

You may place over a dozen different sorts of bets on any major tennis tournament. Because of the variety of betting choices, it is the second most popular sport among gamblers, but it also means that newbie and amateur gamblers must filter through a lot of information (pre match) before determining which markets to pursue. We will explain some of the most popular bets worth betting on tennis matches.

Game Spread – Bet Based on Amount of Games

A game spread bet is a wager on how many matches someone will triumph. Returning to the Nadal and Djokovic scenario, Nadal may have a -1.5 spread, while Djokovic may have a +2.5 spread. By betting on the spread, you can place a wager on Nadal to win at least two more matches than Djokovic. On the other hand, you may argue that Djokovic will either win more games or lose one or two matches during the match.






Betting on Sets – Total Score of Sets

This is a little tough, but you’ll get a lot of money if you win the bet. In this type, you must anticipate the winning score in the final set and the set margin of victory. For example, in a best-of-five match, you can wager that Roger Federer will beat his opponent by a score of 3-1 or 3-2, and so on.

This is the type of bet where you have to bet on a match’s score in sets. For example, you could wager on Player A to win three sets and Player B to win one set. In case Player A wins all four sets, your bet is winning one.

Many bookmakers also allow you to place separate bets on each set. You can place bets on whether a player will win the first, second, third, fourth, or fifth set (on Grand Slam tournament). This is only recommended if you have adequate experience and know each player’s strengths and weaknesses.

Head-to-Head Betting

When it comes to developing a tennis betting strategy, one sticks out from the crowd. It’s the head-to-head record, which can be easily found on the ATP, WTA, and ITF websites. It is critical to evaluate the head-to-head record when developing a tennis betting strategy. It’s a terrible feeling to go into a match knowing you haven’t beaten a player in a long time, if at all.

On the other side, if a player believes he has the upper hand over another, he will be more confident going into the match. In such cases, this will make him feel more at ease, increasing his chances of playing well.

Of course, in addition to looking at the plain statistic, analyzing a head-to-head record necessitates several other considerations. If the last meeting between the two was more than two years ago, I would estimate that the “head-to-head” value has decreased by 10%. A lot can change in two years, and in that scenario, the current form would be more important than if their most recent encounter was a month ago.

Denis Shapovalov
Rafael Nadal

Total Games in Match Betting

Total games won by players refers to a wager on the number of games a specific tennis player won. It is necessary to assess a player’s possibilities in an upcoming match before placing such a wager on him. For example, the simplest scenario for a three-set match is determining whether the match will be three or three sets long. It is advisable to bet on this wager in case you’re participating in live tennis betting (in play betting).

Over/Under Bet

If you’re betting on Roger Federer vs. Novak Djokovic, you’ll have to decide whether the match will end in over or under 3.5 sets. Let’s say Djokovic wins 6-4, 6-2, 4-6, 6-2, which means he needed four sets to win the match, which is over 3.5 sets. If you bet on under 3.5 sets, you’ll lose your wager.

Let’s look at the overall number of games in the same contest. Assume you gambled on a total of over 30.5 games. The total number of games was 36, with Djokovic winning 22 games and Federer winning 14. You win the bet because the match totals went over 30.5 games.

In simple terms, if you bet on the favorite, that player (in this case, Djokovic) overcomes his opponent’s handicap. So you win the bet if he does. That´s why it is no surprise that handicap betting is so popular.

Best Tennis Betting Strategy – Short Summary

We showed you how to wager on tennis in the most efficient way possible. We discussed several successful tennis betting techniques and best strategies, and you can use any of them to win large. So, before you place your wager, use our tennis betting tips to help you choose the best tennis betting strategy.

Usually, the best tennis betting strategy is the one that helps you winning and you feel most comfortable with. That´s why you should take your time to find out the best working tennis betting strategy, which professional gamblers use as well-

As tennis became more popular, the number of tennis bets increased, such as game betting, betting on the match winner or double faults, first serve, next point, system bets, correct score betting, set betting, tie break betting and other in play markets, with many tennis matches available at all times, according to tennis betting forecasts.

Additionally, we will connect you to the best bookmakers, that are reliable and honest, and will provide you with the best service so you can bet on tennis.

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