Serie A Predictions, Tips and Picks

If you love Italian football and betting on it, you’re likely looking for tips on how you should bet on the teams in the league. Our site provides the best Serie A predictions and betting tips so that you can make the best move with the bet credits you can use on the first qualifying bet on bookmaker odds.

Whether you enjoy Serie A betting on AC Milan, Inter Milan or any of the bottom three teams in the league, we have it all covered for you. We even cover popular football leagues from around the world and tournaments such as the Europa League.

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We Have the Best Serie A Betting Tips

Our site provides the best betting predictions for the Italian Serie A, which is the top league in Italian football. We don’t just cover the games played among the top four teams, though.

Football betting fun

Our betting experts will look at every club in Italy, including Napoli, Juventus, Roma and other matches throughout the season so you can use customer offers to bet responsibly and meet the min odds laid out for your first bet free bets. Throughout the season, we’ll look at every club and every match so you can maximize your winnings when you gamble responsibly.

Serie A Prediction: Juventus Turin vs AS Roma

Through the first 19 games of the Italian Serie A regular season, Juventus and Roma find themselves in a tight battle to get to the top of the standings. Juventus currently has 34 points through 19 games, with Roma just a few points behind in this new Serie A season with 32 points in 19 games.

The stats are pretty similar in their Serie A games so far, too. In this top division, Juventus has scored 27 goals and allowed 17, while Roma has scored 31 and allowed 21. So, it’s not just that these two teams find themselves close in the table in this round of the Serie A season; they also are playing equally as well in competitions thus far.

In recent years, this has been the case, too. Juventus finished the latest Serie A season in fourth place, while Roma finished in seventh. They both finished behind the defending champions, who was Inter Milan in the last Italian football season.

On January 9, Juventus will be looking to get a home win in Serie A over their rival. Juventus will be favored to win this match when they play, which is why many wagers at bookmakers will be placed on them. At the same time, it’s tough to predict the outcome of sports that will result in a profit at bookmakers.

That’s why we’ll determine the losing and winning records of each team and provide you with the best tip so you can place a bet on your mobile device using a bonus. If you’re looking for a safe bet to play, you can go with Juventus in this Italy football league match coming up soon.






How We Make Our Italian Football Predictions

When we are making our Serie A predictions or giving other betting tips on Inter Milan, AC Milan, Napoli or other leagues such as who will qualify for the Europa League, we integrate many different pieces of information such as odds and who will score the most goals.

Our tips and predictions are based how a game is played throughout the season, as well as competitions abroad. Here are some of the factors that we integrate into every tip we make on the sports that are played in the table.

Don´t Bet Without Considering the Form


How a team like Juventus or Napoli is performing in Italy recently can go a long way in determining how they will perform in a game coming up. That’s why all of our Serie A tips will take into consideration how football teams have played recently.

Just because AC Milan or Napoli may not qualify for being a top team doesn’t mean they aren’t playing well in a particular moment. If you can understand the form of teams throughout matches in the Serie A season, then you can make more informed predictions when you gamble responsibly.

Head to Head Records

Serie A betting tips that we make are also based on how certain teams perform against each other. It could be that teams score a lot of goals against their rival, or don’t do well when they’re playing lower competition. In other words, AC Milan may be near the top of the standings but not play well in a game against Napoli.

Mobile Betrophy

This is where you can predict future outcomes of sports leagues when you’re gambling. A team might not be great in the standings, but could be primed to win a match against a team they like playing against. The score could be tighter than expected, which would allow you to take advantage of odds posted by a bookmaker.

We Analyze Recent Statistics

We take a look at all the statistics when giving Serie A betting tips so that new customers can reach their min odds to win using their free bets. Stats of a match go a long way in determining the outcome of a game. They can help you make predictions as to whether the teams will score more than 2.5 goals in the match, or whether they’re likely to reach less than 2.5 goals.

Our football predictions for Serie A will always take into consideration every stat available so you can use your bonus when you’re gambling on a match in the league.

Our Experts Keep an Eye on the Team News

Successful sports gambling is about paying attention to not just the matches in Serie A themselves, but also the news as it happens throughout the league.

soccer stadium

All of our Serie A predictions will cover the news so that new customers can see the odds that might be good for them to place free bets before they reach their time limits.

We’ll cover the news on injuries and potential transfers so you can make informed decisions before you place a bet when you gamble responsibly.







If you have free bets that you want to use after meeting the min deposit requirement at your betting site, you may still have questions about how the odds and bets work in the Serie A league. That’s why we’ve provided answers to frequently asked questions about the league and our Serie A predictions below.

This will help you prepare for all the matches that are upcoming in a weekend so you can make informed betting decisions on whatever match you want to wager on.

Are We Experts?

Our team has been covering Serie A for years, making betting predictions based on real-world information and news. This long history and proven track record is why we can be trusted for all of our Serie A predictions. Each bet tips that we make will help you win when you place bets on Serie A odds that are attractive to you. This long history of bet predictions is what gives our Serie A team a lot of credibility for matches.

When do We Post the Serie A Predictions?

We post all of our Serie A predictions a few days before matches happen so that you can check out the odds before they change and place a bet that you want. No matter whether the match happens over the weekend or during the week, we’ll give you enough time to jump on the best odds for Serie A bets that you want to make.

This will give you ample time to analyze a Serie A bet and match it up to our tips so that you can give yourself the best chance to win.

Where to Bet on Serie A?

There are many sites where you can bet on Serie A. That’s why in addition to the predictions we make, we also give a detailed breakdown of various gambling sites where you can place a bet on the league.

Website Fun88
Fun88 offers many Serie A betting opportunities

Included in our breakdowns are any payment restrictions the site has and every payment method that they offer. We also breakdown all the bet odds that they have so that you can make the best decision for yourself as to which site is the best to place your bet on Serie A.

Who will be the Top Goalscorer of Serie A?

The top two goalscorers from last season are no longer playing in Serie A this season. Cristiano Ronaldo scored 29 goals for Juventus last season, but is playing with Manchester United of the English Premier League this year. Romelu Lukaku scored 24 goals for Inter Milan last year, but he’s playing for Chelsea of the EPL this year.

Thus far in 2021-22, the leading goalscorer in Serie A is Dusan Vlahovic, who has 16 goals scored in 19 games for Fiorentina. He should be a good bet to be the top goalscorer in the league this year, too, as he finished in fourth place last year with 21 goals in 37 matches.

Who Will Win the Serie A?

Inter Milan is the natural choice for predicting who will win this Serie A season. In 2020-21, the club won the league by finishing with 91 points. The next closest to them in the standings was AC Milan, with 79 points. Through the first 19 matches of this Serie A season, Inter Milan is again atop the standings, with 46 points. AC Milan is again in second place with 42 points.

So, if you’re looking for a safe bet on who will win this Serie A season, you can go with Inter Milan. Just know that if you want to place a futures bet on them, the odds may not be all that great because of their status among teams in the league.







If you’re looking for the top Serie A predictions, you need to go no further than our site. Our team of experts has been making Serie A predictions for years now, giving us a leg up on other sites for our betting tips. If you’re looking to get betting wins with the free bets you get at your betting site, then come to our page to read over all our Italian football and Europa League predictions.

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