Best Horse Racing Predictions and Picks

Horse racing betting is one of the most popular ways to bet on sports today. New customers love to use a cash refund or 50 in fee bets offers and free spins that they get from sports betting sites to make a sports bet. That’s why we provide great horse racing tips for all new customers and and experienced bettors.

There are so many different types of horse races as well as big events that happen in horse racing, so we provide hot tips all year long. Read on to learn more about our free horse racing tips and the sportsbook market.

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We Provide the Best Horse Racing Betting Tips

Our site is stacked with horse racing tipsters who are always looking to help you use free bets credited to your account to meet the minimum odds and win in today’s racing.

Horse racing betting fun

When you have 50 in free bets to use on sports pools, you’ll probably be looking for the tips on the best bets you can make while you play safe with a qualifying bet. Our latest horse racing tips are based in years of experience and plenty of research to help you win with your free bet stakes for your first sports pool bet.

Predicting The Grand National Aintree

One of the biggest events in horse racing every year is The Grand National, which is held at the Aintree Racecourse in Liverpool, England. This is the biggest horse racing event in the UK and Ireland each year, and many customers opt to use their first qualifying bet using today’s racing tips on this racing UK event.

The 2023 event will be held on April 15, and it will feature the 175th running of the Grand National horse race. This race has been run since 1839. It is a handicap steeplechase race that is about 5 miles and 2.5 furlongs. Along the way, horses take two laps around the race track, jumping over 30 fences along the way.

horse racing image

Our daily horse racing tips focuses heavily on The Grand National because it’s an event that many people who aren’t necessarily horse racing fans pay attention to. It’s a huge event in the UK, and many people will use qualifying bets and bet credits they get as a casino bonus to place their first sports bet on it. That’s why we provide racing tips on this event every year.

It’s estimated that 500 to 600 million people watch this horse racing event on TV every ear in more than 140 countries. This makes our horse racing tips even more important, since it’s one of the most watched events in today’s horse racing lineup.

Leading up to The Grand National in April, we’ll give tips for all bet types, including a best bet for every race. We’ll also help you find a site to bet responsibly on horse racing, whether you want to use a UK debit card, Apple Pay or CS Apply to qualify for your first bet with a max refund.

We’ll detail the sites that have a min deposit requirement and/or time limits when you’re looking to bet on horse racing, as well as what makes a qualifying deposit, what payment method you could choose and any payment restrictions apply to the free bets.






The Big Events We Cover for Our Horse Racing Tips

We cover many of the biggest events with today’s horse racing tips. We make sure we are on top of all the main harness racing and traditional racing events so we can provide the best ITV racing tips, Irish racing tips and Australian racing tips, for instance.

This way, you can use your horse racing bonus money and any free bets valid to get a bet settlement at the big meetings of your choosing. Here are some of the main racing UK events and horse racing events from around the world that we cover with our exchange bets.

Kentucky Derby

The Kentucky Derby is perhaps the most famous of all American horse racing events. It’s held in early May every year and is known as the first leg of the Triple Crown. Each year, our horse racing predictions will detail this event in-depth, so you can find out what the min odds to use your free bet or bet credits are.

The Kentucky Derby is a day-long event, although the main event comes later in the day of races. It’s held in Louisville, Kentucky, at a track called Churchill Downs. In today’s horse racing, this is perhaps the most famous of all races, with millions of people watching around the world.

Kentucky Derby
Outright odds
Jack Christopher
Smile Happy
Rattle N Roll

The main event pits the best 3-year-old Thoroughbred horses against each other, with people using their casino bonus to meet the min odds so they can use their free bet credits stake to win their first bet.

The horse that wins this race could go on to win the Triple Crown if it wins every race in the three legs. Those other two races will take place over the following four weeks, and we follow bets for all these events so you can bet on two horses who might bring you wins from only deposits that you make using a payment method that meets payment restrictions for your first bet.

The Royal Ascot is another Thoroughbred horse racing event. This one takes place in Berkshire, England every year. It has been held in some form since way back in 1768, making it perhaps the oldest horse racing event in history. There are five days of this race where you can use a qualifying bet from our horse racing tipsters to meet the min odds for a free bet and get a bet settlement that brings you a win.

Royal Ascot
Outright odds
Golden Pal
Nature Strip

The Royal Ascot is the most valuable race in Britain, with the finest horses coming together to try to win millions of pounds in prize money. That’s why so many people use their CS apply to make multiple bets to take advantage of free spins and their max refund at this event. It’s also why we focus our free horse racing tips on this event, so that you can use free bets credited you get to make a qualifying bet that meets min odds and win some money yourself.

The Royal Ascot is a great event to make a toteplace bet using horse racing predictions we make as long as payment restrictions apply are met with your CS apply account.

Where the Elite comes Together: Dubai World Cup

The Dubai World Cup is a newer Thoroughbred racing event that has been held since 1996. It is held at the Meydan Racecourse every year. The main event is the final race of the Dubai World Cup night, and it’s a great way to use 50 in free bets to make multiple bets for new customers who follow our horse racing tips.

Dubai World Cup
Outright odds
Life Is Good
Hot Rod Charlie
T O Keynes

There’s a $12 million purse for this event, which makes it one of the most-watched events in the world, and also the richest horse racing event in the world. It’s held every year in March, and is a great way to use our horse racing tips to use free bets on the sports pool bet added to your list. Just make sure exchange bets excluded are taken into consideration when you use CS apply.

Because there is so much at stake in the Dubai World Cup for the horses, trainers, jockeys and owners, our horse racing predictions are on point so you can use free bets credited to your account to use the CS apply money and meet min odds evens when you’re betting on horse racing.

The Melbourne Cup in Down Under

The Melbourne Cup is the most famous Thoroughbred horse race in Australia. It’s held in the Victoria Racing Club in Melbourne and is part of the Melbourne Spring Racing Carnival.

It’s the richest “two-mile” handicap in the world, and is also one of the richest turf races that’s run every year. The event was first held way back in 1861, though it was shortened in distance in 1972.

Melbourne Cup
Outright odds
Verry Elleegant
Spanish Mission

Our horse racing predictions for this event will allow new customers to use their CS apply funds to make a free bet that could win if they follow our horse racing tipsters.

This event is held in November each year, which gives new customers a great option to use their free bet CS apply funds at a time of year when many other racing tracks are closed for the colder months. Indeed, tracks such as Lingfield Park and events such as the Cheltenham Festival in the UK don’t run at this time of year. This makes it a great way to use free bets when you follow our horse racing tips using your CS apply account.

The Grand National (Aintree) in Windy Liverpool

This event is held every year in Liverpool, England. The first event in this was held way back in 1839. Unlike the other events on this list, it’s a steeplechase race, with horses having to jump over many fences as they run around the course two times.

It’s the most valuable jump horse racing event in all of Europe, as the prize total is more than £1 million. It’s also a huge event in all of British culture, as people who aren’t typically die-hard horse racing fans will still watch this event.

Our horse racing tips will always break down this event so that our followers can use their free bets they get through CS apply to get some wins at this event. It’s a great event to watch and very exciting because of all that’s at stake. It’s also interesting to watch a different kind of horse racing event, as it’s a steeplechase with jumps rather than a typical Throughbred event that you can use your free bets on.






What We Factor into Our Horse Racing Tips

There are many different factors we take into consideration when we make our horse racing tips. This is important, as we don’t just look at the baseline information that anyone can do on their own to use their free bets.

We want your free bets to be successful for you, which is why we take the extra time and effort to form the best horse racing tips out there. Here are some of the main factors we take into account when we create our horse racing tips for you to use with your free bets.

The Weather

The weather can have a huge effect on the outcome of a horse racing event. Some horses like to run in sloppy, muddy conditions. Others need a dry track that allows them to sprint faster.

Each horse will have specific traits that correspond to the conditions of the track itself — and the conditions of the track are often determined by the day’s weather.

That’s why we also factor in the weather for a particular event to see if we need to make any adjustments to our typical horse racing tips. This is important if you want to consistently find winners with your free bets.

The Speed of the Horse

Obviously, we analyze the horses that are involved in each of the races we cover. But, we don’t just look at their statistics and how well they’ve performed. We also look at what type of horse they are, what type of race they like to run, and then match that up with the particular event that they’ll be running that day.

This includes the type of track, the weather (as mentioned) as well as how long the race will be. Some horses are sprinters, while others are more long-distance runners. That’s why it’s important to take into consideration all aspects of the horses.

Bonus Fun88

Past Performances

How a horse has performed in the past, especially the recent past, can go a long way in determining how they will run in the future. That’s why we always take into consideration past performance when making our horse racing predictions.

Again, we don’t just look at all past performance, though. We look at how each horse has done in each event of a particular type, distance, etc., and then match that up with the event they’re running coming up. Horses that have been running well on the same tracks lately may be primed to do well in upcoming events, too.

We Look for Additional News

There’s a lot that goes into horse racing events that can determine the outcome, other than just the horse’s past performance, weather and their characteristics. We follow all the recent news such as that related to whether a horse sustained an injury recently, or whether there was a recent switch in jockey or trainer.

If a horse has been having difficulty in training recently, that could mean they won’t perform well in an upcoming event. Recent news is all very important in making our horse racing tips that we hope you use with your free bets to get great wins.







After all of this information, you may still have some questions about our horse racing tips and how you can use your free bets to get wins with them.

That’s why we have provided the answers to some of the most frequently asked questions about horse racing tips, racing in general and more topics. Read the answers below to help you get in a better situation when you’re looking to use our horse racing tips to get great wins.

Are we Experts?

Our team has been making racing tips for many years now. We do all the research that’s necessary to provide top-notch tips for bettors who are consistently looking to get wins.

We don’t just skim the surface when it comes to news, information and statistics. We dive deep to get to the bottom of all this information so that we can provide the best tips around.

You can trust our team of experts that has been doing this for years and has been making great predictions on racing that entire time.

How to Find the Best Horse Racing Tips

Our site provides the tops tips that are available on the internet. If you’re looking for tips that can help you use free bets to get wins consistently, then you should definitely visit our site. Our team of experts has been doing this for years, which helps separate us from other sites out there.

Racing isn’t just something we do on the side. It’s a main part of our tips and has been for many, many years. That’s why you can trust the predictions we make on a consistent basis.

When do We post our Horse Racing Betting Tips?

We post our betting tips a few days before each of the racing events. This will give you time to thoroughly read of all the information that we provide to you, and then reference it to the odds that you are able to get at your online bookmaker.

By giving you this information a few days in advance, it allows you to better prepare and fully grasp what each of our tips is saying. Then, you can make better decisions when you’re using free bets that an online casino gives you.


If you’re looking for the best tips on the internet, then you’ve come to the right place. Our racing experts work tirelessly throughout the year to provide top-notch tips and predictions on all the main events so that you can use free bets credited to get great sports betting wins.

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