Best Low Deposit Betting Sites in India

When you’re just trying a new sports betting site, you may be looking for one that has a low minimum deposit limit. Most betting sites will offer Indian punters with the opportunity to have multiple deposit methods, but not all can be considered a low deposit betting site.

Our experts have scoured the internet for trusted Indian betting sites so that you can find an online betting site that you can try without needed to deposit money that you don’t have. Here are some of the best cricket betting sites and other top betting sites that offer low deposits.

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Best Low Deposit Online Betting Sites in India

Our site lays out the best sports betting sites that offer the lowest minimum deposit limit. We don’t just focus on the top betting sites that allow an initial deposit that’s low, but also those that accept Indian payment methods that accept Indian rupees.

Legal sports betting fun

We look, too, at not just the deposit option available for your betting account, but some of the other features of the best betting sites, including free bets, a welcome bonus and if they offer any casino games.

Make no mistake: Betting on sports is a popular and lucrative pastime. But the costs associated with it can be quite high. Free bets are a great way to enjoy the thrill of betting without breaking your bank account.

They allow you to try out betting without putting any money on the line and see if you like it before deciding whether or not to bet further. In other words: free bets make it possible for people who want to test their luck without losing anything.

Best Low Deposit Methods at a Sports Betting Site

In the following paragraphs, we’ll discuss the most popular deposit methods at minimum deposit betting sites. Indian bettors should make sure the option they want to use is accepted by the online bookies or online casinos that they want to play at.

In addition to having many betting options, Indian players should also pay attention to how they can place bets when they are depositing money and what is the lowest minimum deposit limit. Also, they should make sure the minimum deposit betting sites accept Indian rupees, as per the Foreign Exchange Management Act, which is an Indian law.

The well known UPI method

Logo UPI

Most popular betting sites in India offer UPI. It’s a real-time payment system that allows for a bank transfer and other payments. When you’re placing bets online, you may want to go with UPI for your betting exchange.

You won’t have to pay any currency conversion fees if you’re using Indian rupees, too, since many betting sites will accept them among their different payment methods. All minimum deposit betting sites in India should accept UPI as one of its popular payment methods so you can start betting right away.

Bank Transfer for Convenient Transactions

Logo Bank Transfer

When you want to make small deposits, the top bookies will accept deposits from Indian customers as a bank transfer. With this method, you will connect your bank account directly to the best betting sites, which makes it one of the most convenient deposit methods they offer.

This is one of the most popular when Indian players are betting in the Indian market. You can use the currency of Indian rupee to get a pure win on small bets that you make throughout these minimum deposit betting sites. It’s a convenient way to make a small profit with your small deposits that accept INR.

Logo Paytm

When you’re betting in India, you’ll like find a huge range of lowest deposit options, with PayTM as one of the most common ways to make a deposit. This is one of the popular e wallets that’s available for live betting options.

You can make a deposit quickly with this payment method so that you can place bets without having to wait a few days. When you’re making deposits with an international bookie, it’s always great to make sure they accept Indian currency, and PayTM is a great way to ensure your first deposit is accepted this way.

PayTM has a number of benefits for its users. One of the major advantages is that it allows users to make payments without having to share their bank account information with the merchant. This makes it easier for people who are new to the digital world, as they don’t have to worry about giving out their personal details or credit card numbers to strangers.

Another benefit is that PayTM allows you to make payments anonymously, which means that you can use it without sharing your personal details with anyone else. You can also use it without paying any transaction fees when making payments online or offline, which means that you’ll save money on every purchase!

Google Pay for Easy Transactions

Logo Google Pay

Many a betting site today will allow players to deposit money using Google Pay. Low deposit betting sites almost always offer a low minimum deposit limit with Google Pay because it’s a reputable payment method for deposit betting sites. This is a third-party site that allows a small deposit, accepts foreign currency and gives high odds for the deposit.

With Google Pay, you can connect a bank card, debit cards and other prepaid cards so you can make a deposit and quick withdrawals into the different sites so you can wager. You can use Indian rupee as a deposit option as well.

Enjoy the PhonePe Opportunities

Logo PhonePe

PhonePe is a popular deposit method in India. They accept Indian rupee and is a UPI payment method. This e wallet has a low minimum amount and they offer a deposit bonus as well so you can get the cricket odds that you are looking for.

PhonePE is great for Indian punters because of the low minimum deposit limits so that you can qualify for a maximum free bet to start wagering on online cricket, horse racing or other sports. The minimum deposit requirements that they allow through PhonePe gives you the chance to use your welcome bonus as a great betting strategy.

Easy to use interface with a simple payment process. Also, there is no bank account required and the money transactions happen instantly. User can keep track their payments and receive money from friends and family.


Logo JioMoney

Low deposit betting sites that allow this minimum deposit option are great for sports betting. Just like almost every payment method, there will be welcome bonuses that you can take advantage of with the JioMoney e wallet. This is a popular e wallet method to use as a deposit for low deposit betting sites in India.

It has a low minimum deposit, so you can use your welcome bonus at online betting sites in India quickly and get the best odds to do so. A low deposit betting site will accept JioMoney so you can get the best IPL odds through this e wallet.

The service is completely free and it doesn’t charge any transaction fees. JioMoney also offers interest on your savings account and the app allows you to buy items using cash at an authorized retailer. It also offers a lot of other services like bill payments, remittances, and loans.

Logo Skrill

Skrill is another very popular e wallet that you can use to deposit money with a low minimum deposit. Low deposit betting sites in India will offer a welcome bonus if you reach the minimum deposit using the Skrill e wallet.

With Skirll, you can connect a debit card to serve as the deposit method through the third-party so you can get money into your account on these low deposit betting sites in India. This is one of the most common forms of payment on low deposit betting sites in India. When you’re betting a low deposit betting sites in India, Skrill could be a good option for you.

Skrill has a lot of benefits for its customers. It offers instant transfers, no chargebacks, free deposits, low fees and the ability to use it with any device. Skrill provides its customers with an easy-to-use interface that is designed to give them the best experience possible.

Logo Neteller

Neteller is another great option to make a deposit on low deposit betting sites that have a low minimum deposit amount. Neteller is one of the most popular e wallets in the world, allowing you connect a debit card and other forms of payment to these low deposit betting sites.

The low deposit betting amount that’s offered through Neteller is one of the most popular reasons for using it, as is the fact that it’s one of the most trusted e wallets in the world.

Neteller is a great way for people who are not credit card users to make payments online. You can use it with your debit card, your bank account or even with your PayPal account. The fees are lower than other options and you don’t need a credit card to sign up.






How to Deposit INR?

Now that you know of your many options for making a minimum deposit on low deposit betting sites, you’ll be happy to know you can make these deposits with ease. Whether you’re looking to make these deposits via e wallets or credit and debit cards, it’s a fairly simple process to follow.

We’ll walk you tough that process of making a minimum deposit at low deposit betting sites in the next few paragraphs. All you have to do is follow the steps for the different methods of low deposit that are available to you.

Ewallets are Modern & Safe

When you’re making deposits with an ewallet, there will be two steps. First, you’ll ave to set up an account with the ewallet of your choosing. This will include providing them with your basic personal information, and also a method that you want to connect to your ewallet for payments. Most will allow you to connect a bank account or debit/credit card to do so.


Once you have verified your deposit method, then you’ll be able to make deposits using the ewallet on the low deposit betting sites. When you use these low deposit betting sites, just check to see what the minimum deposit is using that method.

Then, you’ll select the ewallet, make sure you meet that minimum deposit amount, and make the transfer. The low deposit site will then have the ewallet process the payment once you meet the minimum deposit.

Many Sites Accept Credit or Debit Cards

This is one of the easiest ways to make a low deposit to the site of your choosing. You can meet the minimum deposit amount directly with these methods, as you won’t use any third-parties or other services to make the low deposit.

Almost all low deposit betting sites will accept credit and debit cards for payments, and they’ll offer a relatively low minimum deposit amount for this method as well. The sportsbooks tend to like this method best, since it’s a direct link to your account, so they offer a low minimum deposit amount to attract players to choose it.

If you’re looking for a low minimum deposit amount and an easy way to deposit IRP into your account, then credit or debt cards would be a great option. You can make your minimum deposit very easily by just entering in your card information as if you’re making an online purchase.

Website Betway
Betway accepts many convenient payment methods

Credit cards are a popular way to borrow money and pay for goods and services. They have many benefits, such as low interest rates, rewards points and the ability to earn cash back.

Many people choose credit cards because they offer convenience, flexibility and protection. However, there are some disadvantages that you should consider before you apply for one. These include high interest rates, the risk of identity theft, late fees and poor customer service.

The downside of credit cards includes high interest rates, which may easily accumulate if you don’t pay your balance in full. Furthermore, because the bank hands out a credit limit to each account holder, there is the risk of identity theft.

Bankwire – All You have to Know

Another great way to meet the minimum deposit is through a bank wire. With this method, you’ll connect your bank account directly to make your minimum deposit. You’ll be using your account number and routing number to make the minimum deposit, rather than a third-party service or even a debit card that the bank issues to you.

This is one of the more secure ways of meeting the minimum deposit amount, and it’s also the most direct way that you can put money into your account. Many people prefer this deposit option because it has some of the lowest minimum deposit amounts and also is the quickest to process.

You also won’t have to worry about any other company or step being involved in the minimum deposit process, which reduces the chances for mistakes and/or fraud.






How to Withdrawal via INR?

Taking money out of your account is as easy as making a minimum deposit. Each of the minimum deposit betting sites will have their own requirements, just as they have their own limits for a minimum deposit. In addition to having a limit for withdrawals, there will also be different waiting and processing periods for when the money would be available in your account.

In the following paragraphs, we’ll describe some of the most common methods of making a withdrawal using INR. It should be easy and simple to follow both on this page on on the minimum deposit betting site.

How eWallets Work

Just like when you make your minimum deposit, you’ll navigate to the cashier page of your betting site to initiate a cash out. You’ll need to find the ewallet of your choice. Instead of choosing minimum deposit, though, this time you will select withdrawal.

You’ll then enter the amount that you want to withdrawal to your ewallet account, and then click process. The minimum deposit betting site that you choose will then process the payment to be sent to your ewallet. In many cases, the transfer time for an ewallet isn’t long at all – just as the minimum deposit is often available quickly.

Once the money is in your ewallet, you can either leave it there to make other purchases or transfers, or send it to the payment option you set up when you first made your minimum deposit. It’s a two-step process, but it’s relatively easy.

EWallets are the new way to carry out your financial transactions. They help you to save time and money by offering various services such as paying bills, shopping, and transferring funds.

EWallets can also be used for other purposes like buying tickets for events or saving money on taxes. Some of the most popular eWallet providers are Apple Pay, PayPal, Venmo and Google Wallet. Apple Pay is a digital wallet and mobile payment service created by Apple Inc.

It allows iPhone, iPad and Apple Watch owners to use their device as a payment service by holding it up to the point of sale terminal and authorizing the transaction with Face ID or Touch ID.

Userfriendly Debit & Credit Card Withdrawals

Some minimum deposit betting sites won’t allow you to make a withdrawal as they do a minimum deposit with your credit or debit card. If they do, you’ll just need to enter your card information as you did with the minimum deposit and then the money will transfer.

If not, you may need to choose another payment option such as an ewallet to get your money out of your account.

Bankwire Withdrawals

Again, the bank wire is the most direct way of making a withdrawal, just like a minimum deposit. You’ll just enter your bank information again, or choose from a stored option, and the payment will process directly to your minimum deposit bank account. This method may take a few days to process, though, so keep that in mind.






Pros & Cons of a low deposit betting site

There are some positives and negatives to the minimum deposit sites we discussed. We’ll present the top ones in the next few paragraphs.

Most Important Pros

  • Low minimum deposit
  • Try out betting for cheap
  • Lots of minimum deposit options
  • Easy to make a deposit
  • Welcome Bonuses available
  • Fast betting account opening

Minor Cons

  • May be fees for deposit
  • May have to make a deposit or two to get all your money

Low deposit betting site FAQ

Here are some answers to the most frequently asked questions about these low deposit sites. It’s great to know this information before you make a qualifying deposit.

Can You still Make a Large Deposit?

Yes. The sites that offer a low deposit will still allow you to make a large deposit. They just offer a lower minimum deposit than other sites.

What is the Best Payment Method?

The best payment method is really an individual choice. What works well for one person may not work well for another. That’s why we provide a lot of options so you can make the best choice for you.

Low deposit betting sites conclusion

If you’re looking to try out betting for the first time, or don’t want to risk a lot of money, find a great low deposit site. We show you the lowest deposit betting sites and reliable minimum deposit bookmakers. There are plenty out there that offer great options for betting. Our site will list them all for you, too, so you don’t have to do the research.

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