Premier League Predictions, Tips and Picks

The English Premier League season is one of the most highly-anticipated season in all of football in the world. In recent years, the matches in the Premier League have been some of the best, even as Manchester City has dominated the top of the league standings.

The English top flight season at the top division is played every week, with midweek and weekend games capping it all off. And we have all the best Premier League predictions for you for all games throughout the league season.

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Our Premier League Betting Tips are the Best

Our site is dedicated to making the best Premier League predictions around. We cover just about every match in play for the football season. This includes West Ham, Aston Villa, Leicester City, Man City, Newcastle United and Leeds United. The English football league is one of the best in the world, and it’s always highly-contested as to who the top two teams will be and who may be relegated.

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Our site provides the best Premier League predictions and betting tips so you can take advantage of customer offers on your betting site to have success when you are wagering on a game.

Premier League Prediction: Manchester City vs FC Chelsea

As the calendar flips out of December and into 2023, the rush for the champions is on in the Premier League. Two teams that won’t have to worry about finishing in the bottom three teams in the league face are Manchester City and Chelsea. Each finds itself in good position now, with Manchester City having 53 points and Chelsea having 43.

These are, in fact, the favorite to win the English football league, as they are at the top of the standings late in the season. These two clubs will be in for a huge battle on January 15, when Manchester City will visit Chelsea. Each club is in top form, so we expect this to be one of the best competitions to watch in the history of UK football.

These teams met three times in 2021, with Chelsea getting the win two times. Manchester City won the last match up, though, on September 25. Every time each plays the other, they compete so hard. They are duking out to take the playoffs crown, as they are indeed the favorites of the English Premier League.

On January 15, Manchester City will visit Chelsea, and it should be a huge football match not only for them to play on the pitch, but for people to bet on around the world. We’ll be all over this one with these favorites looking to win.

Leading up to the week that the football game will happen, we’ll start providing predictions on Monday, even though it’s a few days in advance. We’ll look at the other matches they have played so far, how they were bet and what the odds are before making our football predictions.

One thing in this match we’ll pay attention to is who won the last two times they played. That was Manchester City. They are also the best team in this round of the English Premier League thus far, too, so they may have the betting edge in our predictions.






How We Predict Matches

Every one of our Premier League predictions is well-researched and thoroughly thought out. Whether we’re dealing with a match between Manchester United, Crystal Palace, Leicester City, West Ham, Aston Villa or Newcastle United, we put in the same detail and effort into our league research.

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All of our Premier League tips bring in a number of different betting angles so that we can make the best predictions. Here are some of the factors we consider for all of our monday football predictions.

We Check the Form

The Premier League season is long, and it is sometimes interrupted by other events such as the Europa League. Because of this, a team in the Premier League might go through ups and downs when they’re playing at top flight and when they’re not playing well.

We look at this for every league match involving Leeds United, Man Utd, Newcastle and Manchester City, for example, to see if there’s an angle for a bet on a particular match upcoming. Whether the team has won or lost a match recently could factor into how they do going forward for our predictions.

Head to Head Records

Some teams just have other teams’ number. Every time one team would play another, for instance, they may step up to a top flight team for that match because of a rivalry or something of that nature. This could then affect how the match is played, and what bet would be best.

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We look at all the Premier League clubs such as Manchester United, Crystal Palace and Newcastle to see which top flight opponents they may have played well against in the past.

We Look at Statistics

Statistics are a huge part of our Premier League predictions, whether it’s on Manchester United or Crystal Palace. Our betting tips will always bring in stats such as whether a team gets a home win against Man Utd a lot, for instance, or another match in the league.

We watch the gams that are played, and then we analyze the stats that go into it so we can get all the betting angles based on the odds that are posted for every match in the Premier League.

The Role of Team News

If you’re looking for the best Premier League predictions, you should check out a site like ours that has all the news you want to know about every match that will be played. Premier League tips can only be valuable if they take into consideration all the news that’s happening around the league.

Our Premier League tips will always take into consideration the latest news of every team playing, including Manchester United. If a particular player from Manchester United is likely to be out or is dealing with something off the pitch, then they might not perform well in the league, which could allow you to take advantage of odds you could bet on.







When you’re looking to use customer offers to make a bet on a Premier League match that’s about to be played, you should know all the angles and not have any questions. Still, there’s some frequently asked questions that people have about the Premier League or Premier League predictions.

We have provided the answers to those questions below so that you can know all the information before the match is even played. This will help you stay in line, but if you need help, call the National Gambling Helpline.

Are We Experts?

We have many years of experience making prognostications in the Premier League. The Premier League is one of our specialties because we know how popular the Premier League is around the globe. We have plenty of experience with other football leagues, too, but the Premier League is one of our best. Because of this, you can trust that we are experts giving out Premier League tips.

When are the Tips Posted?

Because we know it’s important that you have all the information before matches are played, we post all our Premier League tips days before the match. This will help you stay ahead of the lines as they are posted so that you can get the best angle for every matchup that you want to bet on. For Premier League tilts that happen over the weekend, then, we might post the tips a few days in advance of that.

Where to Bet on the Premier League?

In addition to the tips we provide on the league, our site also provides a huge list of the best betting sites available on the web for you to bet on. If you’re looking to wager on the season but haven’t done it yet, you can check out our site to see which gambling operators would be the best.

And if you think you have a problem betting on the Premier League or other sports, please contact the National Gambling Helpline.

Who will Win the Premier League?

Right now, it looks to be a good bet that Manchester City will finish the year at the top of the standings. They are 10 points ahead of the second-place at the start of 2023, which gives them a great advantage as they finish out the Premier League this year. They have also won three of the last four Premier League titles.







If you’re looking for the best advice on the Premier League when you’re wagering, turn to our site. Our team of experts have been giving great wagering advice on the Premier League for years, using many pieces of information to make our choices.

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Presented here are the Premier League predictions, tips and picks. Register on any of the featured sites and enjoy betting on the most highly-anticipated football events.

Devak Mukherjee has a masters degree in statistics and economics. Over the last couple of years he has specialized in sports betting and passionately teaches punters how to improve their odds with proven betting strategies.

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