Best Sure Bets & Arbitrage Bets

Bettors who are looking to find a great betting strategy or angle when they’re sports betting may be used to scanning odds at different bookmakers. There is a great way to take advantage of odds discrepancies in what is known as sure betting.

Sure bets are a way to use a free bet at betting sites that are offering different odds on selected games. When these big differences in odds exist, then a bettor may have sure bet opportunities that would guarantee them a win, no matter what the outcome of the game. Let’s learn a little more about how you can take your new accounts to use a free bet on football and make sure bets.

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We Cover the Best Sure Betting Sites

If you’re looking for online betting sites that would provide you sure betting opportunities, then you need to look no further than our page. We are constantly working to provide options for you so you can make your first bet using free bet stakes to take advantage of betting odds on football or other sports that would give you a guaranteed profit.

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New customers are always looking for an ideal scenario for a wager to use their free bet stake on. That’s why we cover every site that has a section and betting offers to allow you to find the sure wins that are out there.

What is a Sure Bet?

Sure bets allow you to get a great profit margin by finding differences in minimum odds so you can get a price difference that guarantees profit. To do this, you won’t be making an only single bet. Instead, you’ll be placing a wager at two bookmakers at least, so that every bet you make (when taken together) will guarantee that you will win money at the end.

Sure bets are a great way to use the free bets you get as a casino bonus using various payment methods. It’s also a great way to used match betting on events such as the World Cup when you place a bet.

To find opportunities for sure bets, you’ll need to scan the odds that are offered at different bookies. Most of the time, every bookmaker is providing similar odds on a game, especially those in popular sports. Sometimes, though, one bookmaker might be completely different than the other bookies in the market. This is where new customers can make guaranteed money and a great profit using sure bets.

Website Betway
From time to time you can find sure bets at Betway

Let’s take a look at an example in football. Let’s say that one bookmaker is posting odds of 9/10 (1.90) on Team A and 1/1 (2.00) odds on Team B. Then, you look other bookies and see that they have odds of 6/5 (2.20) on Team A in the same football game and odds of 7/10 (1.70) on Team B.

This is a great chance to use the sure bets betting strategy by placing a wager deposit with different bookmakers. For this, you may need to make additional deposits at many bookmakers so you can make safe bets at more than one site. On the first site, you’ll bet $100 on Team B. Then, you’ll bet $90 on Team A at the second site.

If Team A gets the win, then you’d lose your $100 bet at the first site, but win $198 at the second site. This would give you wins that have a total amount of $98. If Team B gets the win, then you’d lose your $90 bet with the second site, but you’d win $100 in money from the first betting site. So, your profit with the wins would be $8.

As you can see, using the sure bets strategy here would guarantee you a profit no matter the outcome of the game. This is a great way for people to take advantage of a customer offer to ensure winnings from various bookies.






What Are Arbitrage Bets?

Arbitrage betting is just another way to describe sure bets. It comes from the financial market but is the same exact betting strategy in sports betting. It involves using free bets you get from a casino bonus, or other matched betting options that you get as an initial bonus, to take advantage of a difference in odds on certain bet types so you make guaranteed money profit no matter the outcome of a football match or other game.

To look for an arbitrage opportunity and the best arbitrage situations, you’ll have to constantly scan different bookmakers for the odds they post. That’s because you’ll need to make a double chance bet at multiple bookmakers rather than just one bet with single odds at one bookie.

Mobile 20Bet_1
You can find arbitrage bets at 20Bet

Arbitrage betting will allow you to take a qualifying bet using certain deposit methods and get a guaranteed profit on a game, no matter which team gets the win.

When you’re taking advantage of a discrepancy in odds that are posted at multiple bookmakers, you’ll be able to make arbitrage bets with your free bets you can using qualifying payment methods to get a bonus amount that guarantees you winnings and a profit no matter the outcome of a game. This is why arbitrage betting is such a great thing if you can find one to make with a qualifying bet settlement.

How to Calculate Sure Bets

In order to calculate a sure bet that will work for a guaranteed profit, you’ll need to scan the odds that are posted at different sites. To see what your overall profit would be, you’ll need to separately calculate what money you would get from a win by a particular team and what money you would lose in the same game at the second site.

The key is that you will make two bet types that are exactly the same, and your stake contribution equal to each other at each betting operator. Again, when you’re using free bets on a sure bet, you’re looking for odds that are much different, such as the bet example above.

This can work at a number of different sports, which makes it a great way to use a bonus to guarantee you a definite win and profit. First, calculate what would happen if Team A wins at the first site and then the second site. Then, calculate what would happen if Team A loses at both sites.

Then, do the exact same thing for Team B. Compare the two win outcomes to see what your profit would be in both scenario. Keep in mind that the bonus would only work as a sure bet if both scenarios (both Team A and Team B winning) would give you a profit in the end.






How to Find Sure Bets – Use Our Tips

Finding sure bets isn’t as easy as navigating to the sure bets section of a bookmaker and picking a win. There are two many ways that you can search for sure bets so you can use your bonus amount to get a guaranteed profit.

The first way involves you scanning multiple betting operators to see if any have ACCA selection odds that are significantly different from another betting operator. Remember that you want to be comparing the odds for bets on the same exact matchup. This way is certainly effective, but it can be time consuming to find a bet that would work to use bonus bets on.

soccer stadium

Another way is to use software or a website that is available out there that will scan various bet opportunities where you can make sure bets. This will cut down on your time considerably as you look for sure bets to use your bonus on, but you may have to pay a subscription for it.

Either way, make sure that you scan the turnover conditions and turnover requirements for your bonus bet, and whether the site has any payment methods excluded from the betting bonus.

What are High Sure Bets?

High sure wagering happens when you would wager a larger amount on certain matchups. Many players like to do this because it could guarantee them a larger outcome. Remember that sometimes with this strategy, you’ll only be winning a little bit. When this happens, it can only be worth it to do all the research and work if you can get a big enough profit.

This is where high wagering comes in. Because you’ll be wagering more on your bets, you’ll be guaranteeing yourself a larger payoff. Keep in mind that if you want to take part in this, you’ll have to find sites that accept larger wagers. There may be limitations on the wagering amount for new players, too, so do your research before you try to do this.






Pros & Cons of Sure Bets

Like anything, there are pros and cons of making sure bets. What you should do is consider these positives and negatives before deciding whether sure betting is something that you would like to do. Of course, it’s always great to be able to get a guaranteed profit when you’re betting on sports, but is it simply too much for you to do?

Is the profit large enough for you? We’ll describe some of the main pros and cons of sure betting in the following paragraphs so you can see if you’d like to use your betting bonus on it.


  • You can guarantee yourself a profit using your bonus
  • You don’t have to worry about whether you would lose any money
  • You can maximize your bonus offers that a bookmaker gives out to new customers
  • You can learn about multiple bookmakers to see which ones would be best for you
  • You can have fun with sports betting in a different way than you’re used to


  • Odds change quickly, which could eliminate opportunities for sure bets using your bonus
  • There may be betting limitations or restrictions at one site for using a bonus

Frequently Asked Questions

After this explanation, you may still have questions about sure bets and how you can get a guaranteed profit making sports bets. This is why we provide the answers to the below frequently asked questions so you can feel more comfortable about the process.

Our site is always looking to educate all of our visitors so they can get the most out of their sports betting experience. Betting is always more fun when you’re winning, so understanding how sure betting works and how you can take advantage of odds at multiple bookmakers is a great idea.

Can I Make a Living with Sure Bets?

You can certainly make money with sure bets, but it might be difficult to make a consistent living with it unless you are able to find a lot of opportunities and/or if you’re betting a lot of money. This is because while sure bets will guarantee you a betting win, sometimes, the outcome of a matchup may only win you a few dollars.

Mobile Betrophy
Betrophy is a very popular bookmaker

In the examples we posted above, when one team is victorious, you could win $100 or more. But, if the other team won in that same match scenario, your profit would be pretty minimal. In other words, if the “worst case scenario” comes true in all your sure bets you wouldn’t be making a huge profit. Of course, you wouldn’t be losing any money, either, but it would be hard to make a great living consistently with this.

The process of arbitrage wagering is completely legal. There is nothing in sports betting law that prohibits players from making multiple bets at different betting operators. In other words, you certainly aren’t going to be caught by any legal authorities if you participate in arbitrage betting.

In addition, it would be hard for online sportsbooks to even know that you are participating in this type of betting, since you’ll be making wagers at different sites. Unless you are wagering at multiple sites that are owned by the same company, different operators don’t communicate with each other, so they wouldn’t really know what you are betting at different sites.






What do Bookmakers think of Arbitrage Betting?

It really depends on the specific site you are talking about. Some sites are completely against this strategy. Those sites that have a negative view on it will approach it as a casino site might approach card counting.

It’s not illegal, but it’s certainly frowned upon. Some sites that are publicly against it will include in their terms and conditions that they are against it, and that they can cancel bets or ban accounts that they find are participating in this type of betting.

One the other hand, there are some sites that don’t mind at all if you participate in this strategy. Those are the sites that might be more preferable to you, since you’d have no chance of being penalized or punished for enacting a strategy for betting that could result in you making sure that you make a profit.


Bettors are always looking for ways to beat the bookmaker. There aren’t too many guaranteed ways to do so, although sure betting is one way that you could ensure that you make a profit when you’re participating in sports betting.

Finding the right odds that would work for arbitrage bets can be a little challenging, but if you find them, you could be making a great profit. Our site will always cover a bunch of different online betting operators and where you can make arbitrage bets so you can be winning in no time.

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