Best Horse Racing Betting Strategy 2023

For more than 200 years, Indian bettors have enjoyed betting on horse racing. This ancient sport has been around since 4,500 BC, and it has become well-known as the sport of the kings. The basic concept stayed the same over the years, emphasizing the horse’s speed and stamina as the main factors for maximizing profits.

Even though the sport itself is relatively primary and maybe does not feature an abundance of options, such as some other sports, it is fast-paced, exciting, and suitable for both experienced and amateur punters. However, everyone who loves winning should have a horse racing betting strategy.

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Top Horse Racing Betting Sites With the Best Odds

Making money in horse race betting would not be possible without reliable sports betting operators. Therefore, besides a good selection of markets and betting options for horse races, checking the website’s credentials, such as gambling licenses and reliable payment methods to enable fast deposits and withdrawals, is essential.

Horse racing betting fun

Our website presents top betting sites where you can bet on the Grand National, Melbourne Cup, National Hunt races, and other events with fantastic Moneyline odds in a safe and secure environment. In addition, these horse racing betting sites provide excellent platforms perfect for trying out various betting systems.

Use Horse Racing Betting Strategies

Many punters go with a flow, with no plan or a strategy to follow. Of course, if you want to have some fun and win a few bucks, there is nothing wrong with that. But if you are going to profit from sports betting long-term and make a more substantial amount of money, having your strategy can help you achieve it and come out as a winner.

In the following paragraphs, we will discuss what makes a great strategy and present different horse racing betting strategies that you can use to up your betting game to the next level.

Dutching System: Boosting the Winning Odds on a Single Event

This strategy is one of the most famous horse racing betting techniques initially used by Al Capone’s accountant, Arthur Flegenheimer, Dutch Schultz. It is based on placing a bet on multiple outcomes in a single event. When using Dutching, always place correct bets and stakes to get the same amount of money back. Bettors can use three main forms of Dutching: Simple Dutch betting, Set-profit Dutch betting, and Set-amount Dutch betting.

In Simple Dutch betting, the wager on all selections remains the same or, depending on the odds; bettors reduce the stakes to secure the profit. Set-profit wagers aim to get a certain amount of money from the horse race and do not depend on the number of selections. On the other hand, players limit their stakes with set-amount bets without setting the desired profit amount.

Laying the Favourite: Taking Advantage of the Statistics 

A general rule in horse racing is that more than 60% of favorites will lose the race. This info supports laying the favorite horse, but it does not automatically mean that the punter will win. At least not without a little bit of research. To successfully use this horse racing betting strategy, players should search for a weak favorite. The important thing to remember is not to blindly trust the internet when identifying a weak choice.

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Why is that? Once you get more into horse racing, you will notice a concept called false favorites. They are intentionally made to manipulate punters that do not want to go through the trouble of finding the suitable weak favorites. A good indicator of a weak favorite can be the last time out record, weight, and distance from, trainer’s record, ratings, and jockey booking.

Value Betting on Horses: Getting More for Your Money

The odds represent a calculated chance of winning for a particular horse. When searching for value bets, a player does not necessarily place a bet on a horse considered a favorite but a horse that offers the highest return of money.

Pro bettors mainly use this approach since a casual punter might have trouble finding a good value bet at first. However, it also requires extensive knowledge of horses and their previous races, current form, and other information that can give you an advantage over the bookmaker.

The best value bets are all about making an informed decision and finding favorable odds. This is why it is good to have a registered account with several bookmakers and compare the odds offered to get the most for your money. 






Hedge Betting: Protecting the Wager on Big Field Handicaps 

We all love winning, although having a losing streak is a part of the adventure. To protect their wagers, many players opt for so-called hedge betting. Bettors are doing so every time they place a bet on two horses (or more), covering multiple possible outcomes.

When a bettor puts his entire stake on one horse, he is left with nothing if his choice does not end up as the winning horse. By backing up more horses, he could at least break even.

Hedge horse racing betting is common in big races because it is more competitive. Therefore, the selection of prominent horses is more solid. A big race such as Metropolitan, starting with many horses, could be a great way to try out this betting strategy. Generally speaking, the bigger the race field, the more hedging should be done while the bettor is making the shortlist of the runners.

Backing Multiple Runners: Increasing the Chances of Profiting

If you picked your number one horse with an excellent track record, why would you “lose” a decent amount of money on others? Well, the chances are that the selected horse will not always win the race but will win 1 out of 3 races. That is why punters place bets on multiple runners and ensure higher payouts.

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Among the most popular wagers on two horses are exacta bets and quinella. When placing an exact bet, the bettor guesses the horses that will end up in the first and second place, and he has to get the order right. A quinella is simpler because you have to pick the two winning horses, but the charge (1st and 2nd place) is not correct.

Trifecta bets enable you to wager on the first, second, and third place, while superfecta requires guessing the top four places. Of course, a player has to get the order right in these wagers, which makes them challenging, but the payoff is worth the risk for many punters.

Following the Cash Trail 

Bookmakers invest a lot of time and funds in determining the odds. By monitoring the market’s chances to specific horses, you can see which ones are listed as favorites and are predicted to race well and possibly win.

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However, we urge you to recheck the odds minutes before the competition because they can change just before the race starts. For example, if your choice was on 2.75 and had drifted to 4.00 just minutes before, it may indicate that he is not in such good shape as was initially thought. Market trends can be used to your advantage, but always do your research to avoid any traits and misleading information.

Discipline, Discipline, Discipline 

We know it is hard to stay in control sometimes. The rush of excitement and thrill, especially on a winning streak, is hard to resist. But to save their bankroll from sinking, pro bettors have to show discipline and patience.

Rushing in chasing profits a race after race can affect the clarity of your mind. Try to stay emotionally detached and rationalize your decisions, knowing that losing a bet is not the end of the world. That is one more reason why it is crucial to bet within your means and have good bankroll management.

Tomorrow is another day and a chance to learn from possible mistakes. But, first, know that you can not affect a horse’s performance, so there is no reason to beat yourself up.

Pick 6 Strategy: A Unique Wager With Six Picks

Out of all betting strategies in horse racing, Pick 6 is one of the unique ones. Instead of guessing a winner in one race, players have to select winners of six (6) consecutive races to win the bet. The critical thing to note is that you can choose more candidates for a win in each leg of Pick 6. However, this will increase the cash you must wager in this bet.

If you decide to try out Pick 6, all races have to be held on the same day and in the same venue; you can not spread them across several days and tracks. Traditionally, this bet is not done with fixed odds but goes through a totaliser or a tote. The tote is a pool of cash that depends on the betting interest, and all winners get paid from this pool.






How to Get the Most Out of Your Wagers 

Whether it is a big weekend coming up or you want to start small and see how it goes, there is always something new to learn. The gambling industry is evolving rapidly, so doing good on a betting exchange requires some finessing. 

In addition to the above-presented horse racing betting strategies, we will share some betting tips and tricks generated from our experience in sports betting to boost your chances of winning and increase your bankroll. Keep reading and get ready for an upcoming race!

Jockey Matters

The horse is the essential horse racing segment, but the jockey is right behind it. Unfortunately, many people forget that a person in the “driver’s seat” manages the horse.

After researching the horse, take some time to get to know the jockey. How did they do in recent races, how is their discipline, are they in their peak or just coming back from a break? Answers to all these questions can create a bigger picture and shed new light on your pick.

horse racing image

Likewise, the jockey’s experience on a specific track is vital. While it seems that it is all the same, jockeys who have already raced on the trail know its ins and outs, making a difference between winning and losing.

Let’s not forget the bond between a horse and a jockey. Although it does not necessarily mean that the horse will lose only because a new jockey rides it, it is beneficial to consider it with other factors.

Analyse the History of the Horse 

Profitable sports betting includes different analyses. But, unfortunately, they are done mainly by the bookmakers since they have to make money. This logic should be valid for bettors because general knowledge of horse racing is not enough to achieve long-term profitability.

Has the horse participated in this race before? How did he do in the last race? What is his current track record? Can you find out something about the horse’s conditions and information about his health?

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Injuries and overworking can significantly impact performance, so it is essential to find out as much as you can about the animal.

Last but not least, check what type of runner the horse is – sprinting from the start of going to the full stride at the end of the race? They may have a steady speed during the whole race. Whatever the case might be, place your bet accordingly.

Research About the Horse Owner

Alongside the jockey and the trainer, the owner is a significant person to research. A person who possesses the horse decides how much money will be spent on keeping the horse in good form, handling possible medical emergencies, food quality, accommodation, and training.

Keep in mind that a horse can have multiple owners during the years, and all of them have different priorities. Therefore, gathering as much information in this segment can tell how the horse was treated and how it affected his racing forms.

Big competitions have substantial databases available on their websites, making finding the information quite simple. Less popular races probably will not have such extensive data available, but nothing that can not be solved with a little bit of Google research.

Use Different Betting Options 

Understanding how odds and different bets work is the key to picking winning horse racing betting strategies. It does not have to be complicated, and bettors can maximize their bankroll with simpler wagers. Still, they must understand what is going on and not just place a bet based on what someone else told them.

Most punters decide to place a Win, Place, or Show bet. As you might assume, a Win bet means placing a wager that your pick will finish as a winner. A Place bet is made when you believe that your horse will place first or second. Finally, show bets bring you cash if your selection ranks among the first three.

Exotic bets are also a thing in horse racing and include wagering on multiple horses. Since these types of bets are more complex, they are not really beginner-friendly. If you are just starting with using horse racing betting strategies to maximise your chance of winning, we would recommend sticking to more simple wagers for now.






A Losing Horse Can Still Win 

As mentioned previously, a horse wins 1 out of 3 races on average. So even if he had a few downfalls, it does not automatically mean that he stands no chance of taking down the favorite.

Of course, if a particular horse is constantly at the back, he might not be the best choice, but the one close to the top might just win the race. Again, this emphasizes the importance of doing your homework and getting all the information ahead of time, so even if you get sidetracked by the abundance of false predictions online, you know what is really going on and the racing forms of top candidates.

Make Sure You Know the Track Conditions

In addition to a race card containing all the critical information about the contestants, bettors should get familiar with track conditions. For example, racing horses do not have the same performance on turf, synthetic or dirt terrain. Also, the length of the track may affect horses, depending on their preferences, that is, their running style.

Other variables such as high/low humidity, temperature, muddy ground, and saturation also play a role in how the horse will act. It is impossible to handle all these conditions, but history records can be a valuable indicator on which horses and jockeys managed given weather conditions the best.

Pick Your Favourite Races and Master Them 

You do not have to bet on every single race. The most profitable way for betting is to specialize in a certain field and become a pro. There are too many sports and many events to figure them all out. Instead, opt for mastering the betting strategies in your favorite races, learning as much as possible, and staying in touch with current news and trends in the industry.

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There is no point in gambling if you are just going to guess and risk your bankroll. A small percentage of the possibility of winning does exist even with a pure hunch, but we would not advise doing so, especially if you are new to sports betting.

You could see how much information a punter should know before placing a bet. Selecting a few preferred races and taking time to understand all the components is a much wiser (and more lucrative) approach than going blindly into it.

Short Summary

No matter which sport you choose, betting strategies enable you to have a structured and well thought-out plan that boosts your odds and saves your bankroll from going downhill rapidly.

Experiment with different betting options, learn how to do bankroll management properly, and research as much as you can so that you can make objective picks based on statistics and odds.

There is no denying that lady luck has a role in gambling. Still, putting our betting tips in practice and doing your homework before the race makes the win closer than you think.

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