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If you’re looking for free football predictions, our site is here to help you make all the best bets. With so many games happening in the football world, we help you get prepared for a big weekend with a prediction that will help you cash in.

No matter what country you like to follow, we’ll have all the updated information on our page. If you love betting on the Premier League or La Liga, we have all the football tips that you need.

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We Provide the Best Football Tips

Our site has the latest football predictions so you can pick which club and which games you want to bet on. Throughout the season, we detail all different sports on our website so that you can see which leagues and matches would provide you the best winners so you can win the most money.

Football betting fun

We preview every big match and give you all the pertinent information so you can stay informed and beat the spread. We analyze every matchup and break down every angle in the sport, so you can gain an advantage when betting on Michigan or any other club.

UEFA Champions League Preview

A great match is coming up in February, with the UEFA Champions League battle between Liverpool and Inter Milan. England will be the host nation for this matchup between two clubs that have a lot of talent on February 16, 2022. Inter Milan will visit the English club.

In the last four games between these two teams, the English football club has the edge with three wins compared to only one loss. This home game for the English club will be a big one, as they will see whether they can score more goals over the competition.

The scoring in the recent history between these two teams is relatively tight, even though the wins have not been. Liverpool has scored 6 goals in the past four games, compared to only four by Inter Milan, which has led to the English club’s victory in the head-to-head.

Outright odds
Manchester City
FC Bayern München
FC Chelsea
Paris Saint Germain

This is a matchup that you should look forward to and shouldn’t miss. Even though Inter Milan lost the last contest, they will be playing this first leg of the UEFA Champions League Round of 16. It’s tough not to look at all the statistics, and it’s always important to look at the football matches that were played between these two clubs in the past.

However, when they play each other on the same level at such a huge stage like this, really any club can win in today’s football game. It’s hard not to back the English club that is in third place in the Premier League behind Manchester City, and way ahead of a big team like Manchester United.

They have won 12 games out of the 19 they’ve played so far this season, and have an amazing 50 goals scored in the league. So if you want to place a bet on them, no one would blame you.

We Cover All Football Leagues

The great part about our football predictions is that we’ve got all the major leagues covered throughout their entire season. Every country that has a major football league is one that we cover through our bet predictions. Just about every game that is played and every contest that is held is covered through our football predictions on our site.

Some of the major leagues that we detail include the English Premier League. This is one of the most prominent football leagues in all sports, and there is a big match every week of the season. For all of these matches, we will provide in-depth predictions that include the winners, odds and other angles.

We look at the points in the standings, the general scoring, the spread and which team is likely to score more. We’ll cover all the major teams in Derby County as well as Crystal Palace and the other major football teams.

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Over in Germany, we detail the Bundesliga. If you have free bets that you want to use on a particular team here, we’ll have a prediction that will help you get prepared for that match. We won’t miss one spread or any of the odds that are offered when you’re gambling on the Bundesliga.

Our free bets will also cover the major leagues in Italy, known as Serie A, and Spain, known as La Liga. All the games and every team in these two major football leagues will be covered throughout the season. Our match predictions will cover all the angles so that you can be better prepared for the bets you want to make with the tips we give you.

In addition to these main leagues in particular countries, we provide tips and predictions for all the major football tournaments. Some of these happen during the season, which gives football fans a chance to get a betting win or two in on a big match.

Some of these tournaments include the Europa League, the Euro Cup and the World Cup. These are some of the most-watched tournaments in the world, not just in football but in all sports, and we provide plenty of bet predictions every week that a match is going on.

If you’re looking for a great angle on a particular spread, whether it’s the first half odds or the full match, you can try to win some money when you play following our prediction.






How We Predict Football Matches

When we are making our football predictions, there’s a lot that goes into our research. We never make a sports prediction without in-depth knowledge and background betting information on the spread, odds and more.

We don’t miss a beat with our betting predictions on our page. In the following paragraphs, we’ll discuss all the different factors we consider when making our points predictions on Michigan and other major games.


One major thing to consider when analyzing a gambling spread is the form of the teams involved in a game. Throughout the season, football teams go through a lot of ups and downs, and one of the biggest challenges in sports is injuries and fatigue.

soccer stadium

For every game that we analyze, we look at the injury situation for every game to see if one team has a big problem in terms of injuries or form entering a game of the week.

Head to Head Records

Some football clubs simply perform better in a certain game against a certain team than they do against others in a season. That’s why when we make a prediction, we always look at not just the odds but also the head to head records of the teams.

How teams do when the visit a team can go a long way in determining the end score and the points. So, even if one team doesn’t do well in the rest of the season, they may be able to get a win in a game against a particular team.


There are a lot of stats in the game of football, but when you’re gambling and look for good odds, you should look at general statistics. The spread will be determined by how sportsbooks are making predictions for the outcome of that game.

Football betting mobile devices
Enjoy best mobile betting opportunities

We might find a good angle to get a win in a particular game bet based on certain underlying stats. It’s not all about the final score. You need to get to the bottom of stats to see where the edge might be in a particular spread.

Club News

All of our predictions also take into consideration team news. In a football season, there can be a lot of changes on various clubs that can change the outcome of a game, making what should have been a win a loss.

The spread doesn’t always reflect this news, either, so we make sure to keep up on all the news for clubs such as Michigan and the Tigers, as well as all the main football clubs. We take a look at who might move through the transfer portal, as it could dramatically affect the performance of clubs and players throughout the season.


Whenever we make predictions, we are constantly looking at odds that are posted. The spread on the outcome of the game will be based on the points that could be scored by the Tigers or Michigan, for example, but they will be presented in different ways.

Depending on where you live, the football spread could be presented in different ways, which can be confusing. Here is some more information about the season odds and how they’re presented in a game.


Fractional is used mainly in the UK, which is why they’re sometimes called British odds. They are displayed on a page with a slash or hyphen. The spread of a game will be displayed and then the fractional odds will be displayed based on how the game will pay out. It may be presented as 6-1 (read as six-to-one). This means for every $1 you bet, you’ll win $6. So if you bet $100, you’d win $600.

Mobile Betrophy
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The Decimal system is popular in Europe, Canada, New Zealand and Australia. The decimal number for each bet represents how much you will win based on a $1 bet. So, the two clubs in a football match will be listed with separate decimals.

The Tigers could be listed as 1.3 with Michigan being listed as 2.5, for example. This means that if the Tigers win, you’d win $1.30 for every $1 you bet. A bet on Michigan would pay $2.50 for every $1 you bet.

American Betting

American Betting is based on a bet of $100 on the spread, the points or other wagers. On the page, one club will have a minus and one will have a plus. This is a different number than the spread or the score prediction.

One club could be listed as +250 (the underdog on the spread) with the other being listed as -190 (the favorite on the spread). This means that if you bet $100 on the underdog, you’d win $250. You’d also need to wager $190 on the favorite against the spread to win $100.







After reading all of this information, you may still have some questions about football predictions, football tips and how we make each prediction that we make. We are very dedicated to our predictions, but we also realize that there are some things that may still be left unanswered for you.

Because of this, we have provided the answers to some frequently asked questions about football predictions below so that you can gain some more insight into how it all works.

Are We Experts?

We have many years of experience analyzing the spread of various sports so that we can make a great prediction for a number of football matches. Our team is always hard at work looking at the spread, analyzing the news and taking a look at all the angles so you don’t have to.

This is how we find our edge against the spread and give you a great prediction on a number of football matches.

You can always trust the work that we do making football predictions because we have proven over the years that our predictions are trustworthy. We don’t just throw around predictions without backing them up with research and proven work.

How can You Make Money on Football Betting?

When you follow a prediction that others make, you can sometimes go wrong. That’s why when you’re looking at a spread, you should always follow a prediction that is made by people like us who you can trust.

If you do that, you can definitely win money on football betting. You also should make sure to stay within your means. If you have a gambling problem, you should reach out to many resources that are there to help you.


There are a lot of sites out there that claim to have the best football predictions. There are so many sites that pop up every day that it can be hard to find where you should go to get the latest football predictions that can actually make you money.

Whether you are looking to bet on Manchester City, Crystal Palace or Manchester United, or the quick Lane Bowl, Fiesta Bowl or Birmingham Bowl, we have all the angles discussed for you on our free bets site. Our football predictions have stood the test of time, because we do all the research that is necessary to go into making great predictions.

We don’t just look at surface-level information and stats. We dive headfirst into everything that happens in a game throughout the season. We stay informed on every development throughout a season in various leagues throughout the world. This is how we can make our sports predictions be so good when you’re making a bet on a league or match.

You can trust our football predictions that we make, because we have been in the industry for a while and always do the research necessary to win.

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Devak Mukherjee has a masters degree in statistics and economics. Over the last couple of years he has specialized in sports betting and passionately teaches punters how to improve their odds with proven betting strategies.

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