Best Skrill Betting Sites for India 2023

Do you have a Skrill account, or have you heard of Skrill? If you do, then this is the perfect piece for you to enhance your knowledge of the online payment platform and how it can be used to send money to sites for betting. Alternatively, if you have no idea what we are talking about, then this piece is an even more useful read for you.

If you frequently use betting sites and are interested in sports betting, you will want to know about Skrill. It is essentially an online payment platform that is compatible with many top digital betting sites, which accept Skrill as a valid form of payment.

In this piece, we will tell you all about this payment platform, its advantages, how you can use it and more. So get ready to deep dive into one of the most popular payment methods for digital betting sites.

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Find The Best Skrill Betting Sites

Let’s say you have a Skrill account and you are all ready to place a sports bet. So which Skrill online betting sites would you visit? To arrive at this answer, you will need to do some research and find the best Skrill betting sites that have the betting facilities you want, including the most popular payment methods such as Skrill.

Legal sports betting fun

This might sound like an easy task, but with the world of online betting, you have to be careful about picking out legitimate Skrill betting sites that accept skrill payments and that will also guarantee safe transactions of your money.

We understand how overwhelming this research process can be, which is why we have already compiled some of the top Skrill bookmakers for you. If you visit our list, you will find all licensed Skrill betting sites that accept Skrill and have excellent betting deals. So instead of wasting your valuable time on research, go find the best Skrill betting site on our platform and start your sports betting journey today!

A-Z of Financial Transactions Using Skrill

So let’s say you have found a sports betting site that accepts Skrill, and you want to start betting on your favourite sports. Now, how do your transfer money to your online betting account? Also, what is the process for withdrawal from the account?

Website 20Bet_1

These are usually the most important steps you need to figure out when using a new online transaction method. In the following paragraphs, we will help you figure out how to deposit your hard-earned money into a betting account and also how to withdraw your money from that account. So, are you ready to learn more?

How to Deposit Money into a Betting Account Using Skrill?

If you have recently started your virtual betting journey and do not quite know how to deposit your money into a virtual betting account, then you should read ahead. Below we have listed a very simple 3 step process that will set you up in minutes.

Logo Skrill

You will be able to deposit your money into your betting account online, by following these 3 simple steps, and then you can commence betting in earnest.

Step 1: Register and open your Skrill account – To be able to deposit money into your betting account online, you first need to set up a Skrill account for yourself. For this, you have to visit the Skrill website and click on the ‘Register’ button.

You have to provide your name, surname, country, and preferred currency to set up your account. You can then set a password for yourself and hit register. Voila, now you have your very own Skrill account and can follow the next steps.

Step 2: Deposit your money into your Skrill account – Once you have your Skrill account set up, you need to deposit money into your online wallet. You can use your standard bank card to do this, and Skrill accepts a whole range of different payment methods to deposit money into your Skrill account.

Step 3: Commence your betting journey – Once you have loaded your Skrill account, you are all set up and ready to start your betting journey. Now when you visit a betting site online, you will be able to use your Skrill account to deposit your money into the betting site of your choice. It is that simple and the whole process takes less than 5 mins!






How to Withdraw Money from a Betting Account Using Skrill?

Now that you know all about depositing money, it is time to learn more about how to reap the rewards of your betting. To withdraw your money from a betting site using Skrill is once again a fairly simple and uncomplicated process. In terms of withdrawal, you have a few different options that we have listed below.

Cricket betting fun

Withdraw directly to your card linked with Skrill –Remember the card you linked to your Skrill account? Well, when you have to withdraw your money from a betting site, you have the option of directly withdrawing money to your linked credit or debit card. The only condition for this is that you will have to have the card linked to your Skrill account already.

Withdraw to a Skrill prepaid Mastercard– When you sign up with Skrill, you will have the option of getting yourself a prepaid Skrill Mastercard. If you opt for this card, you can directly withdraw money from the betting site into this card.

This card can then be used to purchase various goods and services online and you can use them in any ATM across the world to withdraw funds. The entire process is super simple and fast!

What are the Alternatives to Skrill?

Skrill is one of the top payment methods used in several Skrill betting sites that accept different forms of payment methods. What’s great is that it is not the only accepted method. There are several alternative payment methods to Skrill, which you can explore for a number of different Skrill betting sites. Curious to know what these different payment methods are?

In the following paragraphs, we will give you a brief idea of the alternative payment methods that you can explore on several top Skrill betting sites. This will give you a fair idea of what other payment methods can be used on these Skrill betting sites, and then you can choose the method that best suits your needs. Let’s get right to it, shall we?

Neteller – A Great eWallet

There are very few seasoned punters who haven’t heard of Neteller. It is one of the most popular payment services alongside Skrill, that is used by newcomers and veterans alike in the gambling industry. Most of the top betting sites online accept Neteller as a valid payment method on their website.

Logo Neteller

If you wish to use Neteller, you would first need to create a Neteller account, quite the same as for Skrill. Neteller is a very fast and convenient gambling-related Skrill deposit and withdrawal method, that you can explore. It works in over 100+ countries, making it one of the most popular and widely used payment methods on several betting sites.

It has a slightly higher transaction fee than Skrill, making it a less attractive alternative. However, it offers incredible security and a high degree of anonymity to users, making it a popular alternative to Skrill.

Paypal for Safe & Quick Transactions

You must have heard of the popular payment provider Paypal, used widely by businesses and individuals worldwide. However, did you know that Paypal is also a commonly used payment and withdrawal method across some top sports betting platforms?

Logo Paypal

That’s right, many punters opt for Paypal as their preferred payment method on various esports betting platforms. Some of the reasons for its popularity are its reliability, high degree of security, the fast nature of transactions, etc. Paypal, seeing that it is such a major payment provider, also offers an unparalleled user experience, along with some great bonuses and generous welcome bonus deals.

The one drawback of Paypal is that because it is such a mainstream payment provider that is not strictly gambling-related, not a lot of sites accept it as a valid form of payment for a sportsbook deposit. So you might find yourself a little limited in your options.

Paysafecard is Very Convenient

Let’s say you want to place a sports bet but you do not have a debit card or a bank account. This will automatically make you ineligible to use some of the top payment methods that we have mentioned above. No need to worry!

Logo Paysafecard

For players who do not have a debit card or bank account or do not wish to link their card and financial records to a gambling-related payment method, Paysafe makes for an excellent payment method.

How does this work then? With Paysafe, you can get a prepaid card, that you can use on several top betting platforms for various sports. Online bettors can use a Paysafecard as a deposit method and even for withdrawal of money.

Its top feature is not requiring you to provide any financial record or link your personal information to the account. This means you can enjoy complete anonymity and make use of Paysafe’s highly secure, fast and reliable mode of payment.

Common Bank Transfers

This is a standard form of payment and withdrawal that is offered by quite a lot of betting platforms. All you need is an existing bank account with the requisite funds, to be able to deposit your money on an online betting site.

Logo Bank Transfer

Alternatively, you can also choose to withdraw your winnings into your existing bank account directly. Since manual bank transfer is such a traditional payment method, it is offered by most of the betting platforms that you will find online.

Mobile Betway

However, because it is a traditional payment method and involves international transactions, there are heavy fees for transactions attached to this method of transferring and withdrawing funds.

Also, if you do not wish to have a record of transfer to gambling sites on the statement of your bank accounts, we recommend steering clear of this payment method. This is one of the simplest and reliable ways to transfer funds for many.

However, before linking your bank account, make sure the betting site you have chosen is trustworthy and won’t jeopardize your personal information and money.

Credit Card

Like in most other commercial sectors, having a credit card can take care of your deposit and withdrawal when it comes to online gambling transactions. It is a very reliable, fast, secure, and popular online transactions on virtual betting sites.

The issue with this method is that you are forced to divulge your personal card details to a betting site, so you have to be extra sure that your information is secure and will not be used for fraudulent purposes.

Therefore, the risk with this payment method is slightly higher when it comes to betting sites online. You will have to provide the site with all your payment details when you pay via credit card and it will reflect on your credit card statement as well.

This takes away the aspect of anonymity which is important for many punters who do not want to have their betting transactions reflected in their personal financial statements.






Pros & Cons

So far, we have covered the various ways in which you can leverage your Skrill accounts to deposit and withdraw funds on various online betting platforms. We have also given you a generous overview of other alternatives to Skrill, which are also accepted on betting platforms online and are quite popular with different players.

Now that you have a relative idea f how Skrill measures up against some of its competitors, its the right time to take a closer look at the various pros and cons of the Skrill platform. In the following paragraphs, we have detailed the several advantages of disadvantages of Skrill, and we hope this can help you better assess the platform.

Pros of Skrill

Skrill is one of the most popular gambling-related payment platforms. It presents several advantages for its users. Here are some of the top pros of this platform according to us:

  • Multiple payment options – One of the best parts of Skrill is the sheer diversity of payment methods that are provided by this digital wallet. You can choose from 100s of different payment methods to leverage this wallet, and this becomes especially useful for a diverse clientele as that of betting platforms online.
  • Advanced Security Measures – Skrill offers a high degree of security to all its users, so you can always count on your money being safe. There are various mechanisms in place for fraud management so you do not have to worry about frequent security breaches.
  • Smart Payments – Skrill’s user interface and customer experience is high quality, so your payments are faster, more reliable and extremely secure. With features such as one-touch payments, you won’t have to deal with the frustration of payment delays or complicated app instructions.
  • Promise of Anonymity – Skrill offers an option to create a completely anonymous account without verifying your personal identity. Although there is a limit on this account for fund transfers, it is still a great feature for those who want complete anonymity in their betting transactions online.
  • Widely Accepted – One of the reasons why Skrill makes for a smart payment provider choice for betting sites is because of its popularity. Almost all of the top betting sites online accept Skrill as a valid payment method, which would make your life significantly easier.

Cons of Skrill

You can claim a whole range of benefits from welcome bonuses to deposit bonuses on various betting sites. With Skrill, it becomes easier to withdraw the fruits of these benefits and it continues to remain a top payment provider choice for online bettors. However, the platform does have a couple of cons that you should be aware of.

  • Transaction fees – Unfortunately, there is no working around transaction fees for online payment providers. A flat fee might be charged on your Skrill transactions. While it makes sense, it might be a little steep for some, especially when withdrawals.
  • Might not be accepted for first deposit – Some bookmakers refuse to accept Skrill as a valid payment method if you claim your welcome bonus while betting online. So it might not be a useful deposit method while gambling online for the first time.

A Brief Overview of Skrill as a Company

You might have heard of Skrill as one of the deposit methods in online gambling recently but it has been around for a long time. It was first established way back in 2001 one, and since then, it has come a long way in the online betting industry.

It is not just an online wallet popular in the online gambling space but has gained mainstream popularity for various businesses of different scales. Since its inception, it has grown fast and now covers more than 120 countries. It also supports transactions in cryptocurrency and is a very popular digital wallet in that space.

We mentioned the company Paysafe in our piece earlier, and they ended up acquiring Skrill in 2015. Skrill’s competitor Neteller, also mentioned earlier, was acquired by the Paysafe group around the same time.

Since its inception, Skrill has come a long way and has become a popular choice for sending and receiving money across international borders. Its popularity in the online betting space is also a long-standing legacy of the payment provider, and its userbase is expanding every minute.


We hope that you have a fair idea of Skrill as a payment provider on various virtual betting platforms at this point in the piece. We have talked at length about the Skrill wallet and all how you can make Skrill deposits. From how to claim a welcome bonus to the various alternatives to Skrill wallet, we have covered a lot of ground in this piece.

However, it is still completely understandable if you have many questions about leveraging Skrill to bet online and claim both paid and free bet stakes. We will answer some of the most frequently asked questions about Skrill in the following paragraphs. We hope that you will find your question below and that we will be able to clear out all your doubts about Skrill deposits.

Are there Fees?

Yes, like most other deposit methods in betting markets, you will incur fees when you deposit with Skrill at a sportsbook account. In addition, you will also have to pay a percentage of your withdrawal as fees when you are trying to withdraw your money from a sportsbook account with a Skrill deposit.

Its not just the pricing structure that makes Skrill so popular among users from India, but also the security aspects such as the SSL encryption.

SSL Security

All payment providers charge transaction fees and there is no workaround for this. You can visit the Skrill website and check out all of their transaction fees since they are pretty transparent about that. In general, transaction fees associated with a Skrill deposit are much lower than traditional payment methods.

Can I Deposit Indian Rupees with Skrill?

One of the advantages of using Skrill deposit is that it supports multiple currencies. If you are dealing in Indian national currency, you are lucky because Skrill supports the Indian national currency – INR.

Therefore, you can rest assured that you can use INR for a Skrill deposit. This is super convenient for Indian players who wish to use INR online sports betting. Additionally, you can also make a withdrawal in INR, so you won’t have to incur an extra conversion fee when trying to withdraw money from an online Skrill betting site.






How Fast is a Skrill Deposit?

If you wish to deposit funds fast with Skrill, you will be satisfied with the transaction speed and customer experience. Most punters agree that Skrill is one of the fastest deposit methods in the game and people use it quite often just for the speed that it provides.

A transaction takes mere seconds, and as long as you have a secure and fast internet connection, you will never be frustrated with a payment delay due to slow transaction speed.

In a fast-paced world like that of virtual sports betting, you need to be able to rely on the fast nature of payments to make the most of your time and efforts. Therefore, it is a great asset to have a deposit method that is extremely fast and reliable, especially in urgent situations.

What Documents Do I Need to Provide to Verify My Skrill Account?

If you wish to deposit with Skrill, you will need to verify your identity with the platform. This is quite a simple process and you have a bunch of different options to choose from.

To make your first deposit, you need to sign up and complete your verification process by providing a valid identity card. This could be your Driver’s License, Passport or a government-issued ID card. Along with that, you need to provide proof of residence issued in the past three months, which could be your electricity bill or something similar.

The verification process is very convenient to complete, fast and uncomplicated. The good news is, if you do not wish to provide your personal details, you can also open an anonymous account with Skrill without having to verify your identity. The only catch is that there will be a limit set on your deposit with Skrill if your account is not verified.

Can I Use Skrill at All Gambling Sites?

Skrill is a very popular deposit method, and most gambling sites will let you deposit with Skrill. However, not all gambling sites on the internet will allow you to make a qualifying deposit with Skrill. The good thing is you don’t have to worry about it because we have compiled a list for you of online sites that accept Skrill for sports betting.

These are all the top sites for betting in the market, and all of them accept Skrill as a valid payment method. So if you are worried about finding a site where you can deposit with Skrill, you can choose any of the sites from our platform and rest assured that Skrill will be a valid payment method for that site.






Bottom Line

Payment restrictions should never be a hold up for sports betting. Which is why it is important to choose a payment provider that allows you to make a qualifying bet settlement on most online sites for betting.

In this article, we told you about Skrill, its various pros and cones and taught you how to make a Skrill deposit. We also presented you with several alternative betting payment methods that you can use to make deposits, withdraw money and even claim a welcome bonus or a free bet casino bonus.

Skrill is undoubtedly an excellent online wallet with which you can make a qualifying bet at most of the top betting sites. So head over to the list we have compiled for you, and place your winning bets today with Skrill!

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