Best Horse Racing Betting Sites

If you are interested in horse race betting, you will have lots of choices when it comes to horse betting sites. When you are looking to make horse racing bets, you want to make sure that you’re getting the best horse racing odds for various horse racing events.

But, what should you look for in a horse racing betting site? Should you look for horse racing betting features that keep you occupied? Should you look for one with the best free bets? Or, are there other things you should look for in horse racing bookmakers? Let’s take a look.

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We show You the Best Horse Race Betting Sites

There are so many different horse racing betting sites on the market that it can be really hard to decide where to bet on an online horse race. However, our betting site has a team of experts that detail all the best online betting sites so you can make a great decision.

Whether you’re interested in India horse racing, Irish horse racing or the Cheltenham Gold Cup, you should wager at one of the best horse racing sites that cover the most betting markets. We’ll detail some of the most important aspects of online bookmakers when it comes to horse racing markets below.

How to Wager at a Horse Racing Betting Site?

This guide will provide horse racing punters everything they need to know about a horse betting site and sports betting on Indian horse races. If you’re a horse racing betting enthusiast, this guide will have everything you need to know about how to bet, free bets and everything else related to horse racing online.

Horse racing betting fun

We’ll cover the bet choices sports bettors should know, racing news, live streaming, exotic bets and how to place bets on events such as the Breeders Cup. We’ll take a look at everything bookmakers offer as well as all the features so you can start betting at the best site today.

Horse Betting Apps – All You Have to Know

One of the best ways to enjoy horse racing betting online is through a betting app that online bookies have created. Racing fans will love to bet on horse racing at new betting sites and existing sites with an online bookie that has great betting choices for mobile devices.

Not only are horse racing betting apps fun to use, the online sports betting sites that have them support their bettors well. Many of the betting sites that we present on our site offer online betting apps that you can choose from.

Claim Bonuses for More Fun

One of the best way to enjoy playing at the best horse betting sites is by taking advantage of the various bonuses that they offer. Whether it’s a welcome bonus, free bet stakes or bonuses with high odds guaranteed through boosted odds, you should look for online casinos that allow you to unlock free bets and get a risk free bet, along with other min odds.

Mobile Betrophy

Below, we’ll detail some of the best bonuses that are offered for new customers and existing customers. It’s great to take advantage of all the bonuses available to you for online horse racing betting.

Start with Sign-up Bonuses

All of the best horse racing betting sites that we present will have great sign-up bonuses. This includes the most common deposit bonus known as the welcome bonus. As long as you meet the min deposit that the horse racing site requires, then you can get welcome bonuses that will give you more money.

This welcome bonus is often just for people who open a new account, and sometimes comes with minimum odds that you need to wager in order to not have your bet types excluded. A welcome bonus is a great way to increase the amount of money in your account so you can make a horse racing bet.






Make Use of Free Bets

You can also qualify for free bets to use on other races and live races while they are going on. The best betting sites will offer free bets on the first bet you make on their site. Others will give you free bets credited to your account after you make another qualifying bet with the money you deposited into your account.

Our site will present all the online horse race betting choices that offer great free bets, as well as what makes the free bets valid so you can get more horse wins in your betting exchange account.

Don´t Forget the Bonus Requirements

While you gamble responsibly using your bonuses at a horse race betting site, you will to meet certain requirements to ensure your qualifying bets actually pay out. If you want to qualify for odds boosts in your bet slip, for example, you have to make sure that you meet the requirements the best horse race betting site has, whether it be wagering on a specific horse, a race live event or on specific international races. We’ll describe some of the most common bonus requirements in the paragraphs below.

Bonus Betrophy

Time is of the Essence

A wager will be considered a qualifying bet settlement if you use a free bet or other bonus offered to you in a certain amount of time. Bet credits will often have an expiration time. In most cases, bonuses expire after about 14 or 21 days.

This means that you’ll need to use the free bet to try to get a horse win within that time period, otherwise there will no longer be free bets valid in your account. The bet credits stake you were offered won’t be there if you don’t use it in the allotted time according to the horse race betting terms.

Common Wager Requirements

The other most common horse racing betting sites bonus requirement revolves around the horse racing betting odds. In most cases, even the best racing betting site that offers the best racing odds will require you to use your bet credits on a betting market with min odds.

The min odds may have to meet a certain amount for your first qualifying bet to be valid for a free bet that’s offered to you. On a popular betting site, the min odds are important to pay attention to when you’re betting on horse racing with bet credits that are given to you.






Where Can I watch the Races?

Many of the online bookies we present on our site will offer live streaming on their sites so that you can feel like you’re at the race track while’ you’re betting on horse racing. This means that you can experience the action as it’s happening for UK racing, the Queen Mother Champion Chase, at Irish racing, Grand National betting or India horse racing.

Live streaming allows you to watch races such as Grand National through a betting app. This means new customers and existing ones don’t have to leave their home to watch live streaming while they bet on horse racing.

How to Spot Great Horse Racing Odds

The payouts you receive from a free bet at horse racing betting sites will depend on the fixed odds the site offers. When you bet on horse racing, the payouts will be determined by the best odds guarantee that the site has.

horse racing image

The bigger odds there are, the higher the payout on a single race or multiple bets. If the best odds guaranteed on a site are listed as 10-1, for example, you’ll be paid out 10 times your horse racing bet.

Our site presents the best horse racing betting site that has the best horse racing odds. It’s important when you’re making a sports bet that you get the best odds guaranteed. And our site will list the betting options that will get you those best odds guaranteed.

Horse Racing Bets Options

You’ll have many different options for a qualifying bet at horse racing betting sites. Our experts will describe them all to you so that you can be better informed about the betting markets and variety of online horse winning bets you can make. From placing win bets to ante post betting options, we provide betting tips and system bets that you can make for flat racing wins.

Sunshine Coast
Brave Nick
Double Barrell
Toni Too

We give all the single race options for new customers based on the min deposit you have to make so you can get the best odds guaranteed and have fun with live betting and pool betting.

Users from India are allowed to partake in online betting in horse racing on foreign betting sites. This means you can take your horse racing tips that you have and place a free bet at various horse racing sites that are based around the world. The sites we present accet players from India and have licenses one or more of the following regulation organizations.

Betting Regulation Organizations

Our site provides the best online horse race sites to you, all of which will have the proper and valid gambling licenses. This is important, as it will show you where online horse race betting will be fair and fun to all players. These online horse race betting sites could be located in Gibraltar, Malta or Curacao, for example.

How to Sign Up – Step by Step Guide

Once you have selected the racing betting sites you want to gamble responsibly at, it’s time to set up an account at the betting exchange. The process for doing so is fairly easy for new customers. You just have to follow a few simple steps and you’ll be well on your way to getting the best odds guaranteed, qualifying for a deposit bonus and then being allowed to withdraw money from your account once you win. The following paragraphs will explain the basic process for new customers.

Choose a Site

You’ll have the most fun at the best horse racing sites when you choose from one of the sites that we list on our site. It can be hard when you’re betting on horse racing to select the one that has the top bet credits and sports betting choices, simply because there are so many on the market.

Website Betrophy

But, don’t worry. Our experts provide you with the best betting site choices and horse racing betting tips so you don’t have to do all the research on your own. You can just come to our page to see the best horse racing betting sites where you can get a free bet and start winning.

Claim Your Bonus

New customers can get a deposit bonus and a free bet on their first bed when they take advantage of the many bet credits and bonuses that an online horse race betting site offers. Once you meet a min deposit amount through a payment method of your choosing, the site will give you a deposit bonus that’s often equal to the min deposit that you make.

Different live betting sites will require a different min deposit to qualify for their deposit bonus. So, make sure to read what the best horse racing betting site sets for parameters so you can meet that min deposit amount with your preferred payment method so you can take advantage of the full deposit bonus.

Place Your Bet

Once you’ve signed up at the racing site and made a deposit, you can use any free bets you were given by placing your first bet. Simply peruse the list of events that the horse racing site offers so you can find the min odds, fixed odds and best odds that are available. By meeting the min odds required for the free bets, you can maximize your winnings from the racing site.






Horse Racing Breeds – Keep an Eye on them

One thing that you’ll see at the racing site you choose is there are many different racing breeds. There are horse racing events at Grant National offered at Tote Betting, for example, for the different breeds. When you’re online horse race betting, it’s important to understand the different breeds so you can enjoy horse racing betting the most. We’ll discuss the different breeds here in the following paragraphs.

Thoroughbred Horses

Thoroughbred horses are the most common breeding horse racing. The best horse racing betting sites will feature a lot of horse races that feature Thoroughbreds. These horses are sometimes referred to as purebred horses. This breed is “hot-blooded,” as it’s described.

A horse race that involves the Thoroughbred breed will feature a horse that often has great speed, spirit and agility. It’s one some of the top live streaming events with the best odds on Tote Betting and other sites feature horse races with the Thoroughbred breed.

Many of the top horse race betting events at Grand National and the biggest tracks feature Thoroughbred horses. On live streaming sites, you’ll often see them refer to a horse that is a Thoroughbred more often than the other breeds, since this horse is featured in the biggest horse races in the world.

Standardbred Horses – What makes them so Special?

The Standardbred horse is a breed that comes from the United States. This horse race breed is most commonly used for harness racing, and they compete at either a pace or a trot. This type of breed is a different approach for horse race betting than another type of horse race. What makes a good Standardbred horse for horse race betting is different than that of other types of horses.

Horse Racing betting mobile devices
Enjoy great mobile horse racing betting opportunities

A horse race that features Standardbred horses aren’t as common anymore in horse racing. It is still used in some parts of the world, but it’s not as common as the other types. Check out our site for some more information about Standardbred horse racing and how you can win at this type of horse race betting.

We’ll break is all down for you so that if you want to try out this horse race betting type, you can do so with a good chance to win.

This breed of horse racing originated on the Arabian Peninsula. They have a very distinctive shape of head and a high tail carriage. This breed of horse is one of the oldest in the world as well, dating back roughly 4,500 years.

In terms of horse racing, Arabian horses are often associated with endurance riding. This means they are often seen a lot in different equestrian sporting fields, and not just straight horse racing events like some of the other breeds.

Still, Arabian horses are really good at endurance, so they do well in longer races than the shorter, sprint-like races that Thoroughbreds can really excel at. If you are betting on horse racing for this breed of horse, it’s important to keep this in mind, especially if the horse racing event doesn’t feature every horse of this breed. Knowing this information can help you gain an edge.

Quarter Horses – Great for the Short Run

In horse racing, the American Quarter Horse, commonly just referred to as Quarter Horses, are sprinting specialists. They do really well when running short distances, so any horse racing events that are shorter in distance are what this horse was really bred to do.

In fact, this breed got its name because of their ability to consistently outrun other breeds of horses in horse racing events that have a distance of a quarter mile or less. This is obviously a much shorter horse racing distance that some others, but it’s what the Quarter Horses excel at.

When you know this breed of horse in shorter horse racing events, then you can find an edge when you’re betting on the sport online. Horse racing that features Quarter Horses are often very exciting to watch, because the race is so quick and full of action. It’s truly great to watch and bet on.






Horse Racing Bet Options

Just like other forms of betting, there are many different types of horse racing bets that are available online. In horse racing, these event types are very specific to this sport, which makes it important to understand all of the options you’ll have when you’re betting on horse racing.

These bet types are not the same as other sports betting, either, so it just takes a little bit of time and study to become familiar with all the options. We’ll describe the most important horse racing bet types in the next few paragraphs.

Win Bet

The win bet is the most straightforward type of wager in horse racing. All you have to do is select the horse that you think will win the race outright. In other words, you just pick the specific horse that you think will cross the finishing line before all of the other horses in the race.

Win Odds
Session Road

There are no other specific things that you have to know. The odds that are posted for the horse races will all be for the win bet. This is another reason why it’s an easy wager that any new bettor can start with.

Each Way Bets

The Each Way wager is basically two different bets wrapped into one. The first part is a wager on a particular horse to win a race. The other part is a wager on a particular horse to place in any of the other positions that the race offers. 

“Place” refers to finishing second in the race, while “show” refers to finishing third. This means that you can win money if your horse finishes in first, second or third place in a particular race. This type of wager allows you to get a return on your wager even if your horse isn’t the best in that race.

A Double Bet

A double bet is quite simple to understand, compared to some of the other multi-race wagers offered. This wager requires a bettor to correctly select the winning horse in two consecutive races. This means you’ll pick the winner of two races that happen back-to-back, and wrap it into one wager.

Skilord to win Hayclock Race
Skilord to win Hayclock Race 2

Essentially, this works as a type of parlay bet, in that both of the horses need to win their particular race for your wager to be successful. You’ll get paid higher odds if you are correct in your selections, versus if you just placed two separate Win wagers on the two races.

A Treble Bet

Speaking of parlay bets, a treble bet is one of the most common types in horse race betting. With this wager type, you’ll make three outright winner selections in three different races. It’s basically the same as a double, except you’ll pick three winners instead of two, plus the races don’t have to be consecutive races.

In order to win this wager type, all three of your outright winner selections will have to win. If even one of them doesn’t come in first place, then your treble bet will not be considered successful and you won’t get paid.

A Placepot Bet

If you want to shoot for the moon and get some great payouts, then going with the Placepot is a good option. This type of wager involves picking a horse to place in each of the first six races of a horse racing day. Like other parlay-type wagers, each of your picks will have to place in order for your wager to win.

The one difference here is that it’s also a pool bet. It means that the more people who decide to participate in the Placepot, the higher the pool of potential winnings will be. 

Jackpot Bets

The Jackpot bet is very similar to a few of the other wager types that have already been discussed. It’s a parlay-type bet where you’ll select the outright winner of the first six races of a specific event. Again, if even one of your selections doesn’t finish in first place, your entire wager will lose.

And again, this is a pool type of wager, meaning that the more people who participate in the Jackpot pool, the higher the potential payout will be for any winners. This is a great wager type if you’re looking for a big payout.

Super Jackpot Bets

The Super Jackpot takes the Jackpot to the next level. You’ll have to pick the outright winner of all the races in a particular day of races. This is an extremely difficult wager to win, and why its payouts are often much higher than other wager types if you’re successful.

It’s a parlay-type wager again where each one of your selections will have to win for your wager to win. And it’s also a pool type wager, where the payout will depend on the number of people who are participating in the Super Jackpot on that particular day.

Forecast Bets

A forecast bet brings it back to just one individual race. In this type of wager, you’ll be looking to correctly pick the two horses that will finish exactly in first and second place of a particular race. This is a great wager if you feel like you know which two horses are the best two in a race.

Website Betway
Betway offers many great horse races

The payout of this wager will be higher than a straight outright winner or even an individual place bet, since two things have to happen exactly in order for your wager to be successful. 

Reverse Forecast Bets

If you are pretty sure which are the two best horses in a particular race, but you’re just not sure which order they’ll finish in, then you can go with a Reverse Forecast bet. This type of wager will allow you to pick two horses in a particular race that you think will be the top two finishers.

Then, these two horses can finish in any order for your wager to win, as long as one comes in first place and one comes in second place. The odds for the Reverse Forecast will be slightly worse than the standard Forecast because of the additional option.

Quinella for Great Payouts

A Quinella is just like an Exacta Box. This means you get to choose two horses you think will finish first and second, and it doesn’t matter which horse finishes in which position. The biggest difference is the payout comes from a different pool of betting. Therefore, the payouts for Quinellas are slightly different than that of Exacta Boxes.

Place Bets

A place bet is another very simple and straightforward wagering type for horse racing betting. In this type of wager, you will pick one horse in one individual race. Then, that horse has to finish in either first or second place for your wager to win.

If you select a Place wager and your horse wins the race, you’ll get slightly less money than if you selected a Win wager. However, this bet type gives you the additional option of winning if your horse finishes in second place. 






Second Horse Pool

The Second Horse Pool is the amount of money that is being bet on the Place wagers during a particular horse race. This is the pool of money that will determine what your payout will be if you choose a Place wager on races. Unlike other sports, this is how the payouts and odds are determined for horse racing betting. There are similar pools of money for other wagering types, too.

Accumulator Bets

An Accumulator bet is a term that’s used to describe any wager on horse racing that involves multiple selections into one single wager. This means that you can use the term Accumulator bet to refer to a number of different wagers wrapped into one, such as the Double, Treble, Placepot and Jackpot. 

These types of wagers typically pay more because they involve more than one event that must occur for the wager to be successful. Accumulator bets in horse racing are just basically the term that’s used instead of parlay.

Bar Bet

A Bar bet refers to the pool of horses in a particular event that have long odds above a certain amount. The Bar term is used in horse races that have a large field, such as the Kentucky Derby, for instance.

In these races, the first eight or nine horses with the best odds are listed individually. Then, the “bar the field” will be listed for the remaining horses that have odds above a certain amount, such as 20/1. 






The Jodi Bet

The Jodi bet may not be available for all horse races and maybe not at all horse race sites. This type of wager involves picking two different horses in a single race that you think might win that particular race. If either of those horses comes in first place, then your Jodi bet would win.

Because you actually have two options to cash in on this wager, it will pay worse odds than if you just selected the correct Win wager. However, it’s a good option if you’re going back and forth between two horses.

Kenchi Wager

A Kenchi wager is sometimes referred to as a Show bet. This just means that you need to pick a horse who you think will finish in either first, second or third place in a particular race. If your horse finishes in any three of those positions, then your wager will win.

Again, the payout for a Kenchi wager is less than that of either a Win or Place wager. However, it does give you the extra cushion for your horse to finish in any of the top three places for your wager to be successful.


The Tanala bet will force you to select three horses in a particular race to finish in the exact order of first, second and third place. The three horses that you select for the Tanala wager must all finish exactly how you designate them in order for your wager to win.

If all three horses finish in the top three but in a different order than you selected, your Tanala wager will not win. It pays out a good amount because three separate events must happen in an exact order for you to win.







There is a lot that goes into horse race betting that’s different than other types of sports. There are also a lot of really great horse racing betting sites out there, so many that it can sometimes be hard to choose which one is best for you.

The experts on our team have scoured the internet to show you all the great options you’ll have for betting on horse racing, and we are always updating this information so you don’t have to do this on your own. 

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