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The best online sports betting sites for users from India. Great odds, sports and bonuses.

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  • High odds
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  • Many sports available
  • Great customer service
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If you are searching for the best online betting sites in India, we have all the information for you right here, so you can start betting online. It can sometimes be tough to wade through all the information that’s out there about online betting sites in India, including info on the best betting odds, free bets, different betting sites and more. Our site scours the internet for all the information on the best cricket betting sites, football betting site and more so that you can see where it’s best to place your sports bets. Keep reading to find out more about how we decipher the best betting sites in India.

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What We Value in an Betting Site in India

When you’re looking for guidance on the best betting sites in India, you are certainly going to want an in-depth look at everything that each sbetting site has to offer. You can rest assured that our team of experts has taken the painstaking time to wade through every online sports betting site that is available to people in India. We have looked through everything the best betting sites in India have to offer, as well as all the details that make the best online betting sites in India stand out from another online betting service.

When we conduct our research, we look at a lot of different aspects, all of which we will detail in more depth below. Not only are we looking at which betting site in India offers the best online betting experience, but we are also looking at which ones offer competitive betting odds, which ones offer live chat support, which ones accept Indian rupees, which ones provide exciting betting promotions to new customers and new bettors, which ones offer a wide range of different sports that you can wager real money on, as well as the wagering requirements of a great welcome bonus.

How to find the best sports betting sites_1

How we select the best betting sites

Ultimately, though, we know that Indian players want to wager at a sportsbook that offers as many major sports to wager on as possible, with as many different sports and online betting features as possible, but that are also extremely trustworthy.

That’s why we work hard to look at the overall online gambling experience that each of these gambling sites that accept Indian players provides. We also analyze the aspects of the online bookmakers to make sure that we recommend a good betting site to all online bettors who read our articles.

All of the sites that we consider the best Indian betting websites will be legal betting sites for Indian bettors. The best betting sites in India will follow all the online gambling regulations for the region, be licensed by a reputable gambling agency such as the UK Gambling Commission and offer Indian punters the best betting apps experience around.

Whether you’re among casual Indian punters or you consider yourself a pro bettor, you still should be playing online at the most trusted and best betting sites in India, which we will break down for you on our site.

Best Betting Sites Bonuses – We Show You the Best Promotions

One of the best features of a trusted betting site are the various welcome bonuses and promotions (betting bonuses) they offer. Not all trusted betting sites in India offer the same welcome bonus (deposit bonus) and other promotions to their players when they place bets, or sign up for the site, though. That’s why it’s important to break down in detail what all Indian players betting sites offer to players so you can make the best choice as to which is the right betting site for you. Here are some of the most common betting site offers.

Bonus Fun88_1

Claim Your Betting Site Welcome Bonus

You should always look for a popular betting site that offers a generous welcome bonus, also known as deposit bonus. The best betting sites in India will offer these promotions as a way for new players to sign up. This sportsbook bonus will give you additional funds on top of your own money for a qualifying deposit. They may match your first deposit 100% up to a certain amount. They will most likely have a minimum deposit you must meet to qualify, but then you can place your mobile betting wager on any particular sport you want. The deposit bonus is very simple and popular.

Cashback – Don´t Mind Your Losses

Sportsbooks offer more than just a deposit bonus. Our site will break down the Cashback bonuses offers available at various online betting sites in India. This type of bonus provides bettors with money back when they are placing online betting wagers. They are almost like bet credits that you can get, except it’s real money you’ll get back in your account. This could apply on your first bet, or on subsequent bets you make, depending on the rules of the most trusted betting site.

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Fun88 is one of the most popular bookmakers. Fast registration and great welcome bonus are just two of the many perks Fun88 offers.

Best Betting Sites Odds Boost For Special Events

A great way to increase the amount of money you can win while online betting is through an odds boost. Many online betting sites in the Indian sports betting market will offer this promotion on popular sports. For certain qualifying bets, you can get increased odds (increased min odds) on top of the already great odds on your favorite sports. The best cricket odds, for example, may be increased by +100 to give you extra money. Our site will break down all the odds boost promotions available in the world of the best betting sites in India.

Reload Bonus – Deposit and Benefit

A reload bonus at an online sportsbook works similarly to a welcome bonus. Sometimes, you may run out of money after you bet online. When you go to put more money into your account, you could get another deposit bonus that’s called a reload bonus. It works the same as the welcome bonus, except the match percentage might be a little lower, depending on how much money you deposit into these mobile betting sites in India. Our site will detail for you all the betting sites in India that offer a deposit bonus like this.

Welcome Offer
Reload Bonus
Loyalty program
Small Logo Fun88
Small Logo Betrophy
Small Logo Betway
Small Logo 22Bet
Small Logo 20Bet

What are Bonus Requirements?

The deposit bonus and other promotions that most sites offer do come with some wagering requirements. Each particular betting site will have their own requirements on how you have to place bets with bonus money, which sports betting markets you can choose or any other requirements. Here are some of the main ones which you should know if you are betting online.

Don´t Waste Time

Most online betting sites in India will give bettors only a limited amount of time to use the free bets and other bonus deposit money that they get through any promotion, not just the deposit bonus. When we recommend betting online sites (online gambling sites), we choose those whose best welcome bonuses are the longest timeframe so you can take the full 14 or 21 days to use it. If you are unsure about the time period, please contact the customer service.

Live Chat
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Small Logo Betrophy
Small Logo Betway
Small Logo 22Bet
Small Logo 20Bet

Not All Sports Contribute

The sports covered by the betting site will vary, too, for their free bets and other promotions. A certain promotion may only be able to be used on horse racing, great cricket betting sites with high cricket odds or other particular sports events. For example, they may offer better odds on only cricket betting options, rather than on all sports offered on their betting online site.

Place High Wagers

To have a qualifying bet for the promotions from the mobile apps, you may be restricted on a certain level of odds. For example, a free bet offer might only be able to be used on a sports event that has odds of -200 or greater. This allows you to use your boosted odds bonus on some sports, but maybe not wagers that offer the best odds such as prop bets.

Enjoy Horse Racing Betting

Horse racingHorse racing is one of the oldest sports for betting in the world. It’s also popular on just about every continent, though there are slightly different forms of horse racing. Thoroughbred racing is the most well-known, as it’s the focus of the Triple Crown races in the United States, and many of the other top racing events across the world.

There are tons of sports betting options for betting on horse racing today. With online sportsbooks, you don’t have to travel all the way to the track to place your bets, and rely on the races that are being run at that track or simulcasted via TV. You can bet on various horse racing events all over the world that are happening throughout the week.

Horse racing betting is great because it varies from the ultra-simple (such as Win bets) to the much more complex multi-race bets. There is plenty of information available on the past performance of the horses, trainers and jockeys, though breaking that information down and consistently finding winning horses is, of course, much more difficult.

If you’re new to horse racing betting, a great idea is to get the lay of the land by placing simple bets on horses to win a particular race at first. Then, increase the difficulty of the bet once you get more comfortable with how it all works.

Amazing Cricket Betting Opportunities

CricketCricket may not rank as one of the most popular sports across the world, but in the nations in which it is played traditionally, it is among the most popular of all sports. In India, for example, cricket is the national sport and takes precedent over any other sport that is played. Betting on cricket is a lot of fun, and there are a lot of cricket betting options today as well. Just like other sports, cricket matches are played in various countries at various leagues and various levels. This provides a great cricket betting opportunity to find an available bet that fits a good value for you.

Again, if you’re new to betting on cricket, it’s a good idea to get a hang of how cricket betting and cricket odds works before you dive in head first. Try by reading up on the rules of the game, and follow some people who you trust who talk about cricket as a whole and cricket betting specifically.

Then, watch some cricket matches to get a feel for what you were thinking of cricket betting and what the result would’ve been had you placed a wager. Then, once you’re much more familiar with how cricket betting works, you can find the available bets that you think are a good value and bet on them. Keep in mind that there will be many different sports betting options on cricket. You don’t have to just pick which club you think will win a particular match.

Thrilling IPL Betting Sites

The Indian Premier League is the top professional cricket league in India, and perhaps in the entire world. The competition is consistently considered to be the best of the best, and there is always tons of excitement for each match in the league year.

As such, it’s no surprise that betting on the Indian Premier League also known as the IPL, is intense as well. Because the IPL is considered to be the top cricket league in the world, you should have no trouble finding a huge selection of bets and IPL betting markets at your online sportsbook — as long as that operator offers betting on cricket. If you are interested in cricket betting and IPL betting specifically, take a look at the cricket betting sites we present on this website.

In addition, many sportsbooks will offer special promotions or online betting bonuses for signing up for new accounts if you bet on the IPL. This is a way that they try to attract new bettors to their site and to expand their handle on the IPL and cricket in general.

The IPL is a great place to start if you want to get in on cricket betting action, if only because you know you’ll be dealing with some of the best Indian players and clubs in the world. This makes the outcome of the matches a little more predictable, as some of the lower-level leagues and clubs around the world may perform at drastically different levels from one day to the next. This is the same in many other sports, too, that have multiple levels of competition. The top level of competition always seems to be the most exciting to watch, with the highest number of available bets.

Big Logo Fun88


Fun88 is one of the most popular bookmakers. Fast registration and great welcome bonus are just two of the many perks Fun88 offers.

Best Betting Sites for Soccer Betting

FootballSoccer is the most popular sport around the world, when taken as a whole. If you love watching the sport and betting on it, you will never be disappointed at all the options that will be available to you, if you decide to sign up to a football betting site. There are so many elite professional soccer leagues in the world, whether it Serie A in Italy, La Liga in Spain, the Bundesliga in Germany or even Major League Soccer in the United States.

However, the most well-known professional soccer league in the world is the UK’s English Premier League (EPL). It is considered to be home to the best Indian players and top clubs in the world. Its stadiums are crazy rowdy with fans, and the pitches don’t have a ton of room between them and where the stands begin.

Betting on the EPL is always one of the highest handles that sportsbooks will take in a given year, except possibly in a year when there is a World Cup. The EPL plays games throughout the week, but the hottest action is always on the weekends.

If you’re looking to get in on some of the EPL betting action, you will have no trouble finding loads of different bets, just check out the football betting sites on this site. Whether it be straight-up bets on which club will win a match, or a more outlandish prop bet, almost all online sportsbooks today will offer a wide range of bets on the EPL. They essentially have to today, otherwise they won’t be considered serious players in the soccer betting world.

Legal Betting Sites – Is Betting Legal in India?

You may be wondering whether betting sites are legal in India. Know that we only look at online betting sites that accept Indian players, as long as they meet the requirements of federal laws, the local online betting laws, influencing local betting sites and the Foreign Exchange Management Act. In order for a betting site in India to make its way onto our best betting site list, it has to meet some certain criteria.

First, the best online betting site that we may choose has to be based offshore. The government of India bans any betting sites from operating on the country’s soil, but Indian bettors can still enjoy betting online as long as the betting site is based in another country.

Most Popular Sports in India

To that end, we also only recommend a unique and entertaining sportsbook if it has a user friendly betting platform that accepts a bank transfer and convenient payment methods that allow players to use Indian Rupees when betting online. We believe that to start betting online, Indian players must have convenient deposit methods available to them, which requires the betting site to accept Indian Rupees as the local currency.

We also only look to review and recommend a betting site in India if they have valid online gambling licenses and follow all regulatory aspects of fair gaming. Reviewing betting sites in India is something we take seriously. We won’t recommend a horse race betting site, best football betting site, best cricket betting site or betting exchange if they don’t have a gambling license from a reputable agency such as the Malta Gaming Authority. Even if they offer the best online kabaddi betting odds and the most competitive odds on other sports, we don’t recommend you play at any popular betting sites listed that don’t have the proper gambling licenses to offer online betting in India.

Trusted Online Betting Sites Licenses

When you’re looking at online betting sites in India or if you are looking for the best football betting site, you may find that there are licensed sites and even a betting site in India or two that don’ have the proper licenses. The best kabaddi betting sites, for example, will get the proper licenses to offer online betting. Or, there may be a betting site in India that has a proper gambling license with an agency that isn’t very reputable. So, how do you choose among every online betting site that is out there?

Big Logo Betway


Betway is very popular and bettors around the world use this bookmaker. Betway offers great odds and a helpful customer support service.

There are many best betting sites in India that will try to get you to play at live betting sites, but it’s always a good idea to pay attention to which the best betting sites in India have the proper licenses and which football betting sites do not. Here’s some more information on each.

Focus on Licensed Online Betting Sites

Our site will only cover the best betting sites that have reputable and proper licenses to offer sports gambling (online betting) in India. Other betting sites in India that do not have the proper licenses will never find their way on our best betting site list.

Betting Regulation Organizations

Best Cricket betting sites, football betting sites and kabaddi betting sites that appear on our top betting sites list will all have gambling licenses from reputable agencies.

This way, when you’re setting up your betting site account, you can rest assured that you’re doing so at a good betting site that is fair and legal.

All the top betting sites in India that we list and breakdown on our site, including their online betting apps, will have met a rigorous test that we conduct in-house to ensure you’re getting the best live betting site (live betting platform) possible.

Risks of Using an Unlicensed Online Betting Site

We will never recommend that you use online betting sites in India that don’t have the proper licenses. There are simply too many risks to playing online sports at betting sites in India that aren’t licensed. Free bets, such as cricket free bets, aren’t worth anything if your free bet and all the other money in your account is going to be stolen by the online betting operators, for example.

There are unfortunately a betting site or two out there in the online sports world that are straight scams. They don’t get a license from a reputable agency, and then they try to take advantage of players. They might offer high betting odds that are great, a free bet offer that is hard to pass up and competitive odds, but if you have no chance of cashing out your winnings, what’s the point? The best betting sites in India have proper licenses, and those agencies hold them accountable to online betting rules and regulations to make sure everything is fair.

How to Use The Platforms of the Best Betting Sites?

Website Betrophy

Betrophy is one of the most popular sports betting sites in India

There are a lot of popular betting sites in India found on the internet, including many new sites that seem to pop up every day and other betting sites that offer more than just a free bet welcome bonus. So, what are the steps you should take when you find a betting application (betting app), and how do you start wagering from your mobile device or computer?

First, you need to settle on a sports betting site that meets all your criteria. It should offer a huge range of sports to bet on, such as football matches, the Indian Premier League (IPL) and any other betting opportunities that you desire.

It should offer new customers plenty of bonus and betting options, as well as a huge range of the favorite sports that you’re looking for.

After settling on one particular online betting site from the wide list of online betting sites in India available, you’ll need to sign up for an account. Whether it’s an established betting site or a new betting site, you’ll have to enter all your basic information to set up your account. If you have trouble, you can always contact the customer support team that the online betting site provides.

Big Logo Betrophy


Betrophy is the rising star among many bookmakers. Betrophy offers a great variety of thrilling sports and phantastic promotions for new and already registered users.

Once you sign up, you need to make your first deposit into your account. To do this, you’ll have to connect to convenient payment methods (deposit methods) from the list of available deposit methods for Indian players. Make sure to check out list of low deposit betting sites first and don´t forget about the crypto betting sites. The betting app of most betting sites will offer Indian players methods of deposit such as a bank transfer, other betting exchange and convenient deposit methods that allow you to deposit money into your betting site account easily.

New customers can often qualify for special betting bonuses such as free bet stakes and a bonus that’s a deposit bonus. The betting applications may require you to enter a promotion code, or may just give you the horse race betting deposit bonus automatically, for instance. Once you receive your free bets and bonus, you can start betting with your  great betting app. Simply browse the betting markets listed on the betting site, add a wager to your bet slip, and watch the match on the site’s live streaming platform if they offer it. Don’t forget to check our betting strategies and predictions to your advantage. Or have a look at the following two paragraphs.

Cricket Betting Strategy

There are many different ways that you can bet on cricket. The best place to start, though, is simple, especially if you’re new to betting on cricket. This means going with the moneyline. This bet will only require you to pick the winning club of a particular match, regardless of what the final score is. This makes it very easy to place a bet, as you don’t have to worry about any other factors in the match at all.

If you really want to get a good handle on how to bet on cricket, a great place to start is finding a person or a few people who are betting experts in the sport, and then follow them. Read what they have to write, or listed to a podcast that they produce. You’ll be able to pick up a lot of great tips and insight when you do this.

cricket stadium mainpage

Atmosphere in a cricket stadium

Then, start watching cricket matches as well as cricket markets and see what angles you’re able to come up with yourself. Always remember that you should follow news throughout the week leading up to matches, as things such as injuries to key players can have a huge effect on the outcome of a match.

Also, pay attention to the weather and the condition of the pitch, as that can change the potential outcome of a match as well. Finally, always breakdown the specific matchup at play, including the recent performance of each team in general but also historically against each other. Doing this can help you gain some insights and possible betting edges.

Horse Racing Strategy

If you bet on horse racing, you know that you’ll have plenty of different betting options available to you on every race. It can be quite complicated and confusing, in fact, because of all the choice.

If you’re new to horse racing betting, it’s a good idea to start with the simple stuff. This means simply picking the horse that you think will win a particular race. If your horse finishes in first place, you win — simple as that. Then, once you’ve become more familiar with betting on the sport, you can expand to other bets such as exactas, trifectas and multi-race bets.

A good idea as you’re staring out is to read up on how you can read racing programs. These programs provide all the information that most bettors will use to break down upcoming races to make their betting determination. They have a lot of information on them, but they can be a little hard to understand at first.

By reading a tutorial on how you can analyze the racing programs, you’ll have a better sense of what to look for, and what information might be good at predicting a particular outcome of a race. Then, follow some horse racing betting experts that you like to gain some extra tips. Make sure to look at recent performance of horses, trainers and jockeys, and always take into consideration the conditions of the track that day. A sloppy and wet track could slow down horses and even out the playing field more, for example.

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Betrophy is the rising star among many bookmakers. Betrophy offers a great variety of thrilling sports and phantastic promotions for new and already registered users.

User Experience at the Online Betting Site

All of the online sports betting sites in India that we recommend provide a online betting experience. We only want people who read our site to choose the best betting site that works for them, and a big part of this is having a great sports betting experience while they’re betting. This improves their online betting journey. The best football betting sites, horse racing betting sites and ipl betting sites are fun to play at, and they’re easy to navigate.

Of course, the football betting bookmakers we present offer more than just football betting. Users can benefit from high football betting odds and phantastic football betting live stream opportunities if they choose the in play betting market (live betting market), for example if they want to bet on an online cricket match, horse races, football match or other events from their favourite sport or virtual sports.

Most Indian betting sites are fast. It doesn’t take a while to load the many Indian betting sites, even when you’re launching in play betting markets in the live betting platform. When you go to deposit money or withdraw money, the Indian betting site reacts quickly and is constantly updated with new available payment methods as they’re added to the betting site, according to the needs of the users of the Indian betting market, for the best betting experience.

Best Sites 2022

Our recommended betting sites provide the best betting experience

One of the most important things nowadays is getting a cricket betting experience and experience for online betting markets such as cricket betting markets that works seamlessly on mobile devices. To be one of the best online betting site operators today, they have to have betting applications that work on as many mobile devices as possible.

When you place bets at an sports betting platform, it’s essential that user interface is easy to read on any device and responds when and how you want it to. A horse racing site will only make it onto our list of the best betting sites if they provide a wonderful user experience and the horse racing site has to offer amazing odds as well.

Best Betting Apps in India

Mobile Betway

Enjoy the Betway betting experience

A lot of legal betting sites today will want to cater their horse racing, online casinos with many great online casino games and cricket betting offerings to mobile users to provide them with the best betting and gaming experience. A way that some of the best betting sites India do this is through downloadable apps.

One of the biggest benefits of the apps that most betting sites India offer is that they are catered specifically to the mobile device you are using for online casino sites or top betting sites entertainment and thrilling casino games.

Instead of having to worry about whether they layout is proper for your device, the Indian betting sites that offer a downloadable app have already catered the user experience perfectly to your device.

When you download a betting sites app, you won’t have to open a mobile web browser to find the betting site. And, from the apps the online bookmakers offer, you’ll be able to bet online just as if you were on a computer. You’ll be able to look at your qualifying bet settlement, all the available wagers on the IPL, add a deposit bonus, get bet credits, look at all your betting options and get a great overall betting experience. Most of the betting sites will offer apps for both iOS and Android devices.

Mobile Betting Sites as Alternatives to an App

Many of the best betting sites will also offer a mobile-friendly version that you can access on mobile devices. This would allow you to still see all the best football betting options just like on any other betting site, but you wouldn’t have to download a specific piece of software to do it. In this case, you just need to navigate to the best betting site URL through a mobile browser. Once there, you’ll login to a mobile betting site like normal, add a welcome bonus if you’re a new user, and then place bets as you normally would on a computer.

24/7 Live Entertainment

One of the most popular thing to do on betting sites today is to place live, in-game wagers. This is one of the most popular betting options today, and just about every reputable betting site available has a live betting platform. This isn’t just live streaming of different major sports, such as a football that takes place in the PL.  Speaking of the Premier League. Here are the high betting odds for the correct goalscorers during Chelsea against Tottenham.

FC Chelsea
Tottenham Hotspurs

It’s one of the best betting opportunities that exist for players today. The great part about live betting is that it allows you to see the game or match unfold a bit before see your betting options and making a final decision. In live cricket betting, for example, you can see how the first part of the matchup is going before placing a bet.

Sometimes, in cricket betting options, the matchup doesn’t go as you anticipated it going before it started. This is why live betting and the amazing live betting features are so popular. As the game or match progresses, not just the best cricket betting sites will update their best odds based on how the play is all unfolding. Betting sites will update these odds for almost all sports events that they offer wagers for.

Many bettors today wait until the game starts before placing any bets. That’s because they find they can sometimes get better odds if they just wait and play on the live betting market, rather than pick from the best odds that are available on sports before they start, such as top cricket odds or  highly competitive odds of football matches.

One thing to note is that if you want to do live betting, it’s best to do it on a mobile device with a fast and reliable internet connection. This will allow you to get the most up-to-date happenings of the game and the best odds that are offered through live betting. If you can’t do this, then you probably want to stay away from live betting. You also made not be able to use promotions such as free bets on live betting platforms.

Big Logo Betway


Betway is very popular and bettors around the world use this bookmaker. Betway offers great odds and a helpful customer support service.

Where to Find the Best Odds

Bettors are always searching around to find the most favorable odds across many different betting markets. The challenge to doing this is that there are so many betting markets available today that it’s hard to really keep up and find a betting site that has the best odds.

Have no fear, though. If you’re looking for betting sites in India with the best odds on horse racing, cricket or any of the other sports, all you have to do is visit our site. We will show you all the betting options at the various betting sites that accept Indian rupees. Take a look at the following table. It shows you the World Cup 2022 outright odds.

Outright odds

As mentioned before, we’ll detail everything from which betting sites in India offer great welcome bonuses, to which ones pay you back if your bet loses, to which well established betting sites offer live streaming. But, one of the best features to a site like ours is finding out which betting site is currently offering the best odds on the sports you’re looking for, so you can enjoy online betting.

Why We Show You the Best Sites

Our betting site is dedicated to explaining to you which betting site out there offer the wagers on the sports that you love. We specifically choose these betting sites that feature markets from some of the most sports in India, including cricket, horse racing, kabaddi, American football, soccer, esports, football betting and several other betting markets.

We believe that every betting site we feature has to offer not only the sports markets that are important to the Indian bettors, but also a variety of wagers, too. Not every bettor is interested in the same type of wager, after all, even if they all focus on a few particular sports. This is important so that when you’re betting, you can find something that interests you and that you feel like you have an edge on.

Bonus Betrophy_1

Betrophy is one of the most popular betting sites & offers one of the best online betting bonuses for Indian players

Betting site offers today have to include these sports in order to be considered to be among the best. It’s also great if they offer other features, such as boosted odds promotions or even wagers available on alternate markets such as virtual sports.

Again, though, we know that in the end, many Indians want to play at a betting site that knows what they want and delivers it to them. That’s why even though we’ll tell you about a welcome bonus, free bets and various payment methods, we make sure that every betting site that we feature offers the specific markets that are popular among Indian bettors.

Big Logo Betrophy


Betrophy is the rising star among many bookmakers. Betrophy offers a great variety of thrilling sports and phantastic promotions for new and already registered users.

Best Customer Services – Just One Call Away

When you’re looking at betting sites to wager at, you may not think that customer support is important, but it is. Especially when determining the betting experience. There may be times when you need help from a customer support team, and if that time comes, you want to know that the betting site you choose provides various ways that you can get in touch.

All the betting sites that we feature will have great ways to contact them if you ever need help. This could include channels such as a live chat, telephone hotline and email. Most of the betting sites we feature will also have a betting and online casino FAQ page on their betting site so that you can potentially help yourself answer your own questions. It’s important that when you need help, you get it from a customer support team fast. Eventually a great betting site customer support contributes to an amazing betting experience.

Convenient Financial Transactions on Betting Sites

If you want to wager real money and take advantage of promotions such as a welcome bonus or free bet, then you’re going to need to conduct financial transactions such as a deposit. If you win money, you’re also going to want to be able to withdraw money from your betting account. We will discuss financial transactions and convenient payment methods in greater detail in the following sections.

Fast & Safe Betting Sites Deposits

Depositing real money at online sportsbooks or an online casino is very simple. Players should be able to choose from different payment methods, such as UPI, so that they can choose the one that works best for them. When you go to deposit money into your betting account, you want to be able to choose from a list of payment methods that you prefer. This will make it easier to get money into your account so you can start wagering it and take advantage of a free bet offered to you.

Deposits available in
Duration of withdrawals
payment method logo tablepress table skrill
Within 15 minutes
2-5 days
payment method logo tablepress table neteller
Within 15 minutes
2-5 days
payment method logo tablepress table visa
Max. 24 hours
2-5 days
payment method logo tablepress table mastercard
Max. 24 hours
2-5 days

Some of the most popular payment methods for betting sites are credit cards, bank transfers, cryptocurrencies and e-wallets. Each different betting site may offer slightly different options for payment methods. You should check the payment methods each betting site offers before you decide to sign up for a new account there.

Please also note that each betting website may charge different transaction fees for the payment methods that they offer. Some offer completely free deposits, while some might charge a standard fee for certain payment methods. While most online betting deposits are made available in your account instantly, some may take a few hours or business days to process. Again, you should check each site’s conditions for payment methods to figure out what the waiting time is.

Safe Betting Sites Withdrawals

Hopefully, after you’ve taken advantage of a deposit bonus, some free bets, a bet credits turnover or free bets turnover and made some good betting selections, you’ve won some money. When this happens, you want to be able to withdraw winnings from your account through a method that works for you and that comes with the lowest amount of fees.

Most betting sites will offer a variety of withdrawal options, but there are typically fewer options for withdrawal than deposit. So many betting sites will require you to withdrawal using the same method you used to deposit money into your account. In some cases, they may let you use an e-wallet instead.

Most betting sites will allow withdrawals via credit cards, bank transfers, cryptocurrencies and e-wallets. Again, they will all charge different fees for different methods of withdrawal, as well as different processing times. Unlike deposits, withdrawals are typically not available in your payment account instantly. They will take a few business days to process in most cases. Before landing on a betting site, you want to make sure that they don’t just offer free bets. That’s because a free bet is only good if you can withdraw money to your account in your preferred way.


Logo PaytmWe review many online casinos and online betting sites and always pay attention to the deposit & withdrawal methods. That´s why PayTM has received our attention. PayTM is one of the most popular online payment systems available to betting in India. In fact, it was the first online wallet that become popular in the country. Many people even consider it to be India’s answer to PayPal. Today, people who are betting in India can use PayTM to not only make purchases and send digital payments around the world, but to fund their sports betting accounts as well. Many different sportsbook operators accept PayTM as a payment method, simply because it is such a popular way of sending money in the country and a great alternative to a usual bank transfer or Google Pay.

PayTM has both a wallet feature and a UPI feature, so there are plenty of options for how you can use the service to fund your sportsbook account. Setting up an account is very easy. You have to provide them a mobile number to set up your account, and then you have to connect a account that you will use through the PayTM app. You’ll also have to be verified through KYC so that they can verify that you are who you say you are.

Finally, you can go to the betting site that you have chosen and select PayTM as the deposit method. The process for actually depositing money into your sportsbook account using PayTM will be relatively straightforward at that point. Just follow the steps as outlined in your sportsbook account, including entering your PayTM wallet number and the transaction ID so that you can send the money from your PayTM account to your sportsbook account.


Logo PhonePePhonePe is one of the many UPI apps that are available to fund your online sportsbook account today. It’s an extremely simple process to use PhonePe as a third-party payment method so that you don’t have to provide your account, credit card or debit card directly to the sportsbook operator that you’re betting with.

You’ll first set up a PhonePe account through their app, where you will get a unique virtual payment address. This is essentially the number that you will enter in to the sportsbook account when you’re making a deposit with them. This virtual payment address will take the place of your account number, for example, so that the sportsbook operator never sees that.

This is one of the main reasons why people like to use PhonePe to fund their sportsbook account rather than a direct account. When you go to make the deposit, you’ll do so through your sportsbook account first. Then, you’ll enter in the amount and the virtual payment address.

Finally, you’ll need to verify on PhonePe that you indeed do want to make the transaction. You’ll have to verify the transaction in the PhonePe app before it will send the money to your sportsbook account. Once you do, the money will be sent and it will appear in your sportsbook account ready to use on whatever sport you want to bet on. It shouldn’t take too long for the transaction to take place, so that you can start betting very quickly.


Logo AstropayAstropay is an e-wallet that allows users to make payments for all sorts of things online throughout the world. Sometimes it is compared to Google Pay, but although there are similarities, there are differences too. Of course, one of those “things” that people use it for very frequently is online sports betting. It’s very popular because it’s a quick and easy way to take money out of your sportsbook account and then have it transferred over to your bank account — all without having to provide the sportsbook operator with any of your account information.

One of the biggest advantages of using Astropay is it works in many of the smaller markets in the world. In these markets, many traditional financial institutions may block transactions, which would then prevent you from using it to fund your sportsbook account.

There are also a lot of different payment methods you can choose to fund your Astropay account. So, again, if the financial institution that provides your Visa card doesn’t allow sports betting transactions, you can still use that same card through Astropay to fund your sportsbook account.

In addition, when you sign up for Astropay, you’ll get an actual physical prepaid card. This means that in addition to being able to use it for sportsbook sites, you can take money out at ATMs. So, if you withdraw money from your sportsbook account to Astropay, you can quickly gain access to the cash at a local ATM. This is one of the main advantages that Astropay provides compared to some of its competitors in the market and if you want to use Astropay, take a look at our recommended betting sites.


Logo SkrillSkrill is another e-wallet that is popular for people who don’t want to use their bank accounts or credit/debit cards directly at their sportsbook site. It’s a prepaid card that can be used anywhere that Visa is accepted. This is great because it provides easy access to cash when you withdraw winnings from your account, and it means you can also use it for other purchases in your day-to-day life, too. This adds a level of convenience.

You first sign up for a Skrill account on their site. Then, you can keep all your information safe and secure because you’ll only be providing your prepaid card information to the sportsbook provider and not the actual details of your payment method that you use to fund it.

Skrill allows you to easily switch from one sportsbook to the next, too, if you’re looking to find the best odds and take advantage of them. You can easily withdraw winnings from one casino to your Skrill account, then deposit them into another site. This is much quicker than withdrawing money and depositing using regular banking methods directly with the sportsbook and your financial institution.

Ultimately, most people will choose Skrill as an option to fund their sportsbook accounts because they want to protect their personal information and add a level of security to their online financial transactions. The fact that it’s a prepaid card gives additional benefits and conveniences that some other online payment methods do not. However, you’ll want to see all the pros and cons before deciding on your final option.


Logo NetellerNeteller is one of the longest-tenured e-wallets on the market. They were founded way back in 1999, at a time when a lot of the world was still getting used to the internet, let alone making payments on it. This gives Neteller somewhat of an advantage over some of its competitors, as it’s one of the most trusted online payment providers in the world.

Because of this, it’s also one of the most accepted online payment methods by sportsbooks across the world. One of the biggest advantages of using Neteller to fund your sportsbook account is that their deposits are typically instant. In other words, very quickly after you hit accept on the deposit, it is available in your sportsbook account. This really makes it extremely convenient, as you don’t have to wait a long period of time for payments to process.

Another great option that Neteller adds is the ability to get a prepaid card. Therefore, if you want to have your winnings from your sportsbook account deposited onto a prepaid card, you can choose that option. This would give you much quicker access to the funds that you withdraw from your sportsbook account, rather than waiting for them to be transferred over to your bank account for use. You can even take cash out of an ATM using your Neteller prepaid card. While you won’t be able to use Neteller anywhere in the world, in the locations that you can, it’s one of the top options available.


Logo PaypalPayPal is one of the industry leaders in e-wallets or online payment methods. In addition to being able to use PayPal to pay for goods and services online, you can also use it to send money to, or receive money from, friends and family for any number of reasons.

PayPal has been around for years, as it started as the exclusive online payment provider for eBay. After breaking off as its own independent company, PayPal has been soaring in popularity and function. You can fund your PayPal account using your bank account, credit cards or debit cards.

What’s great about PayPal today is that they also accept many different cryptocurrency payment methods. This allows you to use crypto in order to fund your PayPal account, which you can then use to fund your online sportsbook account. This is especially useful if you want to fund your sportsbook account using crypto, but they don’t accept it directly.

PayPal is so popular because it’s accepted nearly everywhere, and it’s extremely easy to use. You’ll be able to set up a new PayPal account in just minutes, and then start using it almost immediately once you’ve added payment accounts and verified them. Then, when you go to fund your sportsbook account, you won’t have to provide any of your personal information to the operator. You’ll have plenty of added levels of security when you’re making online financial transactions at online sportsbooks, too, which is another great benefit to using the service.

We Present New Betting Sites

New online betting sites are popping up every day it seems, and each new betting site is trying to draw Indian bettors in by giving a free bet offering or something else to entice them to switch. Our experts are always on the look out for new betting sites, and we will present each interesting new betting site on our website. When it comes to recommended betting sites, we will do the investigations so you don’t have to.

Big Logo Betrophy


Betrophy is the rising star among many bookmakers. Betrophy offers a great variety of thrilling sports and phantastic promotions for new and already registered users.

Sports Betting Sites in India – Frequently Asked Questions

The following FAQs will provide answers to some of your most important questions, including how to do responsible gambling, where to get a deposit bonus, an accumulator bet and more.

What is the Best Online Betting Site in India?

There is no one straight answer to this question, because it is a very personal question. Are you looking for top betting sites that offers live streaming and that’s really important to you? Are you looking for a really great deposit bonus? Are you looking for certain markets? Because of how individual it is, we present various sites for all bettor types so that you can find the one that would work best for you. Just take a look at the most trusted betting sites and find the best live betting sites or or your favorite and most reliable betting platform.

How Do I Get a Welcome Bonus on an Indian Betting Site?

Many betting sites will offer a welcome bonus, also known as a first deposit bonus. We will break down which sites have these offers, and then send you directly to them to take advantage. In other words: We recommend betting sites with great welcome promotions. To get this welcome bonus, you need to sign up via our site and then register at the particular online sportsbook. This is the only way to take advantage of many of these offers.

How Do I Deposit Money on an Indian Betting Site?

If you want to bet online, you have to first deposit money. The process of depositing money in a sportsbook site is very simple. All you have to do is sign up for an account, then navigate to the site’s cashier page. Once there, you select your preferred deposit methods and then select an amount you want to deposit, such as 100 Indian Rupees. Once you have confirmed all the transaction details, the deposit will be processed. The money should be available in your online betting account right away so that you can start wagering on whatever sport you wish from their list of offerings.

Melbourne Cup
Outright odds
Verry Elleegant
Spanish Mission

How do I Withdraw Money from an Online Betting Site?

Similarly, the process of taking money out of your betting site account is very simple. All you have to do is navigate to the online betting site’s cashier page, and then select your preferred method of withdrawal from the list of available methods. Once you do that, you should select an amount you want to cash out, such as 100 Indian Rupees, then confirm the transaction and the withdrawal will be processed. Again, it may take a few days for the money to get into your account, depending on whatever method you chose. It won’t be instant like deposits.

Is it Possible to Use International Betting Sites?

We present a great list of international sites that accept players from India. Because Indian players are allowed to wager at sportsbooks that are based offshore, there are a lot of sports betting options where they can place their sports bets. This wide variety is great, but it can be hard to choose the best betting site from such a large list. This is why we do the work that we do to break down all the international sites so that you can choose which one you think would be best for you.

Are Betting Sites Legal in India?

Yes, betting sites are legal in India. We only provide you information on sportsbooks that are legal for players who are betting in India. We will never suggest that you break the law in your country by wagering at an online betting site that isn’t legal for you to do. We only suggest and detail legal sports betting sites that have legitimate licenses to offer sports gambling to players from India. After all, legal betting sites provide safe entertainment. If you want to read more about legal betting sites, or if you are looking for legal betting sites promotions, check out the promotions on this site. After all, online betting in India is getting more and more popular and legal betting sites play a huge role.

Big Logo Fun88


Fun88 is one of the most popular bookmakers. Fast registration and great welcome bonus are just two of the many perks Fun88 offers.

What is the Best Cricket Betting Site in India?

Many online betting sites offer cricket betting options and very few betting sites don´t provide cricket betting odds. Which cricket betting site in India is the best will again depend on your individual preferences. Most online betting sites provide cricket betting opportunities. The same apllies to the IPL betting sites.

This is why we present various sites for all cricket bettor types. We don’t want to give you only a single site or even two to choose from, because those sites might not be focused on what’s important to you. That’s why we cover so many different cricket betting sites so that you can choose the most popular betting sites that offer the features that most closely align with what you want. Take a look at our overview and select your favorite cricket betting site.

Who Offers the Best Sports Betting App?

Many online sportsbooks will offer sports betting apps. Which one offers the best one is a personal individual preference. You may be looking for sports betting apps that uses certain colors or lays out the wagers in a certain way. You may be looking for an app that’s available on both iOS or Android devices, or both so you can wager on all the devices you own. This is why we present betting sites that have different sports betting apps so that you can choose among the list for the one that appeals to you the most.

Sports Betting Sites in India – Conclusion

There is a lot to think about when you’re choosing a online betting site that accepts Indian players. We know that there is so much information out there and so many different sites to choose from that it can sometimes get overwhelming. That’s why you should rely on us to do all that legwork for you. Our team of experts does full breakdowns of all sports betting sites that accept Indian players so that you can make the best choice for you. We want you to have fun when you’re betting on sports, and we help make that happen for you.

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