Best Live Betting Sites 2023

Live betting sites are becoming extremely popular today, as live sports betting online is becoming the norm rather than an outlier offering. In play betting is great because you can track in game stats and how the match is going before you decide to place your sports betting wagers.

With so many sports betting sites in India available, though, it can be hard to find the best live betting sites. That’s what we’re here for, though, to help you make the best decision in online sports betting based on which sites offer the best in game betting options.

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What is In Play Betting?

Unlike traditional online betting, a live bet is a wager that you make at online betting sites after the game has already started. The top live betting sites will offer a ton of live betting markets so that you can place in play bets on different sports after the games have already started.

These things make live betting special_1

Normal betting is done before the game starts, which is why it’s called pre match bets. You can enjoy live betting, though, by getting live odds after the game has already started. This means you can watch matches and then decide which side is the best one to bet on.

We Show You the Best Live Betting Sites

There are so many live betting sites available today that offer football live betting and great betting odds that it can be hard to decipher which is the best live betting service. On our site, we do all the research for you so that you don’t have to. We analyze every in play betting site that has live wagers to show you your best options.

When you want to bet live, it’s also important to consider the other live betting features, such as whether the site has cricket live betting, a typical virtual live feed, free bets and any deposit bonus that you can use.






What Sports Are Available for Live Online Betting?

The best live betting sites will offer a range of sports on which you can place an in play wager. This means that a popular betting site would offer live betting services for popular sports such as table tennis, the Indian Premier League, European leagues, football live betting, horse racing and more.

You should be able to enjoy in play betting for all the major sports as well as some of the most popular sports events such as the World Cup. You should be able to place wagers on football that you want through an online bookmaker that offers both pre match betting and live betting. We’ll describe this more in detail in the following paragraphs.

Cricket Betting Opportunities

The best live betting sites will offer live bets to new customers and existing ones on most cricket matches. If they are offering live bets in India, then it’s in their best interest to have a huge range of traditional betting options and other bet types such as live bets.

Cricket betting fun

Most betting sites offer new customers in India great odds on live bets so they can win money after the match has already begun. Some will even offer a live stream of live events, so that they can watch live matches at the same time that they are placing bets.

This means you could watch an IPL match unfold on a virtual live feed and place live wagers on that match at the same time. This means you can be analyzing matches you are watching and then find yourself making money through live betting.

Enjoy Great Football Betting Opportunities


Football is one of the most popular sports in the world, and as a result, it’s one of the most popular live betting selections as well. Most in play betting sites will provide virtual live feeds of a live match, including the Indian Premier League.

After you use an initial bonus or exclusive promotions they offer, you can take a look at the live betting feature so to analyze stats such as ball possession to take advantage of the live betting tools.

Some of the live betting sites offer the biggest welcome bonuses that you can take advantage of to start your online gambling with a risk free bet or other wager deposit. You could also have options such as ACCA selection odds on football matches. Your betting adventure and online betting experience is enhanced when the best betting site offers a live streaming service to watch football matches live adding to the boosted odds of the ACCA.

Benefit from Kabaddi Betting Possibilities

You can unlock free bets on live betting sites that offer the opportunity to bet live on Kabaddi. Most live betting sites that cater to Indian players will offer the option to bet live on this sport. This will allow you to follow the in game stats while you’re watching the virtual live feeds of the matches to see which team you think is going to win, or cover the spread.

Mobile Fun88_1

Then, you can take a look at the live betting market through a live betting legal site to place an in play bet that can win money. The best betting sites will have a live streaming feature that will give you. stake contribution to a huge range of live wagers on kabaddi. Our site will detail for you all the different sports that the live betting platforms offer and which ones do the best job.

Field Hockey

If you’re looking for the best live betting sportsbook that offers in game stats, live streaming and the chance to love betting live on field hockey, then you should read our site. In addition to cricket live betting, we know that live betting is popular for field hockey in India. This is why the best live betting sites that we break down will all offer in play betting for sports betting options on field hockey.

Even though the sport isn’t as popular across the world, a great live betting site in India that is among the best sports betting site should offer live betting options on field hockey. They should also offer a wide range of live bets, in addition to the pre match betting options that they typically would offer. Live betting sites online in India will feature great options for in play betting for field hockey.






Types of Live Sports Betting Wagers

On the best live betting sites, you will be able to make a live bet in a number of different categories. Live sports betting works a lot like traditional betting, only you place wagers after the game has already started. In addition to a range of sports you can wager on live matches, there will be a number of betting selections for you to choose from.

We’ll explain a betting feature below that is some of the most popular for live sports on a live betting site. This will describe your live betting options at the online sports betting site that you choose.

Moneyline – A Common Bet

The moneyline is the simplest live betting option that you can choose. All you will do with this online sports betting option is pick the team or club that you think will ultimately win the game or match. Among all the betting features, this is the most straightforward, because you don’t need to pay attention to any other sports betting terminology such as a point spread.

FC Chelsea vs. Tottenham Hotspurs

Some of the best live betting options for players is to place a live bet on the moneyline. While watching live streaming games on the best live betting site, you can place a live bet that just concerns the outright winner of the game. When you’re starting out your live betting adventure, you should consider using bet credits if you have any so you can enjoy betting live on the moneyline to try it out.

Bet on the Full Time Result

Many players will follow live betting tips that steer them toward a sites live betting choices for the full time result. This is simply picking the winner of the match over the full time of the match, with overtime and any penalty kicks included, for instance with football.

When you’re betting with bet credits open, you can choose to use a free bet on live sports that are happening through the live streaming service, and choose the outright winner of the game.

Sports betting sites will offer live betting choices for a live bet that only looks at the full time result, and doesn’t look at any handicap line. This allows you to simplify the live betting you do at sports betting sites so it’s not too complicated. Because of the simplicity, it’s one of the most popular forms of live betting at a live sports betting site that’s available.






Handicap Bets for Better Entertainment

Among live betting features, the type of live bet that’s most popular is probably the handicap line. You can use a deposit bonus or welcome bonus on the best live betting site for handicap lines. In this betting live type, the sports betting sites will set a betting line that’s called the handicap.

In a football match, for example, it might be one team -1.5 goals. This means that to win a live betting wager on the favorite, that club would need to win by at least 2 goals. To win a live sports betting wager on the underdog, that club would need to lose by 1 goal or fewer.

The live betting features here will update the handicap line as the match progresses. When one team scores a goal, for instance, the betting sites will update the live betting handicap line to reflect what’s happening on the live streaming event.






Over/Under Bets

When searching through the best live betting sites, you can just decide to focus on the total number of points or goals scored in a match and not which team wins on the live streaming feed. You can use a deposit bonus or welcome bonus to simply choose on the sports betting sites whether you think the total points or goals scored in a match will be more (over) or less (under) than a number the live betting site set.

Bonus Betrophy
Betrophy offers a great deposit bonus

Again, this live betting line will update as the live streaming game advances. So, the actual over/under line itself might adjust on the live betting line, or the best odds may just adjust on the live betting over/under line. A lot of times, this live betting offering is called a “total.” Live betting falls a lot on the over/under line, as it’s very popular because you only need to root for points or goals, and not a specific team.

Live Betting Features

There are many live betting features that sites will offer. These features are specific to live betting options that are offered on the gambling site, and aren’t offered to the traditional types of pre match wagers.

These features make live betting so much more fun, and provide bettors with more options to analyze the live betting games they can watch through live streaming services. In the following few paragraphs, we’ll discuss some of these most common live betting features that are available.

Benefit from Best Sites & In Game Stats

Live betting success revolves a lot around what’s going on in a game as it’s unfolding, obviously. Unlike other sports betting types or casino games, live betting is all about adjusting on the fly. If you’re unable to actually watch the game on a live streaming service, you’ll have to rely on in game statistics to help you make your live betting selections.

Football betting mobile devices
Enjoy best live betting opportunities

Many live betting sportsbooks will offer you real-time in game stats as the matches are progressing so that you can see how the teams and players are performing. These stats will help you make the best choice on where to use your welcome bonus or deposit bonus on a live betting app.

Again, if you’re unable to watch a feed of the game on a live streaming service, these in game stats can really help you make your decision on which live betting wager to make.






Multi Live Betting gives You the Thrills

Some live betting apps will offer you the ability to place multi live bets, which is basically tying multiple wagers together. These are sometimes referred to as parlay bets. In these types of wagers, you will select multiple games or outcomes that you want to wager on. Then, you’ll place your live betting wager on all of those in a single bet ticket.

soccer stadium

In order for your multi live betting ticket to win, each of the separate wagers within that ticket have to be successful. If even one of the wagers proves to lose, then the entire multi live betting wager will lose. This makes this type of wager much riskier than just a straight bet. However, the flip side to that is that the payout is much, much better.

The odds you will get on a successful multi live bet are much higher than straight single-game bets. This is one reason why bettors love it.

Live Stream Every Game

It can be difficult to place a live betting wager if you aren’t able to watch the game as it’s happening. At the same time, you won’t always have access to watch these games on your local TV stations, especially for international sporting events.

To help you out with that, the best live betting site will offer live streaming so that you can watch the games you are betting on right from their site. This is great for people who love live betting, and/or who can’t be around a TV all the time. This feature is especially great if you’re on the road or not in front of your computer.

This is a great feature to help make your live betting wagers more successful, and it’s also a lot of fun, too. You don’t have to place a wager in order to use the live streaming, either.

Watch out for Cashout Opportunities

Another feature of live betting sites is called a cash out. With this feature, you’ll be able to end your bet early, starting at a certain time, depending on how you’re feeling about your wager. This cash out option isn’t always available at all sportsbooks, and it’s not always available on all matches, either.

The cash out can be beneficial if you’re team is winning by a lot, and you don’t want to risk the game flipping scripts and you losing. Conversely, if your team is losing by a lot, you could mitigate your losses with a cash out, by just ending the wager before the game ends and at least getting some money back.

The cash out amount you will get will be different for each match, and will depend on how the match is looking. The cash out will be larger if it’s in your favor, and less if it’s not.






Live Betting Opportunities on Mobile Devices

Our experts will scour the internet for live betting sites that can be used on any device, and are compatible with any operating system. This is extremely important, as the live betting site you choose should work for however and wherever you want to use it.

FC Chelsea
Tottenham Hotspurs

Mobile betting is so popular today, and it’s the perfect fit for live betting, too. That’s why we focus on covering only sites that have great mobile betting platforms, some of which even offer a live betting app.

Requirements for Mobile Wagering

If you want to wager on a mobile device with live betting, there are several requirements that you should follow. First, make sure that you have a modern mobile device. Some of the older smartphones and tablets may not have the requisite software to be able to run the live betting site properly.

Also, make sure that even if you have a newer mobile device, that you update the operating system to take advantage of all the latest features.

In addition, you’ll need to make sure you have a stable internet connection. Because live betting happens so quickly, you’ll want to be able to jump on a line you like immediately. If you don’t have a stable internet connection, then live betting on a mobile device will be very hard to do. Those are the main things you should pay attention to from a technology standpoint for live betting on mobile.

Useful Tips for Better Chances

If you want to be successful at live betting, there are some tips that you should follow. While live betting is a lot like more traditional forms of sports betting, there are some unique features that you should pay attention to.

In the following paragraphs, we provide you with some of the best live betting tips that you should pay attention to if you want to be more successful.

Know Your Teams

To be successful at live betting, you really need to be familiar with the teams that are involved in a match. Because you’ll have to make quick decisions on the fly, you should know things like whether one team typically starts out slow and then finishes strong.

If this is the case, then you could take advantage of a live betting line if that team falls behind early but you think they’ll win in the end. Having a good working knowledge of the teams involved in a game is really important for live betting.






Keep Your Budget in Mind

You should always have a set budget in mind whenever you do any kind of betting. This is especially important for live betting, though, as it moves so quickly that it’s easy to get out of control quickly, too. Once you find a site with convenient payment methods that doesn’t have your preferred payment methods (convenient deposit methods) excluded, then you need to set your own internal budget.

Make sure not to go over this budget, even if you are unsure if your bets are going to be successful. This will help keep you on track, and make sure you don’t spend more than you want to spend.

Pros and Cons of using live betting sites

There are several pros and cons to live betting sites that you should be aware of. In the following paragraphs, we’ll detail the most common and popular pros and cons of these sites so that you can make the best decision for you on a live betting sportsbook.

5 Important Pros

  • Can wager after a game starts to get a good feel on what’s happening
  • Can take advantage of great odds
  • Can get specific bonuses for live betting
  • Can watch games live on the site
  • Can take advantage of washouts

2 Disadvantages

  • Need a good internet connection to do it
  • Lines change quickly as the game progresses


Even after reading the above, you may have some questions that you need answered about live betting. If it is all new to you, it’s important to understand all aspects of it so that you can have the most fun when doing live betting at a site.

In the following paragraphs, we’ll cover these most common frequently asked questions, and provide you with the answers, so that you can know all the aspects of live betting before you start doing it.

What Sports Are the Best for Live Betting?

Some of the best sports on the Indian market for live betting are cricket, ice hockey, football, field hockey and kabaddi. Football is especially popular for live betting, as it is a little slower-paced, so it gives bettors a chance to respond to what’s going on in the match while also staying up with the changing betting lines or to bet on the final score or to bet in play.

That being said, the other popular sports in India are really great for live betting, too. If you can follow the match as it’s going on, and have a great internet connection, all of these sports are great fits for live betting.

Can You Win Money from Live Betting on Sports Online?

You can absolutely win money live betting on sports online. In fact, it is one of the most common ways that bettors will win money when they’re betting on sports. Online sportsbooks make it very easy to do live betting, as they provide all the tools necessary on mobile devices so bettors can follow along changing lines and making wagering selections immediately. T

his is one of the best parts about online sports betting. Live wagering, in fact, became so popular because of the technical capabilities of online sportsbooks.

How are Odds calculated?

Live betting odds are calculated in much the same way that odds for traditional lines are calculated. The sportsbooks will analyze the likelihood of one team winning the game, or covering a spread or going over a game total.

With live betting lines, though, they’ll also take a look at how much time is left in the match, whether there have been any injuries and/or whether one team simply doesn’t look good as they were expected to look pre game. Then, the sportsbook will adjust the original line to reflect the live line. 


Live wagers are one of the most popular forms of betting today, and for good reason. It’s a great way that bettors can have fun wagering on sports while watching games at the same time. It allows bettors to get a feel for how the game is progressing before they making their choice as to which wager they want to place.

This gives them the opportunity to see if one team is performing better or worse than expected and if any main players suffered an injury, for example. Our experts will help you find the best live wagering site in India so that you can have the most fun.

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