Best Free Bets in India 2023

The online betting industry is very developed, so the competition is huge. When it comes to online betting, bookmakers are increasingly offering their customers free bets (No deposit free bet, Deposit Bonus etc).

The competition offers increases on regular basis with the goal of attracting as many users as possible which is an opportunity for players to make a profit without the risk of investing a lot of their money. If you are new to the world of betting, you have all the needed information about the betting site that has the best free bet offers right here.

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What are the Best Free Betting Sites?

Free bets, and especially those without a deposit, you will most likely not find in stationary bookmakers, ie. in bookmakers’ offices. Each of these bookmakers has its own website describing the bonus offer, and, among other things, possible free bets credits. In order not to waste a lot of time looking for bonuses, we decided to help you and bring you a list of the best free bets on the market, available for players from India.

How do Best Free Bets Work?

Free bets work similarly to qualifying bets in that they are placed on a suitable selection at the bookmaker and then laid against the same selection at a betting exchange. Matching bets is simple, and I’ve included a description of the process in my matched betting tutorial.

Legal sports betting fun

You’ll lose your lay bet at the exchange if your free bet wins at the bookmaker. You’ll win your lay bet at the exchange if your free bet loses at the bookmaker. In any case, your two bets cancel each other out, leaving you with a tidy profit because the bookmaker paid for the free bet stake!

Your free bet will normally be credited as a free bet tokens, which you can choose in your bet slip. You can normally withdraw free bet winnings without any restrictions.

How can You Claim a Free Multiple Bet?

Most betting sites have a few. In the next section, we will go through each of the steps in detail, so you know what to expect and how to use customer free bets.

First step: How to Register?

Thanks to detailed research conducted by our team of experts we are able to showcase to you the best websites that offer free bets. We highly recommend you to register on these presented websites and claim a free bet deposit bonus, as well as a free bet sign-up bonus. Registering on the websites listed on our platform is convenient, and it is fairly easy to complete the procedure.

Website 22Bet

Second step: Claim Your Favorite Offer

After you register on the sports bet website, you will be asked to make your first deposit using a valid payment method. The next step would be to place a first sports bet. The number of free bet credits will depend entirely on the amount of money you have spent on your first bet.

Third step: Place the Bet

After this you are able to proceed and place a bet using this offer. The variety of betting choices to do so depends on your needs and preferences.






What Type of Free Bets exists?

Considering that free bets offers are extremely popular among betters worldwide, it is no surprise that betting sites include a variety of them in their offer. Some of them are more favorable than others. We are sure that an average player could find the best risk-free bet.

Freebet can literally be interpreted as free betting. It’s the type of bonus where you get money. The only flaw with the free bets bonus is that you can’t withdraw that money, you can only spend it on tickets. So, you just have to look at that bonus as something that will help you bet for free bets valid.

Bonus Betrophy

In many cases, the free bet bonus allows you to invest that money in just one game or one ticket and prohibits any combination. Sometimes, there are also certain requirements when it comes to the minimum quotas allowed for investing free bet money, they have to own money. But, we will cover those later in the article.

A free bet is essentially the amount that an online bookmaker adds to your account, and with that money, you can only bet on a certain category. The difference between free bet and regular betting is that if the ticket is invalid, you do not lose anything, and when you win, your earnings are a stake plus the winnings, while with a free bet stake you only win.






Stake not Returned Free Bets – Bet Without Risking Money

When it comes to free qualifying bets, in the case of winning a bet, only the free bet winnings are attributed to the player, without stakes. This means that if you bet the amount of 1000 rupees on the odds of 2.0 and you have a winning qualifying bet, the amount of only 1000 rupees will be added to your account.

At the same time, no amount will be deducted from your account when placing a free qualifying bet. Such free bets are commonly called Stake Not Returned Bets (SNRs). The biggest advantage of this type of promotion is that in the vast majority of cases after you have placed your first, qualifying bet and then played a free bet, you no longer have any restrictions on the disposal of your own funds.

Matched Free Bet – Turning Free Bets into Real Money

To put in simple words, matched betting is an advanced betting strategy by which bookmakers take advantage of bonuses and promotions, free bets, that the bookmaker gives them, by making safe free bets by betting on all possible outcomes of a match.

soccer stadium

Even though this method requires a good portion of patience and knowledge, it is highly profitable. On our website, you will be able to find the best betting sites where you would be able to practice this method.

Matched Deposit Free Bets – Use them Wisely

The matched deposit bonus is pretty simple – your bookmaker will match the portion of your first deposit in the form of bonus funds. The most beneficial thing about pairing offers for deposits is that you can significantly boost your bank fund.

This means you can take risks in markets where you may not have risked your own money, for example, you can place a bet on an outsider, instead of on the favorite. The matched deposit bonus also offers players versatility as they do not have to deposit a large amount to activate the bonus – all you need to do is meet the minimum deposit requirements.

Boosting the Usual Betting Odds – Here is How

Often players in online casinos or bookmakers will come across bonuses that are very simple but very useful. One of such is an enhanced odds bonus that will allow players to win more at games and events where the winnings would be noticeably smaller. This type of bonus is mostly reserved for existing players as a sign of reward and loyalty appreciation.






Risk Free Bonus – Try Your Luck Without Risks

Many online bookmakers offer so-called free bets without the risk of promotions upon registration. In fact, they are the most common welcome bonus offer on the Indian market. Essentially, these are the type of free bet welcome bonuses given to new users.

In case you place a bet, and place a bet and win (which is a goal), you have your winnings paid. We’ll also discuss some topics on bet credits stake having full t cs apply customers.

But what happens when you place qualifying real money bet and lose? The bookmaker will return your money in the form of bet credits, or a free bet, and then you can use those free bets credited (i.e. 30 in free bets) for future plays.

Which Sports can You Use Free Bets on?

Most free bet betting sites don’t have restrictions when it comes to which sports you can use free bets on. The variety of choices is vast, and we are sure that you will be able to find an impressive list of sports on whichever betting site you chose.

Mobile Fun88_1

That being said, most common sports betters players prefer sports like Soccer, Cricket, Kabaddi, Basketball, Volleyball, Tennis, to name a few. New customers can also use their free bet. On our website, you will be able to find the best betting sites for Indian players that include these sports in their offer.

Difference Between Bonuses & Free Bet Bonuses Offer?

Both bonuses and free bets can be beneficial. Still, free bets are usually much simpler when it comes to making a profit because they only have to be placed once, while for bonuses you normally have to be bet many times.

It is recommendable to read the full t cs apply for bonus or free bet offers you want to participate in. This is particularly true for bonuses as some of them may have high betting conditions which can mean that a lot of your money is tied to the bonus funds if your bets placed with the bonus continue to win.

There is normally a fixed time when you have to qualify for betting with bonuses, so this is essential to recognize because if you fail to stop betting on time, your bonus balance and winnings may be missed which is likely to result in overall bet losses. In general, free bet stakes are not repaid, whereas bonus stakes are.

This implies that if you win a free bet worth, you will receive the winnings but not the free bet stake. If you bet on something with a bonus and it wins, the bonus stake will be returned to you along with your profits. That may appear to be a good deal, but there’s a catch. Before a bonus may be withdrawn, it must be rolled over a specified number of times. System bets availability varies as well.






What are Wagering Requirements for Free Bets Bonuses?

It would be almost impossible to find an online betting site that doesn’t provide a variety of bonuses and promotions to both new and existing customers in today’s hyper-competitive world of online betting.

When deciding which online betting site to use, it’s critical to weigh all of the options and determine which is ideal for you. The overall value of the bonuses is vital to compare, but the wagering conditions that may be applied to the bonuses are the most significant consideration to consider.

Wagering Requirement – Bonus Duration

Oftentimes, when you are given a sports betting bonus, you have several days in which you have to use that bonus. Most bonuses terminate after a set amount of time.

Free bets are often credited upon qualifying bet settlement and are valid for 7 days. You usually need to have completed the wager requirements by the date given– otherwise, you may miss the bonus money.

The solution to this common requirement is simple-you just need to be careful not to miss the deadline. We advise you to check your bonus balance from time to time if you don’t plan on spending it right away. In that case, you won’t risk-free bets wagering occurs.

Minimum & Maximum Odds for Free Bets

The most common form of restriction on free bets is minimum odds as a requirement. Again, this varies from bookmaker to bookmaker and the minimum odds can be 1.5 min odds up to 2.00 min odds to qualify for a Free Bet.

However, these minimum odds vary from betting site to betting site. The same rule applies to the maximum odds wagering requirement. Free bet wagering occurs when bookmakers often restrict bets on certain high odds, and therefore, you are left with fewer choices.

Maximum Withdrawal Amount

Even with bonus money, the terms mean you have to play that same bonus money a pre-decided number of times before you are permitted to withdraw it. However, the trouble comes when there is an extra layer of minimum withdrawal requirements, which further complicates matters.

Live Chat
Small Logo Fun88
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Small Logo Betway
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Small Logo 20Bet

These free bet conditions are obligatory and if you do not meet them, your bonus money will never be turned into real money that you can withdraw. An extra thing to note is that some games provide you with much less to suit your requirements than others.

Restriction According to Country of Residence

Next to the above-mentioned requirements, there is one that is equally important. This wagering requirement is tied to the country of residence, i.e. the country you’re playing. Some betting sites are more versatile than others. On our website, you will be able to find the best websites that are available to players in India and are eligible for bonus bets.

Deposit Methods Restrictions

Some online betting sites have restrictions when it comes to depositing methods, i.e. which payment method the betting sites accept. It is highly recommendable to check the full terms and conditions of the selected bookmaker before placing the first bet.

Deposits available in
Duration of withdrawals
payment method logo tablepress table skrill
Within 15 minutes
2-5 days
payment method logo tablepress table neteller
Within 15 minutes
2-5 days
payment method logo tablepress table visa
Max. 24 hours
2-5 days
payment method logo tablepress table mastercard
Max. 24 hours
2-5 days

Additionally, many gambling sites have deposit limits, which means you won’t be able to deposit more than a specific amount in a single transaction. This limit is usually set between 10,000 and 20,000 rupees, and there’s no way to get around it unless you make two or more payments.

If you’re a high roller who wants to deposit more money, we recommend looking for a site that doesn’t have any deposit limits. Finding a trustworthy poker room, casino, or sportsbook that doesn’t compel you to limit your payments shouldn’t be difficult.

Use Bonus Code if it is Available

There are plenty of ways to find free bet codes. The internet is a big place, and hundreds of websites feature popular free bet codes you can use to get bonuses. Some online databases are designed to provide access to all available bonus code offers for the latest free bets or any other bookmaker bonus (like a free bet welcome bonus or deposit bonus) available in India.

Since there are so many available bookmakers in India alone, browsing each platform and its offers is a very time-consuming task. Therefore, it is more advisable to let us guide you through the process so you don’t waste your time or money.






What are the Pros & Cons of Most Free Bets?

There are some pros and cons when it comes to free bets betting and it is important to address those, for your ultimate free bets profits. In the next paragraphs, we will cover all the pros and cons, so you could get a better understanding of these free bet offers.

What are the Pros of a Free Bets Offer?

Fortunately, because bonus bets are quite lucrative, there are numerous benefits to free bet offerings. A free bet offer is a promotion that gives bettors a certain amount of money in exchange for placing a wager with a bookmaker.

  • risk free
  • variety of offers
  • stimuli for loyal customers
  • profitable bonus offers
  • ability to try out new strategies

What are the Cons of a Free Bets Offer?

Some of the qualifying bets disadvantages are:

  • When you get a free qualifying bet, you normally have to match the bookmaker’s investment with your own.
  • Valid for 7 days mostly

After you’ve met that requirement, you’ll be able to withdraw any wins from the promo cash only after you’ve wagered at least four times the value of your initial bonus, and these bets have been fully settled. So, even if you had 1000 rupees in promo cash, you’d have to wager at least 4000 rupees of your own money before free bet wagering occurs and you are able to make any withdrawals.

Free Bets for Existing Customers

There are several online bookmakers available in India that are always trying to offer new and improved promotions to existing clients in order to keep free bets punters using their betting sites, and we’ve identified the best of what they have to offer.

Football betting mobile devices
Enjoy mobile betting opportunities

You’ll want to know what the betting site has to offer in terms of betting deals to keep you committed after you’ve taken advantage of an initial offer. It’s important to be recognized for your continuing patronage, and a lot of bookmakers go above and beyond to do so.

Reload Bonus for Free Bets

A reload bonus that is only available to players who have previously placed a qualifying deposit at the bookmaker. A method for bookmakers to reward regular customers for returning to their site.

A reload bonus is available to players who already have an account. Otherwise, we’ll be jumping from one free bet welcome bonus to the next, never settling down. However, if we periodically get a little extra and are rewarded every time we make a qualifying deposit, we won’t have to look as hard for fresh bonus offers and mobile sites.

Best of all, because reload bonuses are typically lower in percentage, wagering requirements are frequently lower as well, giving you a better chance of recouping your losses. It boosts the amount of money you get to play that night in exchange for being a loyal customer. You can easily opt out if you don’t want to go through the bonus bets only wagering requirements.






Loyalty Bonus offer for Free Bets Betting

A betting site may give a loyalty bonus as a means of rewarding you for betting with them over a long period of time. Consider it akin to being able to get a free trip or an upgrade for amassing air miles – you’re getting rewarded for spending a certain amount of time and money with that specific firm.

Loyalty benefits are normally in the form of a free qualifying bet or a series of free bets, but certain betting firms have been known to reward punters with branded items or tickets to sporting events on occasion. The sites we present accet players from India and have licenses one or more of the following regulation organizations.

Betting Regulation Organizations

The most typical way to reward loyalty is with free bets. The bookies are well aware that a large number of punters are always on the search for free bets for existing customers. When an existing customer sees a free bet in his or her betting account, there will almost never be a complaint!

If you receive a loyalty incentive in the form of a free bet, be aware that it usually comes with a wagering requirement that must be completed before any profits may be withdrawn. They’re still a nice free bet offer to have; just make sure you understand any terms and conditions that come with it.

Additionally, as bookmakers want to reward clients for their loyalty, free bet clubs are becoming increasingly popular. They provide loyal customers with the opportunity to earn free bets for betting on a regular basis. The bigger the qualifying bet, the bigger the prize. Joining a free bet club is always recommendable.

Frequently Asked Questions – Free Bets:

We understand that free bets can be a bit overwhelming, considering there is a lot of information surrounding them. For that reason in the next paragraphs, we will go through some of the most frequently asked questions and answer them in detail.

Can You Cash Out Free Bets?

When you cash out a wager, it means you can cancel it before the event’s planned end time. This means that the play determines what kind of return is collected. The inability to cash out is a common condition of free bets paid.

This applies to both the qualifying free bet stakes required to receive a free bet and the use of the free bet credits received. Check the free bet offer’s terms and conditions to determine if this is the case; in most cases, it is.






Do Free Bets Expire?

Of course, when you get free bets, there are generally some conditions attached. One of them is the expiration date,i.e. free bet expiry. The duration of the expiry date can range from being valid for 7 days to 30 days or more. A longer schedule is obviously preferable because it allows you to be more patient while waiting for the proper opportunity to strike.

There may not be an expiry date, but rather an expiry event, depending on how the free bet was acquired. For example, if you place a futures qualifying bet on the Premier League the season begins, you may be eligible for a free bet or bonus bet.

Can you Withdraw Money from Free Bets credited?

No, no matter how much free bet value you receive, you will not be able to withdraw this sum. The free bets must be used in a specific manner over a given length of time, sometimes they are valid for 7 days.

They can be utilized in sportsbook events, for example, with 1.5 minimum odds for the selections made. Any winnings from them can be added to your actual cash balance and withdrawn once the terms and conditions have been met. Free bets exclude virtuals.

If I win Money on a Free Bet, can I Keep the Profits?

Mostly, you cannot exchange bets for money. Again, the terms and conditions that come with the free bets offer will determine this. After a qualifying bet has been settled, a free bet may be credited to your account immediately.

Sometimes, the term can be as short as 24 hours after an initial deposit. It all depends on the terms and conditions, but it is unlikely that they will take too long to arrive.

Are Free Bets Really Free?

Free bets might simply make your betting experience better by increasing your betting bankroll. They can only provide you with good results if you make wise choices with them. Free bets are more valuable for new customers. They are a great way to improve your betting strategy, but the fact is that even though they are free, they are a form of bait for players to spend more money.

It’s crucial to do your research on the min odds you want to place with your free bets because understanding that your real balance first wagering has increased gives you additional possibilities to play wisely and spread your risk.

Do all the Odds Qualify for Free Bets?

It entirely depends on bookmakers that offer free bets. However, the practice has shown, due to the fact that the free bet amount will not be returned, it is recommended to place a free bet at high odds in order to maximize your profit, exchange bets excluded.

Keep in mind that the higher the odds, the higher the risk of your lay bet. If your free bet wins, you’ll need to have that amount in your exchange account to cover your bet loses. It’s possible that you won’t have enough exchange qualifying bets funds to choose the most profitable alternative. There’s nothing wrong with putting your free bet at minimum odds and collecting a smaller profit if that’s what you require.

Summary – We show You the Best Free Bet Offers

Hopefully, this article has provided you with enough information to go ahead and try your hand at betting. You might also want to have a look at our reviews of specific bookmakers – not just because we try hard to be neutral, but also because we always include links to the finest bonus offers the bookies are currently offering, for a chance to earn more free bets.

And keep in mind that there are no actual drawbacks to taking advantage of as many bonuses offers as you can, so you should definitely try out additional bookies. You’ll not only get some free money to play with, but you’ll also be able to check out the entire market before committing to your favorite bookmaker. Sports betting is a difficult thing to master.

Winning is a difficult task. Free bets are a fantastic method to boost your chances of winning. Any chance you get to get some free bet online bonuses is one you should seize with both hands! Good luck with your wagering, and remember to bet responsibly as always!

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