In Cricket How Many Players Are There?

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If you’re new to playing cricket or just watching international matches, you may be wondering how many players are on a cricket team. When you see a cricket match, there are two teams that will face off against each other — the fielding team and the batting team. But, how many players will be in the match for each of the teams?

That’s a question that people who aren’t too familiar with the sport of cricket, whether it’s men’s or women’s cricket, might ask. And that’s the question that we’ll answer below, as well as describe some of the top positions in a cricket match.

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How Many Players are on a Cricket Team?

Understanding how many players a cricket team consists of is important not just to know how a cricket match works, but to understand how to score runs and what runs scored so far in a game. In international formats and all other forms of cricket, there will be eleven players on each of the two teams.


That means there will be 22 players in a cricket game, whether it’s a test match or other format of cricket. The game is played between two test cricket teams of 11 players each, and the goal will be to score runs at a larger total than the other team.

One team bat while the other team will be considered the fielding side. The game will then progress as the national teams play the game out in the field over two innings. There will be two umpires on the field at all times, too, with a third umpire standing off to the side to help the team batting.

What are Players Called in a Cricket Match?

A cricket team consists of the 11 players, and that includes one person as the captain, one as the wicketkeeper, as well many other players who will be termed batsmen and bowlers. The batting team will be considered batsmen while the other will play in the field.

Stadium 7
Birds eye view of a cricket stadium

Each team gets to decide how many batsmen and bowler they have on the team, though the captain usually comes up with a nice balance of the two so they can play the game better. In test cricket, the captain may switch around the construction of those who have played in a game because of things like matchups or bad weather.

Are There 12 or Eleven Players on a Cricket Team?

Each team in cricket will have 12 players total. The twelfth man is chosen by the captain as the substitute fielder. He’ll serve as the reserve in the game by the captain, and he’ll be able to play in the cricket game if he is substituted in. The captain may choose to do this if too many runs scored against them in the game, or if the play is dictating that a change needs to be made.

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Remember, that the goal of the game is to score runs at a higher pace than the opponent. But, the key difference between the two cricket sides in a game is that one will play to score runs while the other will play to try to prevent them.

Important Positions in Test Cricket

There are many important individual positions in a cricket game. Understanding what each is and what they’re responsible for will help you understand how cricket works more easily.

In the following sections, we will break down information for some of the most important positions when you play cricket. These positions will apply for all the different forms of cricket, as one is not different than another from the aspect of the positions that are in play.

These explanations should help you understand better which positions are the important ones in cricket, no matter what format of the game you are talking about.







The bowler is responsible for bowling the batter out. He does this in one main way — by bowling the ball past the batsmen as he’s popping crease to make sure he doesn’t get any boundary scores.

When a bowler bowls, he has to do so rather consistently. This will prevent the batsmen from being able to score some runs easily. This position will try to get the ball beyond the batsmen and then take his wickets in the process.

Each player who plays this position will typically bowl about six balls. After that, the next player on his team will take over for this position from the other side of the field. Then, it will continue on again in the same fashion as it did before.

Wicket Keeper

This position is one of the more important in a cricket game. The wicketkeeper has one of the most important responsibilities on the field. He’ll be responsible for going and retrieving the ball just about every time that it is bowled.

The only time this won’t happen is the batsman hits the ball to another part of the field. The wicketkeeper has to always be ready to take on every ball that ends up coming their way.


The slip is responsible for catching most of the balls that the batsmen put into play. Because of this, they have to have great hand-eye coordination. They also must be able to quickly and effectively react to the ball coming off the bat so that they are able to track it down.






Fly Slip

The Fly Slip will be positioned quite far from the batsman and the other Slips on the side. He’ll be close to the 30-yard circle, in fact. He’s called this because he’ll be lining up close to where the second pitch is actually kept covered.

Third Man

The third man has a lot of ground to cover on a field. By doing this, he’ll try to prevent more runs from being scored after a ball has been struct well and has already resulted in at least one run being scored by the batting side.


The point is typically considered to be a team’s best fielder. He is responsible for making the catches that are the most challenging. In this role, he is ultimately responsible for catching balls that run away from the players.







The Sweeper is also sometimes called the deep cover, the deep extra cover or the deep midwicket. He’ll be located close to the boundary on either the on side or off side. This player will typically be defensive-minded in his approach, and his primary job is to prevent an opponent from scoring a four when they are at bat. This is why the sweeper is considered more of a defensive player, since his job is primarily in prevention.


There are many different players in this sport, and each of them has a slightly different name and different responsibilities. It’s important to understand each of these positions and how the match works so that you can better understand what’s going on while you’re watching a match or betting on one.

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