What is Handicap in Betting?

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If you want to get into sports betting, one term that you’ll need to get familiar with is handicap betting. There are many handicap betting markets that you can choose from, but knowing which ones would be best for you depends on your thoughts on the playing field and what you think the final score will be.

But, if you don’t understand how handicap betting works, it’ll be hard to know whether you’ll be able to win your bet or not. That’s why it’s important to know the ins and outs of sports handicap betting before you start wagering. In this article, we’ll have handicap betting explained in full detail to help you out.

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Best Handicap Betting Sites

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Our handicap betting guide covers everything you’d need to know not only how handicap betting works, but all the best sites that you should consider placing your handicap bets at. So, if you’re looking for the best sites that offer handicap betting, check out our site first so you can make sure to win your bet.

What is a Handicap Bet?

A handicap bet is a type of wager that involves betting against a preset line that a sportsbook will set. Instead of just wagering on which team will win the game, you’ll be effectively betting against a made-up line.

This means that one team might win a match, but the final result will still result in having you lose your bet if they don’t cover the line.

The team winning the game isn’t necessarily the one that wins your bet. A team that loses the game can actually be a winning bet instead of a lost bet, as long as they cover the line. Handicap betting also refers to point totals, with lines set by sportsbooks based on the supposed better team being the favorite and the other team being the underdog for betting purposes.

What is the Difference Between Handicap and Spread Betting?

You may often hear the terms handicap betting and spread betting mentioned a lot. They are essentially the same thing, with one minor difference. A spread is a narrow term that typically refers to line betting. This deals with offering the best odds for the outcome’s perceived chances of actually happening in a matchup between two clubs. It could result in the favorite or the underdog winning.

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Handicap betting refers to any type of sports wager that includes a handicap line. It could include over/under wagers (based on the number of goals scored), a draw handicap bet (also known as a handicap tie) and different handicap betting markets such as a positive handicap and a a negative handicap. So, while there are similarities between the two, there are some differences, too.

Asian Handicap Betting

Asian handicap betting adds some excitement to the traditional European handicap markets, when it comes to football specifically. It was developed as a way to deal with the variance in football matches when it comes to a lot of chances and not a lot of goals.

In addition to full-point and half-point spreads, the Asian Handicap adds quarter-points. The split Asian Handicap divides one bet into when you’re wagering on a quarter-point.

For example, if you wager $20 on Manchester United +0.75, the split handicaps in Asian handicaps will give you a single Asian Handicap market bet of $10 on Manchester United at +0.5 goals and a $10 single Asian handicap bet on Manchester United at +1 goals.

The split Asian handicap bet will give you extra chances to win, since a draw will result in you winning both wagers.






Football Handicap Betting

Football handicap betting is one of the most popular single handicap market wagers to choose from. You can wager on all sorts of football betting options such as a Leeds win, a Chelsea win or anything else that might happen in a football match.


One betting technique that is unique to handicap betting markets apply to football is the three way handicap margins. Unlike the term Asian Handicap, the three way handicap betting market offers the option to bet on either team to win, or on the draw. The handicap tie option adds an extra level of betting than many other sports don’t offer.

The three way handicap bet is one of the most popular, with the handicap market offers Southampton wagers to either win, lose or draw in a particular match.

NFL Handicap Betting

American football is one of the most popular sports in the world, and it’s heavily bet on, too. Handicap league betting on the NFL is most popular in spread format, where you’ll pick a team to win a football game by a certain margin, such as the Dallas Cowboys. Like other sports, you can also wager on the over/under for the total number of points scored by the two teams combined.

The handicap draw doesn’t really apply to NFL handicap betting. While draw handicap betting ensures better odds for football with matches involving Manchester City, for example, it doesn’t really apply to the NFL.






Ruby Handicap Betting

Ruby handicap betting is very popular as well. Most sportsbooks will offer a wide range of handicap betting options on some of the top handicap leagues and clubs from around the world. The draw handicap markets don’t apply too much to rugby handicap betting, either, since it’s not as common.

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You can, however, wager on things such as the exact winning margin offered at some sportsbooks. This will incorporate not only picking the guaranteed winner of a match, but by how many exact points they win by. This increases the payout odds, but also makes it tougher to win.






How Does Handicap Betting Work in Basketball?

Handicap betting in basketball works similarly to the NFL. There are lines offered for the winner of a game, as well as for the over/under total for the game. You can wager on a number of different bets that are offered by sportsbooks, with the terminology being the same between the two sports.

How Does Handicap Betting Work in Cricket?

Handicap betting in cricket is a little more complex, only because it integrates wagers on series and individual accomplishments such as Top Batsman and Top Bowler. The sportsbooks will still set lines for various handicap betting options, and then you’ll be able to wager against those lines.


If you’re looking for the best handicap betting sites out there, or how handicap betting works, you should check out our site first. We cover everything from how handicap betting operates, to where you should wager on things such as the average club swimmer who is likely to win in an upcoming meet.

Our site has everything you’d need to know before wagering on handicap betting involving Manchester City, all of the top clubs and leagues in the world. We also provide explanations about how draw handicap betting alternatively gives you other options.

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