What is Double Chance in Betting?

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A double chance bet is something that is available for some types of sports events, but not others. In sports betting, this bet refers to matches in which there is a chance for a draw. If the game can’t end in a draw, then there is no possibility for the double chance bet to be offered.

The double chance bet is a great way of increasing your opportunities of winning, since there are three outcomes possible. It’s a good option for betting on football games with different potential outcomes. Lets take a closer look at what double chance bets are and how the double chance bet works.

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Best Double Chance Betting Sites

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Instead of looking around at the different sites yourself, we present all of the information you’d ever need about double chance bets right on our site. This cuts down the amount of work you’d have to do to find the best double chance betting sites, allowing you to simply look at the odds for the game that you want to be betting on in football.

The Basics of a Double Chance Bet

A double chance bet is basically a bet on a match or game where you will be wagering on two potential outcomes instead of just a single outcome. In that scenario of sports betting, there needs to be three outcomes possible for double chance betting to occur.

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That means there Neds to be the possibility that a game ends in a draw for double chance bets to be a possibility. In this sports betting type, you’ll be wagering on either the home team winning or a draw, the away team wins or draw, or the the home team wins or the away team wins.






Advantages and Disadvantages

There are many advantages and disadvantages to placing a bet on a double chance wager. The most obvious advantage of double chance bets is that you have more chances of winning your wager. To win, two outcomes can happen out of the three that are possible for a match. It allows you to increase your chance of winning the bet you place.

In other words, you will bet on a draw or a win by a particular team, or you can bet that the other team will win or draw. Finally, you can place bets on teams finishing a match in anything but a draw. The bet gives you double the chance to win in this scenario versus simple straight-up wagers.






One of the disadvantages to this type of betting is that the odds for the bet are typically lower. Because your chances of winning are higher on a double chance bet, then the odds are lower on the double chance bet. This is pretty typical of a sports wager, where the payout of the bet is reflective of what the likely outcome of bet is.

If you have a really strong feeling on one of the teams involved in a match, then, you might be better fit to place a bet on the single outcome rather than on the teams getting a win or draw.

So, the double chance wager is based around the odds of the outcome actually happening in the game. The typical odd on double chance betting is lower than what are the typical odds for single-outcome bets on the same game.

Possible Markets

Double chance wagering is typically available for any market where there are three potential outcomes of the game in question. For example, any market in which the outcome of the game can be a win for either team or a draw would be eligible for a double chance betting.

If this is a possibility at the sportsbook you choose, they will post what are the odds for each of the possible outcomes of bet. Football is a very popular sport to place double chance wagering on, because their matches can end in a draw. Even if you can´t find a double chance bet, the football betting market provides great odds, just have a look at this example.

FC Chelsea vs. Tottenham Hotspurs

How to Use Double Chance Wagers in Football Betting

As mentioned, football is one of a number of different sports where double chance wagering is available. If you’re looking to find the odds of a wager that would include double chance on football, you’ll want to familiarize yourself with how these odds are listed and what is the likelihood of each of them happening.

In the next few paragraphs, we’ll describe all the details of bet options for double chance for football, and how you might see them displayed on sportsbook sites.

The 1x Bet

When you’re looking at these wagers on sportsbook sites, the first team listed will be labeled as 1, the second team will be labeled as 2 and the draw will be labeled as X. These symbols are all pertinent to what each of the different types of double chance wagers are when you look at sportsbooks to win.


The 1x bet has to do with the first team listed winning a match, plus the draw. In this bet, you will be wagering on two outcomes — the first team listed winning a match, or a match ending in a draw. The only way that you lose this wager is if the second team that is listed ends up winning the match.

In this case, you will win if two of the outcomes end up happening, and only lose if the third outcome happens. It doesn’t matter what the final score is.

The X2 Bet

The X2 bet works the same way as the 1x bet, but in reverse. In this wager, you’ll be betting on two outcomes — whether the team listed second wins the match, or whether the match ends up being a draw. You will only lose this double chance wager if the team that is listed first ends up winning the match.

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Again, this is a type of wager where two of the three possible outcomes will result in you winning your wager. You will only lose if that third outcome is the one that ends up happening when the match is over.

It also doesn’t matter what the final score of the match is, where the match is played or anything else. It only matters what the final outcome of the match is, and whether that matches up with one of the two outcomes that you decided to wager on.

The 12 Bet

The 12 bet is the third possible combination that you can wager on with a double chance. In this instance, the two outcomes that you will be wagering on are – a win by the team listed first or a win by the team listed second. The only way that you lose this wager is if a match ends up as a draw.

Basically, you’re just betting that either of the teams involved in a match ends up actually winning at the end, and that it doesn’t end in a tie. This is an easy one to root for, as you just want one of the teams to actually be ahead of the other when the final whistle sounds.

You’ll win this wager if two of the three possible outcomes happen, and only lose if the draw is the end result. It doesn’t matter what the final score is.






Who Should Bet on the Double Chance Market?

A double chance market is a good option for sports bettors who are new to wagering. It gives a great chance to get to know how wagering works in general, and gives a good grasp on teams that are involved in various matches.

It also might be good for someone who’s looking to not risk a lot, and opt instead for a safer type of wager, where there are multiple possibilities of cashing in rather than losing.

Using DC as Part of Your Bet Strategy

Bettors can use double chance wagers as a hedge against big wagers that they have placed already. For example, if you have a big wager on one team in a match, then you can hedge against a tie happening by placing a double chance wager on the opposite side.

You could also place multiple double chance wagers on multiple matches to try to spread your money out more. This would give you more opportunities to wager and, hopefully, win.

How Can You Find the Best Opportunities?

If you’re looking for the top double wagering opportunities, it’s best to check out our site. Our team of experts has reviewed all of the different sites that offer this type of wager for many different markets, and we present them all to you in one place on our site.

We provide all the best information so that you don’t have to go searching for it on your own. We even provide tips and strategies for betting on sports, which you can use to find the top wagers for you.







This is a great alternative to wagering if you don’t want to place a bet just on one team winning a match. It gives you the opportunity to win your wager if your team wins or if a match ends up being a tie. It’s a great way to reduce your risk and hedge against bigger losses.

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