What is Back and Lay in Betting?

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There are many different ways to get winning bets with sports bets, and one way to do that is through back and lay betting. These bets are available at a regular sportsbook, except the main difference is you will be playing against other players instead of bookmakers.

Your potential profit here is basically the same as other typical bets at a bookmaker, with many potential outcomes to get a successful a wager. Let’s take a closer look at what this type of sports betting is and how you can be taking advantage of it.

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Best Back & Lay Betting Sites

If you’re looking for the best betting exchanges that offer the chance to to place lay bets and back bets, then you should check out our site. We present the best betting exchanges that offer lay betting so that you can use different betting strategies to win your bet against other sports bettors.

Our team of experts lays out the obvious benefit of back and lay betting, as well as the sportsbook that offers them. We help you see what could happen if you place these types of bets and they are successful.

What is a Betting Exchange?

A betting exchange is a marketplace where you can bet on the specific outcome of a game. These betting exchanges offer some of the same options to bet as a normal bookmaker, with a few differences. They also offer back and lay betting, in which they can buy or sell the outcome of an event in real-time.

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While there will be betting odds on lay bets and a back bet, the betting exchange charges a commission for playing these back and lay bets. They can occur on the same game that the same bet can be placed in the betting market, though the certain outcome that the player will be chasing is slightly different.

A betting exchange has been around for a while. Not every sportsbook will be termed betting exchanges because they won’t offer these back and lay options, though they will offer the same outcome that players try to bet on for a guaranteed profit.

What Exactly is a ‘Back’ Bet?

With a back bet, you are placing bets at betting sites where you are trying to predict a certain outcome. In other words, you are placing your own money on a bet where you are betting for something to happen. An example of this would be placing a back bet on Leicester City. This would mean your bet is on them to win when the game is over.

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Again, you are placing this wager against another player and not the bookmaker in this case. The only way that you win this back bet is if Leicester City actually wins the match when the game ends.

If your wager is successful, bookmakers will take a percentage of your bet. It’s normally 5% of your profit. The back bets that are available will be listed on the betting site that you chose, with each game listed separately and how much money you can win as well. These have better odds since it’s only based on one outcome.






What Are Lay Bets?

A lay bet is basically the exact opposite. With lay bets, you are wagering that something will not happen. In other words, you are placing a bet where you are placing a stake on the other outcomes happening. An example is if you place a lay bet on Manchester United.


This means that your bet will win if Manchester United loses, or if the match ends up in a draw. You will lose your lay bet if Manchester United wins the match.

In this example, then, laying bets are basically a double chance bet. You will win the lay bet if the match is a draw or if the team you place the lay on loses. For this reason, the odds will be a little less on this than other betting options. How much money you could win through a lay bet will be listed on the betting exchange as you browse through the sports betting site that you have chosen to place free bets at.

What Happens if a Lay Bet Wins?

If a lay bet wins, then you will be paid out money based on the odds that were listed on the site for your stake and your team. For example, if the odds were listed at 1.68, and you want to win IRP 10000, you’d only need to wager IRP 68 on the lay bet. If your team wins or if the game ends in a draw, then you would win the IRP 100.

There will be a maximum amount that you can wager on this, based on the odds and the type of bet that you want to place. That will be determined by the betting exchange, of course, and may depend on the bonus offers you use and what exclusions apply to the test match that you choose for your back and lay bet.

The commission is typically 5% of your win, whether it’s with real money or free bets you were given with the exclusions apply.






Laying the Draw-Strategy?

This matched betting system is a little advanced. It’s a great betting strategy that you can use with a lay bet calculator, but you’ll need to have some advanced knowledge of betting and the odds if you want to make a profit off it.

First, you will look for a game to bet on in which you expect a goal to be scored in the first half. Say, for example, a World Cup match in which you think a club will score in the first half. You’ll need to check prior matches for the World Cup with this club to see if they’ve done that before.

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Then place a lay bet on the draw, which means you’ll be betting that one of the clubs in the actual match will win. Once the game starts and a goal is scored, as the odds on the draw will increase. Then, place a back bet on the draw.

This betting strategy is at odds with each other, since you’re betting for and against a draw. However, you won’t win or lose a lot of money in your account, since your stake will just be the amount you win on the lay minus the stake you lose on the back in the World Cup game, for example. It’s something that will have time limits if you want to bet on the World Cup with your account.






How to make Money with Back and Lay Betting

Cricket betting works pretty much the same as football. You will place a bet in your account and then pay based on what the odds are listed on the site. The odds for cricket betting will be good, as there are many sites that offer these type of wagers.

When you place a lay in cricket betting, you’re betting against something happening, and with the back, you are wagering on something actually happening. You can pay for these wagers straight from your account at the betting sites that you choose to play at.

What is Sports Trading?

Sports trading is very similar to the stock market. Instead of trading stocks, you are trading sporting events. You will buy and sell potential outcomes of sporting events through this type of betting, which is a fun alternative to wagering on single games. 

These wagers are always going on, meaning you can buy and sell in and out of different positions as games progress. You’ll have a full portfolio of the different sporting events you have purchased and/or sold that you can view right from the site. Then, you can improve your position as games go on.

What is Matched Betting

With matched betting you will try to use free bets and other offers to maximize your profits. You’ll use different strategies to try to guarantee you a profit from the bonus offers that a sportsbook gives you, so that you can get it into your account permanently and cash it out eventually.

This involves placing wagers that have a very high chance of winning, even if the payout is rather low. The idea here is to guarantee yourself a winning bet with the bonus offers so that you can truly take advantage of every dime that the sportsbook offers you for free. It won’t get you a lot, but it will get you something.







Back and lay betting is a unique way that you can bet on sports betting site at various sites throughout the world. Betting exchanges are the places where you will place these bets, which will either be for an outcome or against it. You’ll also be wagering against other players rather than the sportsbook itself.

If you’re looking for sites that offer this type of bet, check out our webpage. Our team of experts has all the information you’d need to know about how this works and the best places to do it on the web. We present all the best offers from legitimate sites throughout the world.