Fun88 VISA Withdrawals – #1 Guide 2023

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Whenever you are betting online with real money, whether it be at an online casino or a sportsbook, the goal is obviously to win money. You’ve put in your hard-earned money to make a deposit on the site so that you are able to try to cash in and get rewarded by betting on sports and other games.

When you end up winning money with your bets, you want to know that you are able to quickly, easily and securely withdrawal that money from the site that you have chosen. If you chose Fun88 as the site to do your online betting at, then you have made a good decision.

That’s because withdrawing money from Fun88 using Visa is an extremely simple process. The site has created a process that any user can easily understand, with just a few steps between requesting your money via Visa and getting it into your Visa account.

If you would like to withdraw money from your Fun88 account via Visa, there are some important steps that you should know. You also should be aware of the limits that Fun88 has put into place for all withdrawals, as well as how long it takes to get your money.






How to Withdraw from Fun88 via Visa?

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It only takes a few steps to withdraw from Fun88 via Visa. From start to finish, it should maybe take you 15 minutes, at the most, to complete your portion of this transaction request.

The first thing you need to do is log into your existing account. You’ll do this by pressing the login button on the homepage of Fun88’s website (have a look at the editorial team opinion about this sportsbook) or mobile apps using either your desktop/laptop computer or mobile device. Use the username and password that you set when you first signed up for your Fun88 account.

After you’ve been logged into the site, you’ll be able to see a button labeled “Withdraw” on the homepage. It’ll appear next to other buttons that say “Transfer” and “Deposit.” Click on that button. Another option is to navigate to your profile center on the Fun88 page, and then click on the “Withdraw” button from there.

Once you do that, you will be taken to a new page where you can view all the different withdrawal methods that are available to you. Simply select the method that you prefer. So, in this instance, you will select Visa.

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Fun88 accepts VISA

You’ll then be taken to a new screen to continue the process. If you used this same Visa card to make a deposit to Fun88 already — and have given them permission to store the card — it should appear there for you, with the full numbers grayed out. The site likely ask you to confirm the expiration date of the card as well as the CVV number, to verify that you actually have the card.

Next, enter in how much money you want to withdraw from your Fun88 casino to your Visa account. Make sure at this point that the amount you enter falls within the limits that Fun88 sets for their withdrawals via Visa. We’ll discuss that in more details below.

The last step is to confirm all the details of your withdrawal request. Make sure that the account information you entered in for your Visa is correct, as well as the amount that you are requesting to take out. Once you’ve done that, simply click “Confirm,” and your withdrawal will begin processing.

Fun88 will take over the process at this point and begin to verify your transaction. They’ll then send it over to your Visa account that you entered so that it can be cleared and available for your use.

What About Withdrawal Limits?

Most online betting sites will set limits on how much you must withdrawal and how much you’re able to withdrawal every time that you want to take cash out of your account. Fun88 is no different in this regard.

These limits are set for a number of different reasons. The lower limit is typically set for the betting operator’s benefit, so that they don’t have to spend the time and money processing withdrawal requests that are very small in total amount. The upper limit is typically set for the player’s benefit, in part, to prevent them from having the transaction blocked by their financial institution.

The good news about Fun88 is that the limits that they set for withdrawals via Visa on both the lower and upper end are pretty solid. These limits, as you’ll soon see, aren’t too restrictive on either end, allowing players to have the freedom to do what they want with the money they built up in their Fun88 account.

There are two additional things to note. One, the limits listed below for Visa withdrawals are valid for a 24-hour period from the time you initiated the first withdrawal request. After 24 hours are up, the limits reset. This allows you to request multiple withdrawals via Visa on back-to-back days if you want to take out more than the upper limit.

Two, Fun88 may expand your limits if you reach out to them. They provide some leeway for their higher-end VIP players that give them even more freedom to cash out a lot of money at once. Again, though, if you want to request this ability, you’ll have to reach out directly to their customer service team.






Are there Minimum Withdrawal Limits?

Fun88’s minimum withdrawal limit for Visa is relatively low at only $10, or the equivalent in other currencies such as rupees. This means that every time you want to take cash out of your Fun88 account via Visa, you need to make sure that you’re requesting at least $10, or its equivalent. If you don’t, Fun88 will reject the withdrawal request.

Also keep in mind that this minimum withdrawal limit applies to each individual transaction you request. Even if you are going to make two separate withdrawals in one week, for example, you’ll need to take out at least $10 each time. This is important to note and will allow you to plan ahead.

This low limit is really great for players, as it doesn’t require them to build up a huge bankroll or keep their money in the Fun88 account for too long before they’re able to withdraw it. It gives them the freedom to use their hard-earned money how they want to.

Maximum Withdrawal Limits

Similarly, the maximum withdrawal limit for Visa accounts is relatively high at Fun88. The site allows players to take out $3,000 via Visa for each withdrawal request, or the equivalent in another currency such as rupees.

The Visa limits are actually lower than some of the other withdrawal methods at Fun88. For example, some third-party e-wallets such as Skrill and Neteller have a withdrawal maximum of $5,000 at Fun88.

Website Fun88
The Fun88 homepage

The reason for this, mainly, is that the financial institutions that provide the Visa cards often are setting these limits for online betting. Fun88 just wants to make sure that they can provide the funds to their players as quickly and successfully as possible, without trouble from the banks.

Even so, this upper limit for withdrawals at Fun88 via Visa are reasonable. They aren’t too prohibitive at all for players who want to take money out of their betting account and get it into their Visa account for other uses.

Fun88 Visa Withdrawal Time

The moment that you have clicked “Confirm” on your withdrawal request, Fun88 will begin to process your transaction. That doesn’t mean that your money is available in your Visa account right away, though. It will still take a little bit of time for it to get there and to become available for you to use.

Typically speaking, withdrawals via Visa from your Fun88 account will take two business days. It could take up to five or seven business days in some instances, however, but that will depend on the financial institution that has issued you the Visa account.

One thing that you should probably do is reach out to that financial institution to find out how long they typically would hold funds or need to process from an online gambling account. This could give you a better idea of how long it might take for your funds to be available in your Visa account after you initiate the withdrawal request from Fun88.

Another thing to note is that this extra processing time is out of the control of Fun88. It will lie directly in the lap of your financial institution.






Payout Charges


Some online betting sites will charge a fee for withdrawing money from their account, via Visa or any other method. This isn’t great for the player, as it directly reduces the amount of profit they’re able to make from online betting.

Some sites will charge a flat fee for all withdrawals. Some will take a percentage based on how much you are trying to take out, up to a certain maximum. Some will even charge a fee based on a sliding scale of the total amount. Any way you look at it, a payout charge is still a direct reduction on how much you’re able to use your money.

The great thing about Fun88 is they don’t charge any withdrawal fees for any method, including Visa. This allows players to use every cent that they have built up in their online betting account however they want it once it’s in their Visa account.

Common Fun88 Visa Withdrawal Problems

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Despite the withdrawal process being very easy at Fun88, there is still a chance that you could experience some issues when requesting the transaction. Don’t worry if this happens, though. It’s likely that the same issue has happened to other players, which means there’s probably an easy solution.

If you experience any withdrawal problems at Fun88 via Visa, immediately reach out to their customer service team for assistance. They’ll be able to point you in the right direction and hopefully help you solve the problem fast. Below are two of the most common problems people face.

Player Has Not Finished Verification

Fun88 requires all players to verify themselves when they are making a withdrawal. You may only need to do this the first time that you try to make a withdrawal at the site. If you haven’t done it yet, you’ll likely be blocked from cashing out.

All you’ll need to do most likely is upload a color copy of your official photo ID. Fun88 may require some other steps, so make sure you follow their instructions to get fully verified.

Is there a Problem at the Bank?

As mentioned before, the bank that provided you with the Visa account does have some control over the withdrawal, unfortunately. Some banks will completely block all online gambling transactions. If this happens, there’s little that Fun88 or you will be able to do about it. In other words, there’s really no way around their limits if they block gambling transactions via Visa.

Luckily, you’ll still have great options at Fun88. You can instead withdraw your money to any of the other withdrawal methods that the site provides. The most popular are the third-party e-wallets, as they are quick and easy to set up, and you can get your money fast. Once you have it in those accounts, you can possibly send it to your Visa account, or use it right from the e-wallet for other purposes.

Fun88 Visa Withdrawals – Conclusion

Fun88 makes withdrawals via Visa quick, easy, secure and simple to understand. They don’t charge fees. They process transactions quickly, and they have respectable limits. It’s another great reason why so many people love to gamble online at Fun88, and then withdrawal their money to their Visa account.

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