Fun88 PayTM Withdrawals – #1 Guide 2023

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Many bettors in India love Fun88 as their online betting site. The site provides a wide selection of bets and markets on which to bet, as well as solid odds. It provides great security and safety for all players, as well as fair play guaranteed through the site’s gambling license. It also provides a solid selection of payment options, which gives bettors the flexibility to get money into and out of their account.

One of the top ways of conducting transactions at Fun88 is through PayTM. There are many reasons why bettors love to use PayTM at betting sites and Fun88 specifically. If you don’t have an account, we’ll walk you through how to set one up below.

We also provide in-depth details about how to use PayTM at Fun88, as well as all of the other information you would need to know about using this payment method at this great betting site.






How to Create an PayTM Account?

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If you don’t already have a PayTM account, it’s very easy to set up a new one. Don’t worry, though; it’s extremely easy to set up a new account with PayTM, which will allow you to get started betting and getting your money out of your Fun88 very quickly (click here for more information on Fun88).

There are only a few steps to complete to set up a new account. Here are the step-by-step instructions on how you can do so …

  1. You’ll need to set up a PayTM wallet in order to use their services. You can sign up either at the PayTM site on a computer or mobile device, or you can download the apps the company has available on both iOS and Android devices.
  2. Once you’ve either visited the PayTM site or downloaded the app, you’ll want to click on the button that says “sign up.” You’ll need to provide them with an email address and mobile phone number, as well as set a password for your account. Then, click on “Create Your PayTM Wallet.”
  3. You’ll be sent a one-time PIN to the mobile phone number that you have provided. Grab that number, and enter it into the PayTM site or app. This is done to verify that you actually own and have possession of the phone number that you have provided to them.
  4. After you verified the phone number, you’ll need to provide PayTM with your full name, address and birthdate. Once you do that, click the button that says “Create Account.”
  5. At this point, your PayTM account will bet set up, allowing you to add funds into your new wallet. Keep in mind that you may also need to complete a KYC process, either online or in-person at a center. The app or site will provide you with more details about this. Completing this process right away will remove any headaches or extra steps later on as you go to conduct transactions at Fun88.
  6. Finally, you’ll need to add a payment method to your PayTM wallet so you can make transactions. This can be a bank account, debit card or credit card. You can even go to certain banks and make cash transfers directly to your PayTM account.
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Fun88 accepts PayTM

How to Withdraw Money from Fun88 via PayTM?

Now that your PayTM wallet is all set up, you can easily make deposits at Fun88. And when you want to take money out of your gambling account via PayTM, you’ll be happy to know that it’s an extremely easy process to complete. 

Below, we have provided step-by-step instructions for how to withdraw money from Fun88 via PayTM …

  1. Visit Fun88 either on a mobile app or through a web browser on a mobile device or laptop/desktop computer. Once you are there (or you have the app open), simply log into your Fun88 account. You will use the login credentials that you set up when you first signed up for an account at Fun88.
  2. After you have logged in, there will be a “Withdraw” button that will appear near the top of the main page. It’ll be next to “Deposit” and “Transfer.” Click on that button. If you don’t see it, you can also get to the appropriate place by going to the Fun88 profile center after you’re logged in, and then clicking “Withdraw.”
  3. You’ll now be redirected to a new page that will list all of the available cashout methods that Fun88 has for bettors. Just click on the method that you want to use for your withdrawal. So, for this example, you will want to select PayTM.
  4. Now, enter your PayTM ID, as well as how much you wish to withdrawal from Fun88. You’ll next be asked to enter your MPIN that you can set up directly on PayTM. This is a four-digit password that allows all UPI transactions to process. Once you have done all this, click submit.
  5. You’ll now be sent a verification to your PayTM wallet. So, you’ll need to navigate there and finish the withdrawal process. You’ll be able to see the transaction details right there. Confirm that all of the information is correct, and once you do, click the button labeled “Confirm.”

That’s all you need to do to request a cashout from Fun88 using PayTM. At this point, Fun88 will take over the process and begin to process your transaction.






Fun88 PayTM – What are the Deposit Limits?

Just about every gambling site sets limits for deposits for every payment method that they provide at their site. This is done, in part, to protect both players and the site itself from fraud and bad actors. It also puts some extra protections in place for players in regards to responsible gambling. It’s good to know that the limits at Fun88 for PayTM are very reasonable.

The minimum deposit amount at the site is INR100 for PayTM. This is quite low, actually. It isn’t too restrictive and doesn’t require bettors to have a large amount of money to dedicate to gambling. This encourages new bettors to try out the site and add money in smaller increments that they’re comfortable for. It also allows them to easily take advantage of the site’s bonuses and promotions.

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The Fun88 homepage

The upper limits are reasonable, too. In fact, the maximum deposit amount at Fun88 using PayTM is INR50,000. This will be just fine for most bettors. It shouldn’t require too many people at all to have to conduct multiple transactions in order to get all the money they want to bet with in their Fun88 account.

If you need to deposit more in one transaction, you could always reach out to Fun88’s customer service team to see if they could lift the limit. Just know that there is no guarantee that they will do so.

All PayTM deposits at Fun88 process instantly. This means you’ll immediately have access to the funds you deposit to bet with on Fun88, as well as any corresponding bonus or promotion amount you qualified for. Just know that it may take a day or so for the transaction to reflect in your PayTM account.

Fun88 PayTM – What are the Withdrawal Limits?

Just like deposits, there are limits in place for withdrawals at Fun88 when you’re using PayTM. These limits are again set to protect players and the site from fraud, as well as to reduce the expense that the site incurs for processing cashout transactions. It’s good to know that the limits are very reasonable once again.

Fun88 sets the minimum withdrawal amount using PayTM at INR 500. This is a very solid amount. It provides bettors with a lot of flexibility to use their hard-earned money however they want to, whenever they want to. They don’t have to build up a huge bankroll in their Fun88 account before they’re able to cash it out. 

Likewise, the maximum withdrawal amount at Fun88 using PayTM is reasonable as well. It’s INR 1,000,000. This provides great flexibility as well, allowing just about every bettor to get all the money they’d want out of the site in one transaction. Even if you hit a big payout, or go on a really good run, you’ll likely be able to get it all out of Fun88 and into PayTM in one transaction.

All cashout transactions using PayTM at Fun88 will typically process within 24 hours after you submit the request. Following that period, it could take up to two business days for you to get the money back into your PayTM account, though it may not even take that long.

Another thing to keep in mind is that if you are trying to withdrawal funds that you earned with a Fun88 bonus or promotion, you first need to meet the site’s wagering requirements before you can do so. If you don’t meet the wagering requirements, then the funds won’t be made available for you to cashout yet.






Fun88 & PayTM Are There Any Fees?

A major positive of using Fun88 for your betting site is that they don’t ever charge fees for any financial transaction. This includes both deposits and withdrawals, and applies to all of the payment methods that are available at the site — including PayTM.

This is great, as it means that all of the money you put into your Fun88 account, and all the money that you earn on it, will be yours to use how you wish.

Are there any Advantages?


At Fun88, there are numerous advantages to using PayTM as a financial method of doing transactions. First, it’s extremely easy to set up a PayTM account. It only takes a few steps to do so, as we have outlined above. And once you set it up, conducting future transactions are just a few steps.

Second, you can use PayTM for a number of different things. So, after you cashout money from Fun88 to PayTM, you can then use it for other purchases online.

All PayTM transactions process very quickly, which is another very big advantage of using it at Fun88, as are the solid limits for both deposits and withdrawals.

Are there any Disadvantages?

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PayTM does take a few additional steps to set up and conduct transactions than some other payment methods at Fun88, though it certainly doesn’t make this method prohibitive by any means.

Some people may not like the waiting period of two business days for withdrawals, but that’s actually one of the quickest methods available.

Short Summary

Fun88 is a highly recommended online betting site, and PayTM is one of the best ways to conduct financial transactions at it. Whether you’re depositing money into Fun88 or taking money out of it, PayTM is among the top choices for bettors for all of the reasons described above.

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