Fun88 Mastercard Withdrawals – #1 Guide 2023

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Betting online at a casino or sportsbook is a lot of fun, especially if you do it for real money. The excitement that comes with the possibility of cashing in for big bucks when you’ve made the right decision on a team, sport or player you love is extremely rewarding.

When you’ve put in money you earned by working hard, and then use it to win more money online, it’s something worth celebrating. But, when you do so, you want to make sure that you’re risking your money at a betting site that allows you to take that hard-earned cash out via Mastercard in a quick, easy and extremely secure way. If you’ve chosen Fun88 to be your betting site, you’ve made a solid choice.

Taking money out of Fun88 via Mastercard is very simple, from start to finish. They’ve developed a straightforward process that most players will be able to understand quite easily, as there are just a few steps that you need to take in order to get the money out of your account and onto your Mastercard.






How to Withdraw from Fun88 via Mastercard

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Withdrawing money from your Fun88 (read the comprehensive article) account to Mastercard includes only a few simple steps. In fact, it probably will take you less than 15 minutes total to complete everything you need to do on your end.

First, make sure that you log into your Fun88 account. Press the login button that appears on the site’s homepage on either your mobile device or laptop/desktop computer. When you click the button, you’ll enter the username and password that you set when you first signed up to the account. 

Once you’re fully logged in, a button labeled “Withdraw” will appear on the new homepage, right next to buttons labeled “Transfer” and “Deposit.” Simply click on that button. If you don’t see it, you can also navigate to your Fun88 profile center page, and that will have a “Withdraw” button for you to click as well.

You’ll be taken to a new page again. On it will be all the different withdrawal methods that Fun88 offers to their players. Just select the method that you want to use to cash out your money. In this scenario, you would select Mastercard.

Again, you’ll be redirected to a new page. If you already used the Mastercard in question to deposit funds onto Fun88 — and gave them permission to store the card’s information in your profile — then it will appear there on this screen as an option. Click it and verify the card by entering the CVV number as well as the expiration date.

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Fun88 accepts Mastercard

Then, you’ll enter the amount of money that you wish to withdrawal from your Fun88 account over to your Mastercard. At this point, you want to ensure that the amount you enter is within the limits that Fun88 has set for Mastercard withdrawals. If it’s not, they’ll reject the request. We’ll discuss those limits in further detail below.

Finally, confirm that all the information you have entered is correct. Check to see that the Mastercard account info matches up with the account you want the money to go to. Also, make sure that you have entered the amount you want to withdrawal correctly. If all looks good to you, just click on the “Confirm” button, and the withdrawal request will start to process.

At this point, Fun88 will have control of the withdrawal request. They’ll immediately start to verify the transaction so that they can send it over to your Mastercard so that you can use the money as you wish.

Information About Withdrawal Limits

Like most online betting sites, Fun88 has set withdrawal limits on how much you’re able to take out of their site. There is both a lower limit and an upper limit for each individual withdrawal transaction.

The lower limit is set so that Fun88 doesn’t have to spend the time, energy and take on costs to send withdrawals that aren’t a lot of money. While this may be annoying to some players, the limit isn’t very prohibitive, as you’ll soon see.

The upper limit is set to protect the player in a way, as some banking institutions that provide Mastercards will reject transactions that are too large. Again, though, the upper limit isn’t very restrictive on players, either. This gives you the freedom to cash out your money via Mastercard almost any time that you want to. There are some things about withdrawals via Mastercard from Fun88 that you should note.

First, the withdrawal limits that Fun88 sets for Mastercard transactions apply for a 24-hour timeframe. That clock starts once you finish your withdrawal request. After 24 hours from that time, the withdrawal limits will reset. This allows you to request another withdrawal within the site’s limits on back-to-back days if you time it right.

Second, you could potentially get higher limits on withdrawals via Mastercard if you reach out to Fun88’s customer service team. They might provide more flexible terms if you are a VIP player who gambles there a lot. This would give you more freedom to cash out. But, just keep in mind that your bank may not allow these higher transactions to go through. 






Minimum Withdrawal Limits – All You Have to Know

Fun88 has a pretty low minimum withdrawal limit for Mastercard transactions. You are only required to take out at least IRP10 for each individual withdrawal, or the equivalent in the currency of your choosing, such as rupees.

So, when you’re initiating your withdrawal request, make sure that it is for at least this amount. If it is not, then Fun88 will automatically reject your withdrawal.

Again, this withdrawal limit is for each separate transaction. Even if you initiate one withdrawal request every day, you’ll still need to meet the IRP10 minimum for each one. This information will help you plan out your withdrawals.

That being said, the Fun88 withdrawal minimum is very reasonable. It doesn’t require you to build up a very large bankroll before you’re able to take your money out. This is great, as players should be able to have the freedom to do what they want with the money they’ve earned in their online betting account.

Maximum Withdrawal Limits – How Much is Possible?

On the flip side, the maximum withdrawal limits that Fun88 has set for Mastercard transactions are reasonable, too. For most Mastercard withdrawals, the maximum limit is IRP3,000 per transaction, or the equivalent in the currency that you choose, such as rupees. 

One exception to this rule is if you have a Mastercard Business account. It’s possible that you could get a much higher limit, possibly as high as IRP10,000, if you have this type of account. It will depend on what Fun88 allows, though, and also what your bank allows.

Website Fun88
The Fun88 homepage

Note that you could potentially get a higher withdrawal maximum if you use a third-party e-wallet. Skrill and Neteller, for example, have a IRP5,000 maximum withdrawal limit at Fun88.

The reason that it’s higher for those methods is that the banks typically will block transactions to Mastercard above the Fun88 limits. Fun88 wants to make sure that their players are able to actually access the money they request via a cashout, so they set the limits that fit within most banks’ own limits.

Either way, the maximum withdrawal limit for most Mastercard transactions at Fun88 is extremely reasonable. It doesn’t prohibit most players from doing what they want with their money, when they want to do it.

Fun88 Mastercard Withdrawal Time

As soon as you have completed all the steps required of you to initiate a withdrawal request at Fun88 via Mastercard, the betting site takes over and begins to process it. Your money still won’t be available for your Mastercard for a little while, though, for a few different reasons.

In most cases, withdrawals to a Mastercard from Fun88 will take approximately two business days to complete and be available for you to use. It may take as much as five to seven business days in some cases, though. The timeframe really depends on the banking institution that provides your Mastercard account.

This processing time, then, could be out of Fun88’s control for most of the way, and be with your bank instead. A good idea is to contact your banking institution to find out what their policy is for how long it takes to process Mastercard withdrawals from a betting account. This might fill you in and set you up for the timeframe on when your money will be available to you. 






Payout Charges


Many betting sites will charge their players for taking money out of their account, whether it be to Mastercard of any method that they offer. Players don’t like this, for obvious reasons, as it reduces how much of a profit they get from their betting activities.

Some of the sites will charge a variable fee based on how much players are cashing out. Some will charge flat fees for any withdrawal that you make. Some will charge a percentage of how much you are withdrawing, up to a certain amount. However you look at it, payout charges are not good for the player.

Fun88 is so great because they don’t charge any fees at all for withdrawals, via Mastercard or any other method. This means that when you take money out of your Fun88 account, you’ll be getting every cent of it put onto your Mastercard account.

Common Fun88 Mastercard Withdrawal Problems

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While Fun88 has a very simple withdrawal process via Mastercard, you might experience some problems when you’re trying to cash out. If you do, don’t worry. It’s very possible that someone else has experienced the same problems you are having, which means there is likely an easy explanation and resolution.

If you do experience problems withdrawing from Fun88 to Mastercard, you should first reach out to the customer service team at Fun88. They’ll be able to investigate the problem for you and give you tips as to what you might be able to do to solve the problem.

In the next two sections, we describe some of the most common problems that people come across when they withdraw from Fun88 to Mastercard.

Player Has Not Finished Verification

If you haven’t fully verified yourself at Fun88, you will be blocked from taking money out of your account. Fun88 requires this verification for all their players, though you may only have to do this the first time that you cash out.

In most cases, you just need to upload a color copy of your photo ID to prove you are who you say you are. Check with Fun88 to find out what they need to verify you, and then follow the instructions to do so. Once you’ve completed the verification process, you won’t be blocked from withdrawals any more.

Are there Bank Issues?

The other most common problem comes from users’ banks. Sometimes, banks that issue Mastercards block all online gambling transactions. They have their reasons for doing this, and there’s nothing that you or Fun88 can do about it, unfortunately.

If this happens to you, know that you will have other options. You can choose any of the other withdrawal methods that Fun88 offers. The popular ones are the third-party e-wallets, as they give you plenty of freedom to get your money and use it.

Fun88 Mastercard Withdrawals – Conclusion

Fun88 is a great betting site for many reasons. One of the top reasons is the ease and simplicity of withdrawing money to Mastercards. So, feel confident in your ability to do so if you sign up at Fun88.

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