Betway Neteller Withdrawals – #1 Guide 2023

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Indian players are always looking for a Maltese registered company whose registered address is in a place where it makes it legal for them to play at the gambling site. Some online betting sites fit perfectly into this description and cater to people from India who want to transfer money into a betting account to play for real money.

Betway is a top online betting site for many reasons. In addition to offering an impressive welcome bonus with free bets and other features. New customers should always be looking for an online bookmaker that offers a great welcome bonus with free bets that can be used on their first bet on the site.

In addition, they are one of the best betting sites that accept Neteller, which is an online payment service that is preferred by many players in India. It’s one of the most popular alternative deposit methods for an online betting account, and there are many reasons why this is the case. If you’re searching for betting sites that accept Neteller deposits, Betway is one of your best choices.

Below, we’ll dive into how you can set up a Neteller account so that you can use it to transfer money to your Betway online gambling account. There are many advantages to doing so, and you’ll be able to get your welcome bonus and free bets to use on many different sports betting markets when you do so.






How to Create a Neteller Account

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Creating a Neteller account to use at online casinos and betting sites is very easy. There are only a few steps between setting up your Neteller wallet and then using it as a payment method at various responsible gambling betting sites. If you are interested in using a Neteller wallet as one of your alternative deposit methods at the Betway betting site, follow the steps below.

  1. First, you must visit the Neteller site to set up your Neteller account. Once there, click the button labeled “Join,” which will be in the top right-hand corner. You can do this whether you’re on the Neteller website on a laptop/desktop computer or via their apps on a mobile device.
  2. You’ll be taken to a new page where you you’ll have to enter all your personal details to set up your Neteller account. This will include your full name, your address, an email address, a password and the currency that you want to use. For India Neteller, it’ll be Indian rupees in almost all cases.
  3. In order to use your Neteller wallet to fund your Betway betting site account, you’ll have to also enter a mobile phone number, your birth date and nationality. This will allow you to set up your e wallet as a method to deposit money at betting sites. Neteller will then send you a six-digit confirmation code to either your phone number of email address, and you’ll need to enter it in to fully verify your Neteller account at the online gambling page of Betway and others.
  4. Now that your India Neteller account has been verified, you will have to set up depositing methods that are accepted by Neteller. This will allow you to actually get money into your Neteller account so that you can then be depositing money from your e wallets into your Betway account. Neteller accepts a number of different deposit methods, including a bank card, other Indian bank cards, and even a direct bank account. By setting these up, you’ll be able to use your Neteller wallet to be depositing money to Betway so you can bet on a sport or games, or you can send money just about anywhere in the world.

At this point, your Neteller account — which is owned by the Paysafe Group — will be all set up. You can then use your information from Indian banks to transfer money to your sports betting site at Betway so that you can take advantage of the welcome bonus and a free bet when you deposit money there.

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Betway accepts Neteller

How to Withdraw Money from Betway via Neteller?

It’s also very easy to take money out of your Betway betting sites account. In addition to being one of the sites that accept Neteller deposits, Betway also allows withdrawals from your betting account to Neteller. There are just a few simple steps that you’ll have to follow to take your bonus bet money out of your Betway account and send it to your Neteller account, no matter where you are in the world.

Here are the steps you need to follow to get the money out your sports betting account to Neteller:

  1. Visit the Betway betting site. You can do this either through a web browser on your laptop/desktop computer or mobile device, or you can do so through the mobile apps they offer. Login to betting site using the login credentials you set when you first signed up for a new account to get a welcome bonus and free bet. You’ll have entered your personal details at this point, if you remember.
  2. Through the platforms page on the betting site, you’ll want to click on “My Account.” This is the page on the betting site where you can deposit money, take money out via Neteller and do any of the other cashier-related things at the casino.
  3. Next, click on the button labeled “Withdraw Funds.” You’ll be taken to a new page where you will see the full list of depositing methods that are accepted by Betway. It’ll also list the cashout methods the betting site offers. Click on the method that you want, which in this case will be Neteller.
  4. Enter how much money you wan to take out of your Betway betting sites account in Indian rupees. Make sure that it meets all the wagering requirements of the bet site, especially if you are taking out bonus money or a free bet. This could include playing certain games, certain sports in the world, and making sure your bonus bet met the lowest odds requirement. If you don’t meet these odds requirements, your cashout might be rejected. We’ll explain this in more depth below.
  5. Confirm all of the details you have entered into this part of the betting site are correct, including the amount of bonus cash you want to take out, the deposit method you selected and whether you’re cashing out a free bet. Then, click the button labeled “Withdraw Now.”

At this point, the Betway betting site will start to process your withdrawal request to the deposit method that you chose, which will be Neteller in this instance. All you have to do at this point is sit back and wait for the bonus amount to transfer to your Neteller account, and then you can send it to your bank or any other other methods of deposits that you have set up there.






Are there Neteller Deposit Limits for Betway?

Betway sets limits on deposits via all deposit methods that they make available on their betting site, and this includes Neteller. These deposit method limits are put in place for many different reasons, both to protect the player and to protect the betting site as well.

You need to make sure that when you deposit money using Neteller, that you meet the requirements as set out below. If you don’t, then your Neteller charges will be rejected by the Betway betting site and you won’t be able to qualify for bet credits or a free bet at the site.

Website Betway
The Betway homepage

Betway has set a minimum deposit amount of ₹200 for Neteller. That is quite low among not just all deposit methods but for any sports betting site in the world. It’s great, because it allows you to qualify for a bonus at Betway, such as a free bet or bonus odds on various regulated sports that they offer. It doesn’t require you to deposit a lot of money into your Betway betting site via Neteller before you can start placing a bet on the regulated odds that they offer.

At the upper end, Betway’s maximum deposit amount via Neteller is 2 crores. Again, this is quite reasonable, as it’s not too restrictive for players who want to deposit money into their account so that they can qualify for a betting bonus and start wagering a free bet on the lowest odds that are available at the betting sites, for example.

Are there Neteller Withdrawal Limits?

Betway also sets a limit on withdrawals using Neteller and all other deposit methods that are offered at the site. Again, this is to protect both the site and the player, and is one of the safer gambling tools that the betting site uses.

The minimum withdrawal amount using Neteller from the betting site is ₹1000. This is pretty good, as it doesn’t require players to build up a huge bankroll with their bet bonus, or force them to be betting on games with high odds just to get enough money to take out of their Neteller account so they can transfer it to their bank or other deposit option they’ve set up. This gives players a lot of flexibility for what they can do from the winnings they get from a bet bonus they used on great odds on an anytime goalscorer bet, for instance.

Another great part about using Neteller as a deposit and withdrawal method at Betway is that there is no limit on how much you can cash out at one time. This means that if you use your betting bonus and get a huge payday from great odds, you can take it out all at one time. This is a great feature, as it gives players a lot of flexibility when they use a deposit bonus to wager on the great odds that Betway offers on the lowest odds on West Ham and other wagers.






Are there any Fees at Betway?

Another great part about using Neteller at Betway to qualify for a deposit bonus odds and to take money out is that they never charge any fees at all. This is great, as it allows players to take full advantage of every dime that they deposit and get through a bonus at the site. It means that Betway isn’t taking any percentage of the amount that they were able to win, and gives the full control of the bonus odds in the hands of the player.

This is yet another reason why Neteller is a preferred method of deposit and withdrawal at Betway, since you can get a great bonus to wager on the best odds that are offered at sports betting sites.

Several Advantages of using Neteller at Betway

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There are many advantages of using Neteller as a deposit and withdrawal method at Betway, which provide great bonus odds. One of the biggest advantages is the very relaxed minimums and maximums for Neteller, as well as the speed of the transactions. A deposit will happen instantly, which means you can use your bonus to bet at great odds almost right away. All withdrawals that you initiate through Neteller will typically process in about 24 hours, too, which is great.

Neteller adds a lot of great security features, which helps protect all of your personal and banking information whenever you make a deposit to get bonus odds. It’s great, too, that they provide some anonymity for online transactions, which is key for many people who play at online casinos.

They also have a great mobile app that allows you to make a deposit or withdrawal from Betway wherever you are. This is an added bonus for using Neteller as a transaction method from Betway.

Only Few Disadvantages of using Neteller at Betway

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There aren’t too many disadvantages of using Neteller as a deposit and withdrawal method at Betway. Neteller isn’t available to people in every country, which could be a downside depending on where you live and/or where you travel to frequently. If you are in one of these countries where it is banned, you will be blocked from making a deposit or withdrawal from Betway using Neteller.

Another potential downfall is that you might be charged a fee for a deposit or withdrawal through Neteller. This fee won’t come from Betway, since they don’t charge fees for a deposit or withdrawal. If you receive a deposit or cashout fee, it’ll either come from Neteller directly or your financial institution.


Betway is one of the best betting sites in the world, especially to qualify for bonus odds that can boost how much you can bet with at their site. One of the best ways to get money into and out of your Betway account is through Neteller, which offers a fast and easy way to deposit and withdrawal money from your betting account.

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