22Bet Mastercard Withdrawals – #1 Guide

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When you win money while playing at your online casino or sportsbook, it’s important that you’re able to withdraw as quick and efficiently as possible, with as few fees as possible, too. The last thing you need is to face significant issues when you’re trying to take money out of your count, as you’ve rightfully earned it.

The entire withdrawal process should be seamless, no matter what method you are selecting to take money out of your account. Luckily, 22Bet makes this entire process extremely easy and straightforward. This goes for any payment method that you choose and no matter what device you are executing it from, too.

Among the leading methods for making a withdrawal from your 22Bet account is Mastercard — one of the most widely-used debit and credit card companies in the world. If you want take money out of your 22Bet account using Mastercard, we have provided a detailed look at how you can do it, what the limits are and some of the most common problems that users encounter when doing so.






How to Withdraw from 22Bet via Mastercard

You’ll be happy to find out that there are just six steps in the entire process to withdraw money using a Mastercard from 22Bet (click here to read more about this operator). These steps shouldn’t take you very long at all to complete, which makes getting your money all that much easier.

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The first step is to log into your 22Bet account. You will use the login credentials you set when you first signed up for your account, and you can log in either on a mobile device or a desktop computer/laptop.

The second step is to click on the button labeled “My Account,” which will appear once you’re logged in. Doing so will take you over to the account page, which lists a number of different tasks you can do that are related to your 22Bet account.

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22Bet accepts Mastercard

Third, proceed in the process by clicking “Withdraw Funds,” a button that should appear in the My Account page. You will be redirected to a new page that will have all the information you need to cash out.

Fourth, select the method by which you want to withdrawal money from your 22Bet account. In this case, for instance, you’d select Mastercard.

Fifth, type in the amount that you wish to cash out of your account via Mastercard. You need to ensure that the amount you enter meets at the limits that 22Bet sets for cash outs, which is discussed further below.

The sixth and final step is to just click “Confirm.” Doing so completes the entire cash out request. Once you do that, 22Bet will immediately begin to process your withdrawal and will send you a confirmation that all the steps you have taken were done correctly. If you don’t receive this confirmation or if you aren’t able to proceed to the next steps, then there was an issue that you’ll need to address.

Relevant Withdrawal Limits

22Bet has different withdrawal limits that are set for each of the withdrawal methods that they offer on their site. No matter what method you choose, though, you won’t have to worry that you’ll need to cash out a large sum just to get your cash. 22Bet has solid limits on both the low and high ends, which is great for players.

Below, we’ll dive deeper into the limits when you withdrawal from your 22Bet account using Mastercard. We’ll also provide additional details that you should be aware of when initiating a withdrawal from 22Bet.

Mind the Minimum Withdrawal Limits

All Mastercard withdrawals come with a minimum withdrawal amount of IRP 1.50. Compared to most other betting sites on the market, this is an extremely low minimum cash out amount. This is great news for players, as it means they don’t have to earn a lot of money on the site — or have in their account — before they’re able to take it out.

With these low Mastercard minimums, players are given extreme freedom when it comes to what they do with their own money. It means, for instance, that if they make a deposit and win a little money quickly, they can take it out right away if they want to.






Maximum Withdrawal Limits

The same thinking holds true with 22Bet’s maximum withdrawal limits. For Mastercard, there is no maximum amount that players can take out of their account at one time. In essence, if you’re able to hit a big payout on a game, you’ll be able to cash out all that money at once. Many sites will force you to split those withdrawals over multiple transactions — and then charge a fee for each of those transactions.

Not so with 22Bet. Keep in mind, though, that 22Bet may require you to provide additional verification documents to ensure that you’re actually the one who’s initiating the withdrawal, especially if the amount you’re taking out is large or if it’s the first time you’re cashing out from your account. This is done to prevent either them or you being defrauded.

Website 22Bet
The 22Bet homepage

Another step to keep in mind is that the financial institution that backs your Mastercard also may ask for verification — for many of the same reasons. Some of the process will be in the control of 22Bet, while some of it won’t be.

If you want to get your money as quick as possible, you should reach out to the banking institution that provides your Mastercard and see if they would block the transaction. If they do, then you’ll want to search for another withdrawal method from 22Bet.






22Bet Mastercard Withdrawal Time – How Long Does it Take?

The moment you click “Confirm” on your Mastercard withdrawal, 22Bet begins processing the transaction. It will take some time for the money to actually hit your Mastercard account, though. There are some factors that could cause that time to vary.

Some of these factors include the country in which you live, as well as the banking institution that provides the Mastercard credit or debit card to you. As mentioned before, the banking institution could hold the funds and prevent you from using them until they are able to verify that the transaction is legal, legitimate and real. This protects them from being defrauded.

If this happens to you, there is nothing that 22Bet will be able to do to speed up the process, unfortunately, as it is out of their hands. Generally, all withdrawals made via Mastercard from a 22Bet account will take anywhere from one to seven business days to fully complete.

What are the Payout Costs?

One reason why players wait to take money out of their online betting accounts is that many online operators charge high fees for withdrawals. The fees end up reducing the total amount of money that you actually win at your betting account, since you won’t be able to actually collect on all the money that you’re cashing out.


There are different ways that they may charge these fees, as well. Some sportsbooks charge variable fees based on the withdrawal method of your choosing. Others charge a simple flat fee for all withdrawals, regardless of the method or the amount. Others charge a flat percentage of how much money you’re withdrawing, with a limit on how much they can charge with this fee.

Again, regardless of how you look at it, payout charges still reduce the profit that you’re able to realize from your betting account — even if it’s only a few dollars.

One of the best parts about 22Bet is they never charge fees for cashing out money from your account. This goes not just for Mastercard withdrawals but all cash out methods. Any time that you withdrawal money from your 22Bet account using Mastercard, therefore, you will get every cent that you request, since there are no fees taking away from that.

Common 22Bet Withdrawal Problems

The entire withdrawal process at 22Bet is very straightforward and simple to complete. Even though this is true, some users experience issues when they try to withdrawal money from their account — though it’s not very often.

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If this were to happen to you, it would obviously be very frustrating and could cause you to become very worried and possibly very confused. There is nothing to worry about, as 22Bet isn’t doing anything shady, and you aren’t being prevented from accessing the money you rightfully earned.

There may come a time when you experience a problem with withdrawals from 22Bet using Mastercard. Most of the problems that you could face are likely to be problems that others have faced as well. As such, there is a likely simple explanation and defined solution to the problem that would allow you to get your money as soon as possible.

If you have a problem taking money out of your account, you should immediately reach out to the customer service team at 22Bet. They will point you in the right direction so that you can solve any issues on your end so that your withdrawal can be processed. Below, we outline two of the most common issues users have with withdrawals.

Have You Finished Your Verification?

22Bet may need to get some more information from you to verify that you are who you say you are. They don’t require this at signup, which is a reason why you might be confused if you need this when processing a withdrawal.

If the site needs you to provide any more information to verify the transaction and/or your identity, they notify you directly and they’ll also post a notification in your 22Bet account. They’ll provide details about all that you need to provide them to complete the verification. This could include submitting a photo ID as well as more information to prove the method of deposit/withdrawal.

Common Bank Issues

The next most common issue is the aforementioned bank issue. Your bank may block gambling transactions via Mastercards that they issue. If they do, you’ll unfortunately just have to select a different withdrawal method. There’s no other way around this.

This is quite simple with 22Bet, though, as they provide many alternative withdrawal methods, including many popular third-party payment services.

22Bet Mastercard Withdrawals – Conclusion

Cashing out with 22Bet via Mastercard is great for so many reasons. It’s a very simple process. They have no minimum or maximum limits. They don’t charge any fees. And you can get your money quick.

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