20Bet VISA Withdrawals – #1 Guide 2023

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After you’ve risked money and hopefully won at an online casino or sportsbook, you want to be able to withdrawal your money quickly, easily and securely. That’s a very simple request for any person who’s betting online at any betting site operator.

With 20Bet, it is extremely easy to get money out of your account. In addition to being a truly safe and secure transaction, they do well to offer a variety of different methods by which you can withdrawal from your account. One of the most popular ways to do so is via a Visa debit or credit card.

If you’re interested in using this as a method of withdrawing money from your 20Bet account, read more below. We have provided extensive details on how you can make a withdrawal from your 20Bet account using a Visa card, as well as some other information you need to know before you do so.






How to Withdraw from 20Bet via VISA

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Withdrawing money from your 20Bet account (read more about this phantastic brand) via Visa is quite simple. There are only a few steps that you need to follow in order to do so.

First, make sure that you are signed into your 20Bet account. There will be a button to login on the homepage of 20Bet’s website and mobile apps that you can access from either a laptop/desktop computer or on a mobile device. You’ll use the login credentials you set when you first signed up for an account.

Next, click on the My Account button once you’ve logged in. This will take you to your account page, where you’ll be able to do many things related to your account, such as making deposits and requesting withdrawals. 

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20Bet accepts VISA

Then, click on “Withdraw” once you’re at this page. This will take you to a new page where you’ll be able to proceed with all the details regarding financial transactions. After that, you want to select the withdrawal method of your choosing from the list that 20Bet provides. In this particular case, you’d select Visa.

Next, enter the amount that you want to withdraw from your 20Bet account. Keep in mind that you’ll need to meet the minimum and maximum limits that 20Bet sets for Visa withdrawals, which we will discuss more below. Finally, simply click Submit, and the transaction will be completed on your end.

Withdrawal Limits

Many betting sites will set limits for their withdrawals based on the method that is chosen, and 20Bet is no different. All players must adhere to these limits every time they wish to make a withdrawal from the site.

Again, these limits might be slightly different for each withdrawal method, and they apply to each individual transaction. In other words, if you want to withdrawal more money than the maximum, you’ll just need to process multiple withdrawal requests to do so.

In the next two sections, we’ll discuss what the exact limits are for withdrawals from 20Bet using Visa so that you can be better prepared when you are making your cash out requests.






Low Withdrawal Limits

20Bet has set a minimum withdrawal limit of €10 for Visa card transactions. In order to cash money out of your 20Bet account, you’ll need to make sure that you at least meet this minimum limit that the site has set.

Comparatively, this is a relatively low minimum withdrawal limit. Many other betting sites have much higher limits, which makes it more difficult to take your money out of their account and do with it what you like.

By having such a low limit like this, 20Bet is basically allowing its players to have as much control over their money as possible. They aren’t forcing players to keep money in their 20Bet account and build it up to a large amount before they take it out to their Visa card.

High Withdrawal Limits

On the top end, 20Bet has set a maximum withdrawal limit of €4,000 for Visa withdrawals. This limit is relatively high compared to other betting sites out there, giving players some decent flexibility when it comes to taking money out of their account.

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The 20Bet homepage

Again, keep in mind that this is a per-transaction limit. If you want to withdrawal €5,000 out of your 20Bet account using Visa, for example, you’d just need to initiate a second withdrawal request. 

Another thing to note is that these limits could be lifted or changed depending on certain factors. If you are a VIP member at 20Bet, you likely will have more flexible withdrawal limits. Likewise, if you win a big bet or a jackpot prize, 20Bet may allow you to withdrawal more money using Visa at once, above this maximum limit. You’d just need to reach out to their customer service team directly for more information on that.

20Bet VISA Withdrawal Time

As soon as you complete the withdrawal request process, 20Bet says that they will take roughly 12 hours to complete the transaction verification and process on their end. This is a pretty quick turnaround for betting sites, as some may need a few business days in order to process that request.

This doesn’t mean that you’ll get your money in your Visa account within that timeframe, though. 20Bet says that the typical processing time for Visa withdrawal transactions is between one and three business days. This is usually longer for debit cards than it is for credit cards.

One other piece of information to note is that how long your transaction takes to process via Visa will be dependent on the financial institution that provides your card. That banking institution will have some control over how long it takes for your money from the 20Bet account to be available in your Visa account.






Payout Charges – Are there any?


One of the great parts about 20Bet is that they don’t charge any fees ever for withdrawing money from their site. This means that every cent that you withdrawal from your 20Bet account using Visa will go directly to you.

This is great news, as many betting sites will charge some sort of payout fee for all withdrawals. Some will charge a variable rate that will depend on how much you’re cashing out of your account. Some may charge a flat fee for all withdrawal transactions. And some may even charge a percentage of your total withdrawal amount, up to a certain limit.

No matter which way you slice it, any withdrawal fee that is charged by the betting site will directly affect your bottom line profit. It’s great to know that 20Bet doesn’t charge any payout fees for Visa withdrawal requests, or for any other withdrawals for that matter. 

This allows players to take advantage of the full amount that they were able to build up in their account, rather than basically paying a fee to the betting site for winning.

Several Common 20Bet VISA Withdrawal Problems

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While the entire withdrawal process at 20Bet is very simple and straightforward, you may run into a problem trying to take money out of your account every now and then. If this happens to you, obviously it’s not a good thing.

But, you don’t have to freak out or worry too much. Know that if you are experiencing a problem withdrawing money from your 20Bet account using Visa, it’s likely that other people have experienced the same problems you are. This means there is a likely fix that you could solve with the help of the 20Bet team.

If you are having withdrawal problems with 20Bet using Visa, it’s a good idea to immediately reach out to the 20Bet customer service team. They might be able to help you quickly identify what the problem is, as well as guide you on how you could solve the problem so you can get your money into your Visa account asap.

Below, we have listed two of the most common problems that people have faced when withdrawing money from their 20Bet account using a Visa card.

Player Has Not Finished Verification

20Bet requires every player to verify themselves before they make their first withdrawal from their site — no matter what method they are doing this by. This is done to ensure that the player is legally allowed to bet on the site, and that they are processing legitimate and real transactions.

While this may seem annoying, it’s actually a good thing, as it’s protecting you, too. By having to verify yourself, you are adding an extra level of protection against fraud.

20Bet will provide you instructions on what you have to do to finish the verification process. This could include uploading a color copy of your photo ID, as well as a copy of a statement for the account that you are using to make your deposit and withdrawals — in this case, Visa.

Once you have submitted those documents to 20Bet, the team will check them and make sure it’s all legitimate. Then, you will be cleared to make a withdrawal using Visa. You likely will only have to do this before the first withdrawal you make, though they could ask for verification in the future depending on a number of factors.

Do You Have Problems with the Bank?

20Bet won’t be in control of all issues you face withdrawing money using Visa. Your banking institution will have some control, too. It’s possible that the bank that issues your Visa card may block your transaction altogether or hold your money while they verify it. The bank will also want to make sure that the transaction is legal, legitimate and not fraud to protect themselves and their customers.

Some banks that issue Visa cards will block all gambling transactions, though. If this happens, you’ll just need to choose an alternative withdrawal method from 20Bet. Luckily, they provide many options in this regard.

20Bet VISA Withdrawals – Conclusion

Withdrawing money from your 20Bet account via Visa is very easy, quick and simple. They make it great for players who want to take money out of their account, as they have great limits and charge no fees for doing so. This is yet another reason why 20Bet is a great site to bet at.

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